Happy Easter 2013

We hope you remember the true meaning of Easter today!  God loves us beyond what we can comprehend.    He sacrificed his own life for us & then conquered death so that we may live with Him again!   

Please watch this wonderful Video of Christ that is dear to my heart.

Custom T-Shirt Giveaway

**Giveaway over!  Congrat Emilee!  you are the winner!**

Who else LOVES this 80s classic, Sixteen Candles?
This is one of the movies I grew up with.  Random huh?  My family was a "movie" family so I grew up with the classics...

I wanted (and still want) this T-Shirt... 

Only I would probably go with this style:

What do you think?

Cue in Dress United.  This company has the tools I need to do that!  They have lots of T-shirt styles to choose from too.  So if I want to make one for Joe (not pink though), they have a Men's style.  It's quite easy to do.  It's really easy to make them customized for any occasion.  

My design would be purely for fun but these would be perfect for teams or businesses!  A couple of summer's ago, we made shirts for Joe's practice.  It was a big pain in the you-know-where.  Most places don't have what we wanted and uploading images weren't working!

But Dress United is a very simple process and you'll be done in no time!

So their company contacted me to host a giveaway for you readers and I was more than happy to comply.
One winner will have the following options to choose from:
-A Free$25 gift card for a Custom Shirt from Dress United
-$50 gift card for car magnets from MagnetsOnTheCheap
-$40 gift card for a vinyl banner from BannersOnTheCheap OR,
-$30 gift card for yard signs from SignsOnTheCheap

Lots of options for you to choose from if you win!  All of these are great for advertising or anything fun for your family :)

So to enter, simply leave a comment, telling me what you would design for a t-shirt then share this on Facebook.  (its as simple as clicking the FB icon below this post to do so.  It'll take you a second)

Extra entrees include:
-following me via Google+, Pinterest, FB, & Twitter.  All of those social media buttons are found on the side bar.  Can't miss them.
-Or pinning this giveaway.

This Giveaway will end Next Friday at midnight.

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Easter Party

Kate chose to have an Easter party with her friends from school.  It was right after Kindergarten so we had pancakes for lunch and other goodies.
We decorated some eggs and made other fun stuff.  Then we had an Easter Egg Hunt.  The girls were so excited and had a lot of fun.  This group of girls were so sweet and fun.  

Family pictures are coming...

It's been over 3 years since we had some family pictures taken.  Has it been that long?!  
I was very very pleased with how they turned out.  Refresher?  Go here so see what they looked like.  

It's kind of ironic that I am a photographer.  You take everyone else's pictures but rarely of your own family as a whole.  I'd much rather be taking them!  So much easier.  I have the hard part...with 4 kids and all!

This go around, we are hitting it up in the Spring, when the blossoms are out.  It is so gorgeous here this time of year.  I've had some time to think what we're going to wear.  Here's what I got so far for the kids:

What do you think?  I have loved blue & red for too long and so I figured why not for our pictures?!

Problem is now I need to figure out what I'm going to wear... any takers?  lol  This is always the worst part of it!  Hopefully I'll find something that I love and invest in so it'll get some good wear out if it.

I'm excited cause my BFF will be taking them.  Can't wait!  It helps to know and feel comfortable with the person that is taking your pictures.  I am hoping my kids will cooperate much better with her taking them.

St. Patrick's Party

I thought it would be fun to let Emma have a friend's party later in the year since she has more friends now than at the beginning of the year.  She invited her friends over for St. Patrick's Party.  They had a treasure hunt for treasure, ate yummy treats and created some fun stuff.  They girls had lots of fun.  7 year olds are just too funny.

eating like a champ.

He's in definite need of more food these days.

He's starting to wake up at night for more food. 
Nope, not going to happen.  No digression here buddy.

So we started him today with rice cereal and he ate it up!  What a champ!  
He must take that from his mommy....

Easter Party Invitation

I know I just posted about a St. Patrick's Day party invitation, but now it's Miss Kate's turn!

She chose an Easter party so we got to work yesterday.  I used the ebosser machine to cut the circles and emboss the blue cardstock.  It came out awesome.  I love it.

Next, I cut out some scrap triangles and made a tiny pendant banner, sewing straight onto the invitation.
Aren't these the cutest, springy-est invitations you've ever seen?!

Kate is so excited for her little party.  She has the cutest little group of friends.  It should be lots of fun!

Linking up to THESE parties

bonding time.

Are you seeing a pattern?  
Where there's Jake, there's Kate.  
She's like Jake's second mom.  And I don't mind at all.  She LOVES this kid SO MUCH.
I can count on Kate asking to hold Jake the second i'm not feeding him.  But it doesn't stop there.  Once he's on the ground, she's right by his side, constantly trying to have him smile.  It's too adorable.

Her newest thing is holding him up like this.   Look at those stubby stubs...want to gnaw....

park time.

We've been spoiled with lots of sun the past couple of days.  We hopped across the street to the park for some fun while it was still warm out.  This was Jake's first time in a swing, which I think he enjoyed.  He is so serious when it comes to new things, it takes a while for him to warm up!
Luckily, he has one of the best big sister's in the world and plays with is constantly.  She made sure he was swinging and smiling at her the whole time.


Jake at 4 months.

Sheesh, another month :(
I'm always torn when another month goes by.  Each new milestone he conquers is so fun to watch.  But it also means another step away from babyhood.

I still can't get enough of this boy.  He's Heaven sent.  Such a pleasant and perfect baby.  So easy to read.  So happy.  I couldn't ask for a better baby.

At 4 months:
Grabbing toys.
Putting said toys in mouth.
Teething like crazy!
Gnaws on hands.
Attempting to roll over but not even close!
Plays tummy time like a champ.
Besides growth spurts, sleeping 11-12 hours at night.
Hinting at wanting to switch to 2 naps a day instead of 3.
Smiles with his whole chubby body.
Knows his Mamma.
Loves attention like not eating to give me goo-goo eyes and smiles.
Very ticklish on the legs, tummy and back.
Loves to be without clothes on.
Wiggles like crazy during bath time.
Starting to wear 12 month clothes...at 4 months...crazy kid!

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