Get some Lucha Shoes!

I know i've written about these shoes in the past.  And the reason is because I love them. They are SO comfy and affordable!  They come in classic colors that will definitely go with any outfit.  I happen to know the owners too!  I went to high school with the head man.  So I feel like the least I can do is support him in this venture of his!
Right now, through the promo code "Lyssa2013", You can get your own pair of Lucha Shoes for only $20!  They are originally $38!!  That's an incredible discount!  So head on over there and get some of your own!!

Happy Birthday Kate.

How did that happen?!  6 years?!
For some reason, it seems so much longer.
Kate made our little family legit with 2 kids instead of 1.  She made Emma a sister :)
What a delight it is to have her in our family.  She is always looking to help.  She is always easy to please.  She is always with Jake ;)
I love this girl to death and so blessed and lucky she is part of my little family!

Jake at 8 months

I never thought the past month would fly by so fast with everything that was happening.  When I was writing last month's post, I was thinking, wow, by the time I am writing 8 months, i'll be in TN in my new house...and here we are!
Most of this month, we were traveling and everything was a upside down for your little world.  You were either in your car seat or the pack n play.  Sorry about that.  We were moving across the county :/
But you seemed to still have fun the few occasions you were out of your car seat!

This month:
  • You started getting comfortable rolling and scooting around the floor.
  • By the end, you could scoot back into a sitting position!
  • I lowered your crib mattress finally!
  • You started chomping your mouth for some real food
  • Your sitting skills improved greatly!  No more falling over!
  • We finally cut out that dream feed and you are still sleeping through the night :)
  • This month, you seems to go on a nursing strike.  You would only eat for like 5 minutes each time.  It was like a wrestling match to keep you eating.  We did not like any sort of distractions!! 
  • You are still babbling like crazy
  • You love to observe your siblings play (and fight)
  • Love  your mom & daddy
  • First time you were swimming and was not a fan!

Happy 4th

So.  Here we are.  We have made it to TN.  Many things have happened since the last time I posted...over a month ago.
But since I had these ready to go, I decided to post them up.  
I have a strong belief & testimony of this country and the freedoms it was founded on.  The crazy things going on right now with this country is scary.  But as long as people like me, believe and act on those beliefs & protect them, I hope we can hold out a little bit longer.

I'll get posting soon on the things that have been going on this past month.  

But for now, here are my lil' guys.

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