Halloween Dead Tree

This week's DT craft is my Halloween Tree.  If you are curious to see what it looked like before, head over to the Craftwell DT blog for details!

The bats are coming...

Doesn't this make you want to go camping?
My bat project is over on the Craftwell blog!  Go check it out!

me and my kids.

A little something about me...
I prefer to stay behind the camera.  I typically don't like to be in pictures.  I have too many insecurities that are so ingrained in my mind from growing up that they are just here to stay...in other words, i'm my own worst critic!

But, I want to be in pictures with my kids.  I want them to see me in them as well as themselves when they look back on their childhood.
So one day, when I was all fancied up, I was determined to do just that.  So we took a lot, a lot a lot of timer pictures.   I think under the circumstances, they turned out amazing.  They each show their personalities perfect.  And it helps that I love them so darn much.

The weather is nice.

I gotta admit, TN in the fall is beautiful.  It's the perfect weather.  We hit the park a lot these days.  Jake loves to watch the others play and be played with.
On the way home, we walked around the Cove again.  They have added more stuff!

Halloween Cove Pt.1

I'm using pictures that I exported for my Photog blog but I have been needing to update my blog for some time.  
We moved  into a culdesac that is known as "Halloween Cove".  It's CRAZY.  What is even crazier is that we ended up in it.  The kids have loved it.  They go outside everyday to help neighbors set up.  And it helps them not be scared of pretty much anything now!
Here are a few pictures of the cove around the middle of Oct.

Reading Tent, Book Nook or Whatever you want to call it.

It's a miracle.
I finished a project, a voluntary project.  And it was so easy and fun.  
Here is my Reading Tent or Book Nook or whatever you want to call it.

I tell you.  It was easy.  I finished it in about an hour.

I followed THIS tutorial from Naptime Notebook.  It's such an easy step-by-step post.  Anyone could do this.

The kids have already played with it, read in it and "slept" in it.

Best part was it was like $10 for the whole thing!
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