Activity Days: Faith in God chart

The Primary presidency contacted me to make a large poster-sized chart to keep track of all the kids in the Faith In God program.  Here's what I came up with:

It's perfect to keep track of what they've done.  It's nice for the kids to see how far they've come along!

If you'd like the chart, download it here:

Have a great day!

Activity Days: How to be a Friend

Tonight was lots of fun! We talked about friendship and how to be a friend. I printed this out and talked about it first:…/how-to-be-frie…
We then talked about different personalities, and how each of us are unique and that that is okay. We talked aboit introverted vs. Extroverted. Then The girls took a color personality test to understand themselves better and each other.…/True-Colors-Personali…
It was fun to see what colors they were and how we all compliment one another. Last, we made a yummy treat mixing different foods together that made an amazing dessert. Just like the treat, some of us are straight arrows, soft and flexible, square and exact or rough on the edges. And some of us have a hard exterior but once we get past that, deep down, we are sweet.😍and all together, we are awesome 
so I used Cheerios, rice Chex, pretzel sticks, marshmallows, coconut flakes, and Reese pieces eggs. They LOVED it. One if my favorite activities!

I handed out a bookmark for each girl on how to be a friend so they can remember!

Image below is of the book mark.  Feel free to right click and save it to use for your lesson!

Activity Days: Back to School Bookworms

We did a very simple and fun activity for Activity Days a few weeks ago.  I wanted to tie it into Back to school so we started with having the girls bring their favorite book.  I also had them wear PJ's and bring a pillow to sit on.  Each girl shared their book and why.  It was a great way to become more familiar with each of them!  We brought snacks to eat during our discussion too.

Next, we had the girls make bookworm book marks!  Very easy but cute!
I brought my laminator so their bookmarks could be laminated, to last!

Then gave each of them a baggie of gummy worms :)

Free printable download for the bookworm tag!

Thank you!

Activity Days: Faith Is Like A Little Seed

Yesterday, we met at my house due to conflicts with the church.  We met in the backyard.  I had each girl bring their scriptures and binder.  While we waited for everyone to come, they girls worked on a journal prompt from the journal bin.  Once everyone got there, we started with a prayer and then started discussing Alma 32.  We started reading it from verse 21 and on.  We read in a circle with each girl reading one verse.  Once we finished the chapter, we talked about faith compared to a seed.  We talked about how we can nourish our faith like we nourish a seed.  After our discussion, we went to make and plant our own seeds.  Each girl got a biodegradable pot and put in soil, then the seed, then they watered it.  Next they were able to decorate the pots.  I told them they needed to take care of their seed, just like their faith.  I also told them that when their flower bloomed, to take a picture of it and send it to me!  Once we were all done, I passed out the treat with a laminated printable that said "Faith is like a little seed, if planted it will grow." So they can always remember to nourish their faith.  The weather was perfect and it all went well! *Download below!*

Free printable download for the Faith card!  Please use for personal use only.  Thank you!

Click Here:

A day with me.

Every day, I wake up with my 3 oldest kids to help them off to school.
I make them breakfast.

I help them pack their lunches and zip up their coats.  I sign their binders, load up their backpacks and see them off to the bus.  I give them hugs and kisses.  I tell them, "Remember to be kind and make good choices" as they walk out the door.

My youngest 2 are still sleeping.  I quickly change and workout.  It is a time I look forward to every day.  The house is usually quiet.  I can focus on me; strengthening my body and mind.

Babies wake up and we all eat breakfast.

After breakfast, I clear and wipe the table, then I sweep.

Jake and Jane help me  unload the clean dishes that were cleaned the night before.

Some day, we go grocery shopping to restock our fridge and make meals.

I try to do a load of laundry every day so I can keep up with it.

We play with their toys.  Puzzles are their favorites right now.

We have reading time, where we read the same book 30 times.  Jake also works on a school workbook.  He loves anything that has to do with letters or numbers.

We have lunch and around noon, I put Jane down for a nap.  This may or may not be a happy relief for me.

There are those who want me to walk away from all this today.  To ignore my responsibilities, my family and my role as a wife and mother.
I'll pass.  I'd rather take care of my babies and run my home like our family likes it.  Why?  Because I love them.  

This phase in my life is temporary as my kids continue the grow, despite how much I fight against it.  I am very fortunate to be able to stay home, to take care of the house and nurture my kids.  I wrote this post as a way to show that women who stay at home aren't worthless, inferior or weak.  We are the backbone on society.  It is mothers who raise the next generation.  It is up to us to teach children to be self-reliant, confident, kind human beings.  So many important responsibilities fall on our shoulders.  No one should lessen that important role & privilege.   And why do we do these things?  Because we love our family and want to help and support them.  And its this love that helps us to do these things.

There is nothing wrong with family, children, and being home with them.  Women aren't less when we choose to be home.  Women aren't less when we choose to be more.
More present.  More loving.  More kind.  More nurturing.  More generous.  Women are naturally nurturing.  We love to love.  The day-to-day things I do for my home is a gift to my family because I love them.    And I get that there are days where I do not feel that way.  I promise.  There definitely are days where I long for just 24 hours all to myself.  But again, Motherhood is such a privilege.  We sacrifice our time, careers, education, bodies, sleep, etc for these little ones.  In return, we get glimpses of heaven when they laugh at your silly face, or snuggle into your arms when they have just woken up from their nap.

The world wants us to feel less, to feel ignored or we are worthless.  But we must realize that our role in the home, to our family, is what really matters.

This world is imperfect.  So is life. I realize many of you aren't in ideal situations and can't be home with their kids.  This isn't a guilt post for you.  The desire of your heart is what matters.  I wish everyone could live their lives how they would want to.  Only in an ideal world, right?  The point of this post was to just help the world see that those who choose to be home or are able to be home to be "just a mom,", there is nothing wrong with it!  It is an amazing role and much more important than what the world wants you to believe.  I know every mom out there is doing the best they can with the cards life has given them!  XOXO

LDS Activity Days Binder & Workbook

I got a new calling for church a few months ago.  I am an assistant leader for the Activity Day girls.  These girls are 8-11 years old.  It's such a fun age.  Even better, my 2 oldest are in it with me.

I decided that our 12 girls needed binders to help them stay organized and help them reach their Faith in God achievements.

I first put together these pages so they would have adorable printouts.
I used Digital Papers by Citrus and Mint.  I love the set from it.  Can't go wrong with Gold and pink.

Also, to help them with their goals, I got workbook pages from JustPoppie Etsy Shop.  They break down each goal so it's easier for the girls to plan and understand what to do.  I personally highly recommend this purchase!

Every printout is copied from the website.

I put the cover on the outside of the binder.  The header for each section, I put in page protectors.  The rest of them, I copied on normal paper, in black and white since it would have costed an arm and a leg.

Here are the pages I created:

 I hope you love it as much as my girls and I do!  They were so excited when I gave them their binders.  They all got started on them.  Makes me happy to hear that!

You can download these pages here:

Let me know what you think!  Please share and give credit where credit is due!  I put a LOT of time to creating these so I would appreciate it!

Summer in TX 2016

For some reason, the kids like to go outside in this Texas heat.  It is so muggy & hot.  Just so thick.  I can't handle it for too long.  I start to suffocate.
But they love it and it's good for them to get some vitamin D.  I wanted to take a few pictures of them out being with each other.  My favorite ones are the candid interactions with one another.  Just the way that they can be loving and nice to each other and these show that.  I love how each of them have their own personalities that show in these too.  I love each of them.  Kate was absent in these since she's been in Art Camp every morning this week.

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