Baby it's cold outside.

I keep fogetting that is can get REALLY cold in Memphis.  I still think it's similar to TX and that during the Winter, it's nice, jacket weather!

But it's not.

So we tend to stay inside most days and weeks, trying to stay warm.  I've been thinking of new bedding and blankets to invest in since our "comforter" is actually a thin layer of cotton.  Doesn't do anything at night!

I grew up with down comforters and those were amazing!  So I think that's where i'm heading...

Doesn't that look divine during a cold day, all snuggled up?  And watching a favorite movie?  Hm mmm......

I found this and other amazing bedding options over at Parachute Home.  Their Duvet covers and sheets look so soft.  They are in classic colors that would go with any color in your room.

So in my dream home, I'd get the works, like the down comforter, duvet cover, sheets all in a beautiful Slate color, because I love Gray.

Just from looking at this cozy bedding, I think i'm going to go watch a movie!
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