business card stash.

I still can't get over that I was able to go to Bloggy Boot Camp earlier this month.  I learned so much about me and my blog and what I want for it.  I didn't think I would get so much out of it!

Not to mention all the wonderful people and bloggers that I met, like Denise, Kim & Jenny (to name just a few!)

And practically everyone had a business card to pass out and trade.  I came home with a wonderful stack.  I don't know about you but I love looking at everyone's cards and seeing what they designed or created.

Here are some fun-shaped ones! There were lots of mini cards!

Here's one that made and sewed on her card like me!

I loved the colors on these ones!

These ones had fun pictures and designs!

I wish i could highlight them all but I seriously got like 50 or so.
What do you like in business cards?  The colors?  Texture?

PS-yes I am back from vacationing.  I haven't even touched my blog since i've been gone so I still need to do some changes.  :)  Thanks for sticking around!  I hope your summer has been fun-filled and chaotic like mine!

seattle temple.

We were able to head over to Seattle about a month ago and visit the temple.  We did it with the ward so a couple of friends watched the kids so we could do a session.

I love coming to a temple that I haven't been to before.  Each one is so unique in its design and decor.
and you can't go wrong with these statues.

Emma had to wear my jacket because it was freezing. it looks good on her...

emma's graduation.

Emma Graduated last month from Appleseed Preschool.
It was all kind of surreal to me.  My eldest on the verge of Kindergarden.  Growing up before my eyes.  It's just so weird that she'll be almost 6 soon!

Her graduation began as they all came out with cute hats and "gowns".  Emma is in pink. 

Here's her whole class.  She had like 21 kids in her class!

They sang "God Bless America" & "Star-Spangled Banner" then also some fun ones too.

Here is Emma getting her "Book" and then walking across the bridge, symbolizing her going into the big world of school.  They played "My Wish" as they did this part.  Miss Becky, her teacher, told us to take in this moment and never forget it because they grow up so fast.  As I listened to the song, I was realized that Emma has grown so much in this year and she continues to grow and amaze me.  Of course I was crying as she came up to me, handed me a rose and gave me a big hug.  My little Emma is getting too big!

Emma tells everyone what she wants to be when she grows up:

During the songs, Luke was a tad restless so this is what they were doing for parts of the time.

Emma is a graduate!

Her and her cute self-portrait.  She is so good at pictures and very detailed in what she draws.

Miss Becky and Emma.  what a great teacher.  She was so patient and earnestly wanting to make sure she was doing all she could to help Emma in her transition to her class when we moved here.

Emma & Mommy aka me :)
I love this girl and who she is becoming.

Sky Meadows Bed & Breakfast

Joe's Hygienist owns a Bed & Breakfast here in Cashmere so we thought we'd come visit and take a look around.  Terri told me the flowers are beautiful this time of year and she was correct.
There are trails and a large swing and it's just beautiful to explore out there. 

I got a "few" kid shots...hard to decide which one is the best.

Then some single shots of the kids....

You gotta come visit.   Please?
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