Ribbon Holder tutorial

I am amazed at what you can create when you have no or hardly any money. I love going to DI or Goodwill these days because I'm learning to see past what things are to what they could become.
Such is the case with my Ribbon Holder. This is what I found at DI for $2:
(Does anyone know what this is?!)

After some TLC, it now looks like this:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

And it was really simple to transform it. I'll break it down for you!

Step 1: Using my trusty Tomboy Tools, Trim the wood with a hack saw so that a dowel can slide in and out of the hooks.

Step 2: Sand them down a bit using a sanding block or paper.

Step 3: Take out frame piece to decorate later.

Step 4: If you are pregnant, nag and nag and nag your husband to spray paint it. If not, then you can do it (so jealous because it took my husband a week to finally do this step and I was dying!...something about fumes and the baby..I have no idea....)

Step 4: Decorate frame piece and place back in Holder.
I just traced the shape on scrapbook paper and used a glue runner to hold in place. Then I took black stickers and made the label.

Step 5: Hang on wall, making sure to use a level to they hand straight! Something that helps with this is called a Picture Perfect Level, you must check this out!

Step 6: Place ribbon on dowels and place on your holder.

Step 7: Stand back and look at what you've accomplished!

boy, what a feeling!

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