Kate's soccer season

Kate had her last game tonight.  She has gotten tough over the past season.  When she started, she was so timid and nervous about getting close to the ball.  But this last game, she was much more courageous.  I am so proud of her! She got right in there and got some great kicks :)
I don't blame the fear!  She was the smallest person out there every game!  But she had a fun season and had a great team.
Usually the games wouldn't be this far into Oct. but due to the smoke, they rescheduled them.  So her last game was in the rain.  But it didn't seem the phase the kids.

#3 is 3

This little boy, my baby, is 3!  That time has gone by too fast.
He's a silly tease who loves to snuggle and kiss and hug.  He's a big sweetheart and loves his family

In the morning, he opened his presents, which he loved.  Got some balls, motorized trucks, clothes and money.

During the day was pretty busy with soccer games and the girls music recital (more on that later). For dinner, we went to Red Robin to celebrate.  These pictures were done as they were singing to him.  He gets shy around things like that ...

THAT below is his shy, what are you doing, face.  It's too cute but he couldn't complain the birthday sundae.

When we got home, we ate some yummy cake balls that I actually won from a local bakery.  They turned out so cute.  It was a hit!

I can't believe he's 3.  He's getting to big.  He's also getting to be a great talker.  The physical things were a given and has been doing those things from the womb.  But he's talking so well now and learning academics really well too.  I love my Luke!

Beginning Music Recital

I signed the girls up for a Beginner's Music class.  They love it and I am so glad.  It's a great class to help build that foundation for music, which I plan to have them do piano or whatever instrument they want to do.
They had a recital on Luke's birthday.  They did a fabulous job!
Here's Emma's group playing together their song.  And they got to dress up too :)

Here's Kate's class, introducing themselves.

Here's a video of them playing with sticks :)

Here's the whole group!

Proud of my girls and how smart and talented they are!

In the Orchard

These were taking during my maternity session.  I have been wanting to take pictures of the kids in an orchard, nicely dressed, ever since living here.  So I brought my camera along to do just that.  I'll get the final pictures of my own maternity session up soon.  I love how they turned out :)  I am so biased.  My kids are gorgeous.  I'm not timid to say that.  I am so blessed with these beauties.

something for the babe...

So I am so behind for Sept.  I have so many pictures to include on here.  

But for now, i'm going to share what I created yesterday.
It's been fun to create something for this little babe that will be coming in exactly 1 month (we are hoping for it, anyways!)  

I can't wait to put it on my little guy!  I'm doing a little how-to over at the Craftwell blog.  So if you want to learn how to do it too, head on over :)
I can't believe i'm due in a month.  This sure has flown by up to this point.  Now time seems to stand still.  I keep hoping that my due date is way off and i'll have the baby super early ;)  I think that's every pregnant woman's dream!
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