A BIG WAHOO & Finally!

K so as embarrasing as this is, I just had to post this.  So back at the end of Sept.  I wrote this motivating post about my crusade to losing weight.  Back then, I was at 140.  And it was a hard time of year - A gazillion holidays to get through...Halloween? Thanksgiving?  Christmas? Valentines day?!  When do they stop!?!  I mean, someone like me, trying to lose weight doesn't have a chance!  And that's what I thought.  As much as I worked out during the last 6 months, nothing seems to happen.  I was stuck in the dreaded 30s for ever!  There was some progress to 135 but then I was stuck at that number for about 2 months.  I was SO frustrated.  Yet, somehow, I persisted.  I think it helps to think in "long" terms.  I had to realize that it is going to take some time.  So I don't sweat it too much if I am stuck.  I mean, I know that I can lose the weight.  So FINALLY, things picked up.  I am officially out of the 30s!!  Now I get to battle through the 20s for who knows how long...but it does bring me one step closer to my ultimate goal :)  So I was just excited about that little event in my life.  But just a disclosure...it doesn't mean I look smokin' hot or anything...I don't think you can even tell...but oh well huh?  As long as I know things are progressing, i'm happy :)

Post about Emma

Oh Emma Emma Emma...life with her has been the best of times & the worst of times. Lately, I"ve been looking at her and just amazed at how big she is now. She's talking so well too. She's not my little baby. She's a little girl.

I remember when we were transitioning her to a toddler bed. It was a tough process for the first couple of days. All you can really do is just stick her on the bed, tell her "K time for naps, here's your new bed!" And then leave. It sounds mean but it's just like crying it out...anyways, by that time, we had the video monitor set up and I went and watched her. I started bawling for multiple reasons. First, I was pregnant with Kate and due any day. Second, I hate when Emma is in a situation where she's confused and scared but I can't really do anything to help her since in the long run, I know it'll be fine, but at the moment, not so fine. I hate watching her sitting on the bed, wanting to move but so unfamiliar with what's going on that she stays put. And third, it hit me that she was sleeping in a bed! At that point, the crib life was all we both knew so it was hard for the both of us. My little baby was growing up!

So now, with Kate apart of our family now, my attention is split between the two girls. I have found that I have limited patience with Emma. I don't know why. Maybe she just knows the buttons to push,, or that perfect octave that just gets to me...or maybe its the independence that she's gained to try to change her own poopy diapers ALWAYS...or it could be the difficulty she is giving me in potty training? I will never know. But what I do know is that I love her. Although we are going through different experiences now with a 2 1/2 year old, I just still melt when she looks at me and smiles, with those big eyes and dimples. She isn't sweet to me ALL the time, which is hard to be sweet back :) but I have to remember that she's going through a rough stage in her emotional development. I need to help her through it. I want her to realize that I am here to help and guide her through these scary times.

I think the reason I've been putting real thought into all this is because of 2 weekends ago. We were at our apartment pool. Emma was playing in the water on the steps, then she'd come out and play with some dead bugs etc etc. Joe, Kate and I were sitting on the side, watching her and talking. Some boys were there swimming and playing as well. At one point, they were sitting on the ledge by the step, kicking the water. Emma came to join in. Of course we were watching her but the one time we both were looking at Kate, Emma fell into the pool. I realized that I couldn't hear the kicking and looked over. I could see her struggling to swim under the water. I freaked out, panicked and ran over, jumped in and brought her out. Thinking back, it seemed that the whole series of events was so long but in reality, was only like 5 seconds. Luckily, she was fine, no inhaling of water. Seconds later, after she coughed out some water, she wanted to play again. Me, on the other hand, was bawling, asking her if she was alright. Of course it was worse on me. I mean, I almost died from drowning when I was four and the experience is still pretty clear in my head. I didn't htink I would get this tramatized but I did. It freaked me out! Even that night, I would just start crying, just thinking of what could have happened, or just how dissappointed I was that I wasn't watching her the whole time or that she didn't have a life jacket on. It was just scary. So since then, I have looked at Emma differently. It has helped me to realize that she's my little girl here on earth and it is my priviledge to take care of her.
Well anyways, I just wanted to dedicate this post to Emma since I love her and want her to always be happy and silly. I say silly because she's starting to act like animals...like a cat or snake. It's just so funny...anyways, Love you Emma Bethers!

Katers is 8 months old!

K seriously, 8 months!?! Where did TIme go? Did it just go on vacation for awhile? I just can't believe how big she has gotten. It seems in the last couple of months, she has just shot right up.
She's scooting and rolling everywhere, which means she finds everything on the floor. (I hate this stage...means I actually have to clean good!)
She probably weighs like 17-18 lbs ( she weighed 17 lbs at 7 months).
She sits like a pro, goes up on her knees and bounces.
She's starting to figuring out the whole crawling thing.
She loves to watch Emma and giggles ALL the time. She's such a sweet little girl and I LOVE her so much.
I just love how excited she gets when she sees me and only me :) (sorry Joe, that's the life of a student)
She loves to grab Emma's hair and she starts laughing when Emma starts crying cause it hurts her head (Emma Hates anyone touching her hair).
She loves solid food.
SHe's got that pincher grasp down and eats cherrios, kix and cereal puffs.
She just got on Stage 2 foods.
She loves peekaboo, pat-a-cake, and any songs or games.
We love you Katers! Happy 8th :)

I know these pics are so similar but I just couldn't decide. She had an adorable face in each of them!

And Emma is officially 2 1/2...which she totally acts like it!! AHHH! somedays...well...I just won't finish that...

Want it?

So i'm so proud of my suave internet skills. I figured out how to make a picture link all by myself! I was kind of sad that blogger didn't have that as an option. So I figured a HTML for it. FInal product? That awesome picture of my Blogshop that actually links to it..see? on the side? So if any of you want the spify little thing, let me know. I tried to post the HTML on here but it won't let me...
So if you want it, let me know, and i'll email it to you :)

Creatively Inclined Moms Blog shop

It's here! Well, sort of. Friday March 21st, we're opening our BLogshop! Me and 3 other ladies who make wonderful adorable baby gifts are selling them here at Creativelyinclinedmoms.blogspot.com. COme check us out. We're not revealing our stuff until the 21st. But you can start getting you name in the drawing. All you have to do is make a comment and link back to us on your blog and your name will be automatically entered into our drawings that we'll have. You'll win fabulous stuff that is from our blogshop! We've got things from Diaper wipee cases to baby leg warmers and everything inbetween! Please feel free to spread the word!  So come check us out!!

Craft Night!

It was a bit busy yesterday. Always something to do during the day. I'm just working on the stuff i'll be selling and getting the Blog set up where we'll be selling stuff. But last night, we had our monthly craft night at Jenni Konkle's home. She taught us how to do those beautiful nylon headband bows. They are so fun and easy, who knew?! So Here's the 3 that I made last night.

Here's the done bow on the baby Kate...oh so cute!

I went for the flower look, which I kind of like better, but it's just me!
And can't forget Emma...here's her tantruming...grrrr

And the funniest thing happened yesterday. For the first time, Emma fell asleep on the floor watching TV...it was so bizarre that I had to take a picture. But it was nice because she's been fighting naps for awhile now (ever since her and Kate have been sharing rooms) So there's Kate playing next to her. I have to watch her because she'll roll over and grab Emma's hair, laughing hysterically while doing it...it's so funny but Emma HATES it... Well have a nice day :)

It is coming...

What does "slm" mean? It stands for Stuff Lyssa Makes. This is my tag that i'll be attaching to the things that I make and will be selling. As of now, i'm teaming up with another awesome girl, Jazmin Gibbons, who also makes beautiful things from home. The blog in which we'll be selling it from is still under construction but it should be done soon. Just wanted to give everyone a sneak peek at my tag. There will be more information on the back of each tag. We'll be having some fun contests to spread the word of the site. But hang tight. More info will be coming :)
And yes, I might be making a huge deal out of this but it's kind of exciting! I have no expectations on how it will go. For all I know, it could be a flop! But I don't care. It's fun :)
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I love English Accents!

K Thanks to Marcie and having this on her blog, I was able to see it...and it's so cute and hilarious! Watch the older brother's facial expression the first time through :)

RAK's are Wonderful!

For those of you who don't know what RAK means, it is Random Acts of Kindness. And it is so true in this situation! I have received some awesome things in the mail from ladies that i've met through scrapbook forums and blogs. And they were just given to me for free...talk about random acts of kindness!
Look at this beautiful treasure trove of goodness! Stacey from Scrappy Girl Designs sent this to me and I got it today. I was so excited!! I was the lucky person who guessed what the third thing she did everyday, which was shower :)
Andrea from Blueprint Sketches sent this beauty to me just from being apart of a challenge that she held.
How Cute is that!?!

So I just had to show off these fabulous things and just to say that this is a pretty fun hobby and everyone is so generous!
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Easy Wall Frames!

I bought 3 $1 frames from Michaels and painted them brown.
I then used my cricut and cut out designs.
I then mod podged them on the frames. 
I added ribbon on the back to connect them all so they can hang on the wall!
Made this beauty for a good friend of mine's shower. It matches her nursery!

She's got these humongus CHEEKS!

Seriously...could they get any bigger? Has anyone seen the movie "Adventures in Babysitting?" That's where I got the title from. I thought of that quote because how it's said in the movie. That's how I feel about Kate's Cheeks...
We were outside today and she was grazing...(do you notice the dead grass in her mouth?) It has begun...

PS "Adventures in Babysitting" is hilarious and really good.
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Last night

Some things I made last night...
Baby shower gift
very simple card but I like how it looks.
Another baby shower card
This I actually made a year ago for Emma's room. I love orange and pink!
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What else are Daddies For?

Just some post church rough-housing. I love when this happens :) Both girls love their Daddy SO much and want all the attention from him. Joe is such a great Dad!

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