{trunk} or treat 2010 edition

we had our ward Trunk or Treat on Friday night.
It was quite a treat.
The kids had so much fun. 
Emma was so excited that she ran off infront of me and got lost.
luckily, we have some nice families who herded her back to our fold.
Emma went as Belle, Kate went at Ariel in Ariel 2 because she wears a purple dress....OCD anyone?
Luke went as an elephant. 
I didn't know elephants were that cute.

 Oh ya, and i went as a doctor.  I got this idea from Jazmin on facebook last minute!

 i think these girls actually fell asleep at like 10. 
They were just too excited from the night!
 counting candy and seeing what you get is always the best part!!

birthday boy's big day

luke's present to me is that he slept in...just a little bit.
So with that great start, we ate.
 We got ready, dropped Emma off at preschool and headed to the doctors.
Yes, i am the meanest mom in the world, to make luke go there and get 4 shots...on his birthday.
So after that, we all deserved some bakery comfort.  So we hit Spudnuts for some doughnuts.

 The rest of the day was normal, with pick-ups and naps. 
Joe got home later than usual so while we waited for him to get home to do birthday festivites, I made these...
 doesn't that look awesome? 
nope, I didn't edit this photo...it does look that good.  
cough cough.
 We opened presents.

 Had some birthday activities.

 We then Sang & ate some cake!

 Not sure about this...
 Then he changed his mind....

 The cake is GONE.  He loved it.
 Happy Birthday Luke.
I love you.
Very blessed and grateful to be your Mommy.

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