Super Saturday is next week!

I am really really excited about next Saturday.  It's been in the works for months now.  And I am so grateful to have a calling that I enjoy and love.  This calling has put me in charge of our ward's Super Saturday!  So here are the crafts we are going to do:  This is our display table that we set up during church for sisters to see :)

So we have a Monogrammed board for $5

Burlap Wreath for $9

Temple Blocks $2

Fabric Necklace $3

Family Cubes $5

Christmas Babble Ornaments $2.50

Christmas Tree $9

Cookies in a Jar $3

Nest Necklaces $4

Anyone local who is interested in joining, feel free!  Anyone can.  Contact me via email :)  thanks!

Birthday Boy.

Luke had his birthday yesterday.  He is already 2 years old now.  This boy has no baby left in him, except his vocabulary...which we are working on :)

Things he's into right now:
cars, trucks & balls,
pulling hair and hitting his sisters,
his silky blankets,
animals & sounds,
trains & playgrounds
juice, apples,
food found on Joe's plate,
singing nursery songs before bed,
patting his back when he is being held
his daddy,

He just keeps getting bigger, regardless of how hard I try for him not to.
Love you Luke.

Happy Halloween!

From my home to yours, Happy Halloween!

bats courtesy of ecraft machine and all it's glory.

Crow's Nest Chandelier

Well I am back!
With a new name, new blog face and some new ideas!
I want to show you a fun craft I did for Halloween.
It's my Crow's Nest Chandelier!

Ok so I got my supplies from Dollar Tree:  Fake Moss, Cylinder Foam block & crow, with glue gun and glue sticks :)

First I started with adding hot glue to the sides of the foam block.  From there, I just pressed the moss onto the block and repeat that until covered on all sides and top.

I then ripped up book pages and added those to the moss.

Next I put some hot glue to the bottom of the bird and put it right on top!

Next I prepped my chandelier.  I got this baby for free from a garage sale a few months back.  I spray painted it off white and hung in off my porch.

I would grab a nest and just wedge it on to the candlestick and it was nice and snug.

I made 5 for each light.  Here you go!  I love how it turned out!  Perfect for Halloween :)

Thanks for stopping by!

before it gets really cold...

let's remember the good times....

Until next year....
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