Weekend before Christmas through pictures

We'll tackle the weekend backwards since that's how the pictures were downloaded.
Sundays are always relaxing around here, unless the HOme Teachers are coming by, then we scramble. But before that, we are lying around, taking funny pictures.

Luke's first week at church! FInally, after like 2 months, we all went to church together. It went well and had to get pictures of this little scrumtious little guy in his church attire.

We went to this chocolate Factory in Henderson on Saturday night. THey had some mad lighting skills. It was like a mini- temple square. And the best part was Santa! The girls were so excited to see him.

The line to see him was about 30 minutes long. I waited while Joe walked around with the girls.

THe holiday season is well upon us! We are heading to UT Wednesday morning for a while. THe girls are hoping for snow to play in. I am hoping for a break. Luke is hoping for breastmilk at his disposal anytime. Joe is hoping to figure out where to live next year.
It's weird that I only have tomorrow to get ready for the trip...and I just realized it. Yikes. I have a lot to do. Looks like left overs tonight ;)
Merry Christmas!

Weekend before Christmas

Christmas is coming, the Luke is getting fat,
13 lbs later, I can't get enough of that.
Saturday night came and went without a stirring for me until 6:30 am...meaning Luke slept through the night, oh sweet serenity.
Grew cocky and ate some delicious cake with whipped cream on Sunday night (Thanks Steph!) and was woken up at 5 am...ok, not bad but still, it does throw your whole night and day off.
So lesson learned. No more dairy cave-ins, I promise.

Brain Buster

This is LUke

THis is Luke with Dairy-contaminated breastmilk.

Any questions?

Well I sure do.

What in the world do I eat?

How in the Sam Hill will I survive without iCe CrEaM!?!?
Hello, my name is LYssa and i've been dairy-free for 5 days now.
For the past 5 days,

But it's not in vain...

Wouldn't you do the same for that face?
This "little" guy is becoming a chub. At one month, he was 11 lbs.
2 weeks later, at his 6 week appointment, he weighed 12 1/2 lbs...He gained a pound and a half in 2 weeks!!
That makes me happy because:
-I love chub babies
-Luke slept until 5:30 am this morning.
-The crying seems to be minimizing the bigger he gets.

Below is the family of 5 this past Sunday.

I love this picture and here's why:
-Lumber Jack Joe
-Emma yelling at the camera
-My awkward position on the couse makes my legs look 10 ft. long.
-Kate's perfect little smile and her encompasing CHEEKS
-LUke is actually looking at the camera...even if he's totally compressed in a lump of fat. :)

This past Saturday, we drove up the road to Red Rock Canyon to play in the snow...that lasted about 20 minutes...but it was still nice to get out!

the babysitter...literally.

Sorry Katie, I know this was supposed to be for Christmas but who are we kidding? Emma will always find things that are supposed to not be found!

Wednesday was my birthday. I am now 26. This plus having 3 kids have really opened my eyes....that i'm getting OLD.
We went out and ate at Fazoli's. FIrst time in like 6 years. I used to eat here often in UT. THey didn't have it in TX. I kind of missed it and wanted to hang out with Him again. It was yums all around.

These were taken on my birthday. Finally took pics of all 3 kids together.

So if anyone has great menu ideas for a Dairy-Free Diet, I would love to hear!
Also, my hair is astonishingly long...down-to-my-waist long and I need to cut it. Any good style ideas with my face...not my "I had a baby so my face it fat" face but my "I-look-like-i'm-only-18" face...love to hear any ideas too.

42 days.

We've been amusing ourselves these days.
The past few weeks have been fun with Luke becoming more aware of his surroundings around him and even smiling and cooing. I try to have that happen on a daily basis but it all depends on his mood for that day. Most days, he's not a happy boy. He's being treated for Reflux and the medication is helping. But he still cries a lot so he might just have colic and want constant attention. He's pretty much fine if he's picked up. As soon as you lie him down, he starts crying...as Joe likes to say, he's already manipulating the system! And it's totally true.
And since we have 2 other rugrats around here, I can't hold him all the time.

So there is quite a lot of crying around here...sorry Luke!
I promise you want a Sane Mom ;)

Luke is 6 weeks this week. How weird is that?

That has been the fastest and slowest 6 weeks.

At a month old, Luke weighed 11 lbs already. So we'll see what 2 more weeks have done to him...I'm pretty sure he's chunking up quite nice.

He's starting to do a bit better at night. For example, Last night, he didn't wake up until 3:30 to eat. It took me a while to figure out what was going on..lol....my body wasn't used to sleeping that long so I had to readjust my mind and remember that the sound I woke up from was my son crying to eat...

On Saturday, we walked over to the park down the street. It was really nice outside and the girls had a great time.

There were some ice blocks that we took advantage of. Emma did quite well sliding down. Joe did too but now we are treating some grass stains.

No, that's not a homeless man, that's my husband.

He doesn't like the cold too much so he's bundled up quite nice. And he's growing out his beard/stache...I love it....seriously.

Joe's a lumber jack and he's okay...monty python anyone?

I honestly like the rugged look. It just suits him better. He has a bet going with other guys in his class to see who can grow it out the longest. Joe definitely has the longest hair so far.

On Sunday, the girls had some bonding with Luke. Emma loves this little guy. She seriously loves to tell him stories or sing songs.

Kate can't get enough of Ruke and everytime she sees him, wants to say hi or hold him.

She's even starting to say, "Hi Luke. Mom, he's so cute. oh Luke, your so cute."
lol i'm serious. It makes me laugh every time. This girl is hilarious.

As much as I complain sometimes about the crying, I honestly am so lucky to have these 3 kids. Why Heavenly Father entrusted me with them, it is still a mystery. I still am adjusting and i'm not going to lie...it's hard! And with Luke's temperment, it makes it even more difficult at times.

But all I can do is one day at a time.

Even if the kids and I stay in PJ's all day long.

Even if we have left overs 5 days in a row.

Even if we there are 4 buckets of laundry that need to be put away.

Even if it's been awhile since i've seen a shower...

Fun times all around!

I know eventually i'll become adjusted and look back at this time and laugh at what a baby I was. I'm just hoping it comes sooner than later ;)

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