MagSoul Shop: review & giveaway!

I've been crushing on Mag Soul Shop for a while now. A good 2 years! I found them through a friend when I lived in TN. 

She makes amazing headwraps, scarves and skirts! I've only tried the headwraps so far and they are my go-to headwraps!

So what's so different from her shop from the millions of headwraps shops? Probably her unique and original knot twisted design! It has the great look of a knot but without the bulk and pain of the knot. She's designed a way to have the look with out all that stuff.  It lies flat on your head, leaving you with a comfortable, stretchy wrap! She uses amazing cotton knit so it stretches to your head but can go back to shape. It's also easy to wash, as you just throw it in the washer and dryer!  She makes for both babies/ kids and adults!!

There are tons of designs and colors to choose from too!   I'm excited to try her other products too like their nursing scarf and skirts!

So I'm super stoked and excited to be collaborating with MAGSOUL Shop in hosting a giveaway!! One lucky winner will win any 2 twisted knot headwraps in stock!
**For those who don't win, she's giving you lovely readers a discount of 20% off your order with the code "lyssabethblog"!! That's an amazing deal!!'**

Enter to win here here on the blog AND also on Instagram!! 

-Head over to her shop and comment back which item you would love to have!

-Follow her on her FB account: MagSoul
-share this giveaway on FB

I'll pick a winner this Sunday night!

Don't forget to earn even more entries over on IG!!

Back to school festival

We went down the street to the Altus ER building where they were having a fun back to school festival. There were bouncy houses, vendors, samples, demos, free snow cones and a view of a helicopter landing. It turned out to be fun and different than the usual boring Saturday's we have these days. We are still getting things figured out with not only my doctor but with Joe's job. It's awesome...

So here are some pictures from yesterday.  The kids thought the gator was pretty cool to hold!

Then Emma did a work out routine with a local gym. She hasn't stopped talking about them! She wants to sign up to do their kids class... That or Kung Fu....

They gave everyone a snow cone but just let people in charge of putting the syrup on. Let's just say they definitely has 80 % juice and 20% ice😁

 Those alone were worth going for. It was super hot. Like every day...

Is there a doctor available??

Trying not to freak out but I still don't have a doctor down here...
I'm almost 35 weeks and we've been here for a month. My insurance kicked in 2 weeks ago. All the while I didn't think it'd be hard to find one and make an appointment. But I was wrong πŸ˜•
There are very few doctors that take my insurance and then also finding one that has an opening sooner than October!   

And the website to keep searching for a doctor is down so I just have to wait. I wasn't too worried before but I'm started to freak out a little bit.  At this point,  I may have to go over to Houston and find a doctor! This is just crazy!!

Ok I think this vent session has helped a little bit. 

In other news, the kids are getting ready for their first day of school on August. 24th.  I got them registered a few days ago and got all their school supplies yesterday.  So now I gotta figure out lunches and buses and we will be set.  

Try not to panic and just take it easy...

Newborn sleeping tricks

I'm guest posting over at Kristles clarity to talk about newborn sleeping tricks!

I'm in no way the baby whisperer but from personal experience with my 4 kids, I've learned a thing to two!
Head over there and check it out!
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