good morning sunshine!

With a face like this, it's hard to be mad having to wake up at 6 AM...when you went to bed at midnight...
He just lights up my day.  

This week has been crazy for me with LOTS of editing photos, whipping up a "momtography 101" presentation for MOPS and the normal household duties.  Things have slowed down just a bit for me to get some shots of this boy, who seems to just keep growing all around.  How weird is it that we are approaching 6 months?!
I much prefer looking at this in the morning than the mirror.

2013 Family Pictures

I couldn't be more happier and excited about how these turned out.
Captures my little family perfectly.

The first group is from Karlye Risdon Photography.  
The second group are from Heather Reiber, Sweet as Sugar Photography

Both ladies did so great.  I want to decorate my walls with all of them!

So I wanted to capture these beautiful orchards before we moved away from WA.  I wanted something to remind me of Cashmere, WA when we moved away.

Thank you ladies!  Both of you are so talented!

Karlye Risdon Photography:

Sweet as Sugar Photography:

every morning.

I was thinking back on this past school year and it's amazing how fast  these two have grown.  In September, I was so nervous for the two of them with so many changes.  But to them, it's just how every day is.  

Every morning, these two are up and running around, getting ready for school.  The goal is out of the door by 8 am.  Most days, we are set.  Then these two walk to school.  Do you know that I love where we live?  Do you know how close we are to school?  Blocks away.  A short walk and they are there, ready to learn.  Most days, they talk and explore as they walk together.  Other days, one races in front of the other, to which she'll run back home to tell on her.  We don't like those mornings.  But, like I said,  MOST days are peaceful.

I don't want to forget these every day instances.  

5 months continued.

I forgot to post these in the earlier 5 month post.  He just keeps getting bigger.  He has a scary resemblance to the "Stay Puff Marshmallow Man":

Even his head looks squareish like that company hiring?

Anyways, here's my "little prince" as quoted in Bambi. :)

Mikarose Review & Giveaway

 I think the most frustrating thing for me while i've nursed all 4 kids is trying to find something  A) cute, B) modest & C) nursing friendly!  I was still in dismay the 4th time around as to not being able to find something I could wear to church or dressed up that I could easily nurse Jake.

Well I was able to connect with Mikarose and their fabulous array of dresses to solve my problem!  They have Modest, cute and !nursing friendly! options that have opened up so many possibilities.  They shipped me the Kristy dress to review.

So here are my thoughts:

First off, I was worried about their sizing chart since the woven knit was different than their cotton knit.  But I put faith in the chart and followed it.  I was so pleasantly surprised when it came and it fit like a glove.  It was easy to wear and tie on.

Very comfortable and soft!  I could wear this on any occasion and probably go home and take a nap in it!

The color was nice and could go with an array of colors for different seasons of the year!
I loved that it covered my shoulders and went past my knees!  So when I sat down, it wouldn't hike up my legs!

And best of all, it was easily accessible for nursing!!  
This picture below?  Yes I am actually nursing in this photo!  It was so easy to bust it out and feed my starving baby ;)

Definitely impressed and well pleased with Mikarose with this dress.  I now have something to wear to church and other dressy occasions!

And i'm so very excited to let you know that Mikarose is giving one of you readers a $50 gift certificate!!  
Who's excited?!  Well you should be!  They have some really nice styles that I love!

***Winner Announced!***
Random.Org picked the winner for me :)


Congrats Natalie Portugal!  Please get with me your information so I can forward 

Cute huh?

Ok so how to enter:

Head over to Mikarose and Tell me which item you would want!

Extra Entrees and leave a comment for each one you do:
-Like Mikarose on FB.
-Tell Mikarose on their FB page that "Lyssa Beth Sent Me!"
-Like Lyssa Beth on FB
-Like me on Bloglovin'
-Pinning their clothes on Pinterest and leave link.
-Share this giveaway on FB!
-Add me to your circles on Google+
-Tweet about giveaway!

Ok so seriously lots of options for extras!  Good Luck!
Open to all US & Canada residents.  Giveaway will end Next Friday April 19th at midnight.

And thanks Karlye for taking my pictures :)

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