She is finally here!

Well I'm alive! Things have been quite interesting the past couple of days. Most of you know the whole ordeal with scheduling the inducing first on Tuesday then getting bumped to Friday. Yet finally the day came and we went to the hospital at 6 am. Yet the hospital was still pretty full so we had to wait in the waiting room for over an hour. They finally did get us into a room and got the Pitocin started around 8:30. I was at a 3-4 when I got going. My doctor came and broke my water around 9:20. An hour later I was at a 6-7. So things were moving fairly quick. My doctor had a scheduled c-section at 12;30 so she was jokingly saying that we need to get this baby out before then...little did she know that my body goes super fast with labor/deliveries. So they check me an hour later, like 11:30 and I was at a 10! My doctor was at the neighboring hospital so they inform her and my nurse starts getting me ready, having me push here and there. Dr. Cerny came and I pushed for about 20 minutes and at 12:10, Kate Olivia Zimmerman was born! She was 8 lbs 4.5 oz and 18 1/2 inches long. She healthy and chubby! She looks like Emma but has her own look. We think she even looks more like me!! She's been a good baby so far.

All complications have been with me.

When I got my epidural, the Dr. accidentally went too far and penetrated the spiral fluid. In most cases, its no big deal. Yet with me, it caused me to have a spinal headache...and for those who don't know anything about this, they are horrendous! I don't think i've even felt anything so painful in my life. And healing can take from 2 weeks to 6 months! I was hoping it would go away but it wasn't. And sadly, the super nice Anesthesiologist who originally did it and was concerned was out of town the next day. So when on Saturday, when symptoms started happening, the dr on call came and did a consultation on doing the necessary surgery to heal a spinal headache. To him though, I didn't have one so he dismissed it. So that was that. Yet the headache kept getting worse and then came the nausea and light sensitivity. So I thought it was a migrane but it wasn't. Long story short, last night, we headed to the ER to see an Anethesologist to have them to a Epidural Blood Patch to fix it. We got there at 9, waited 2 hours until we finally saw someone. Some one came and did the procedure pretty quick. I then had to lay on my back there for an hour and then come home and be on bedrest for 24 hours. It would have been nice to have just stayed at the hospital an extra day and have them take care of the procedure but i',m just glad I was able to get it taken care of. I've never had that much pain in my eyes and head in my life.!! So that's what i've been up to these past few days. Luckily my sister is here taking care of Emma and Joe's first day of school wasn't that tough so today wasn't that hard I guess. The headache is gone and now all my pain is focused on my back and "undercarriage?" Anyways, Tomorrow will be much better I hope. Here are some pictures of the new baby. I plan on taking more when I can move around.

Harry Pothead

Well, one good thing that came out of not having the baby yet is that Joe and I were able to go on a date Tuesday night. Joe's mom came into town Monday to help with Emma while I have the baby. We went up at The Rim theater, which is pretty awesome! We saw Harry Potter (or as Joe likes to say, Harry Pothead) and the Order of the Phonex. Wow, that was such a cool movie. Both of us really enjoyed it. Joe isn't an avid fan like me but still liked it so that was good. It was funny cause we were going to go to another theater, one that was closer but decided to go to the nice one. We got there five minutes to 7 pm. Luckily the 7:00 show was still available and so we went in and there were plenty of seats open. Right as we sat down, the show started. It was perfect :)
So the reason I said that we were going to go to another theater is about 20 min. into the show, the projector stopped so the movie and sound just cut off. It was out for maybe only 5 min. and we missed maybe 20 seconds of the movie, no biggie. After the movie ended, the "manager" or whoever it was says, "We're sorry for the inconvenience earlier in the show. We will be giving all of you free movie passes for this mishap" or something to that nature. Joe and I was stoaked! We were so glad we decided to there. And now we have a free pair of tickets that don't expire till next year. So It was a good night. I think it was we both needed then since what had happened earlier that day. So the movie was great. I'm putting a reserve on book 7 at my local HEB for the 21st. I'll have to get someone to pick it up for me since i'll be in the hospital...hopefully. So i'm excited about that!


Thanks everyone for your support. I saw my dr. today and I guess what the hospital told us, with blaming Dr. Cerny, was a lie. Actually, the hospital was too full and had to bump me off. THey called both of us and let us know. Dr. Cerny had nothing to do with it. So I apologize for dissing her when it wasn't her fault. I think it had finally hit me this morning of everything since I was half asleep when Joe told me the sad I jsut had to say that...

And then the tunnel collapsed...

Well, I have to apologize for faking ya'll out about having this baby today. We too were faked. An hour before going to the hospital, it's manditory to call the hospital to make sure there are available spots in the hospital and that everything is in the clear. So we did. Initially, they told us there weren't beds ready yet until 7 or 7:30 so they'd call us back. Around 6, they called back and informed us that my doctor was too full and couldn't see us anymore today and that we'd have to revert back to inducing on Friday. Not good news, not good news at all. Joe had talked to them and as I heard Joe's voice become disppointed, I knew it wasn't going to happen today. And after this whole pregnancy, should I be surprised? I kind of just knew in the back of my mind that something wrong would happen today or it wouldn't work out. I just don't understand why my Dr. didn't listen to me earlier when I wanted to induce earlier. So since it was schedule so late, the date is so late and now i'll have the baby the 20th and then Joe goes to school on the 23rd. It's just a whole big disappointment. I know there are alot of you out there who LOVE Dr. Cerny but I don't at all. I regret switching to her. Maybe I had too high of expectations with her from everyone bragging about how wonderful she is. I think it'll just be really frustrating and disappointing if I induce this baby and she's too big and i'll have to have a C-section, which I told the Dr. that is a common reoccurance in my family and didn't want that to happen. So i'm just praying that doesn't or i'll be really mad. So call this my venting session or whatever but I need it cause the end of this pregnancy has just been too emotionally draining for me to handle. And Joe is just as frustrated. I just need to learn some patience...I think that's what the Lords trying to teach me in this trial so i'm trying to have a good attitude about this. It's just hard when everything that could go wrong, does. So I honestly don't know when I will have the good news of having the baby so you'll just have to wait like me :)

A light at the end of the tunnel

So I was going to post a picture of me post-due date but I really didn't want to have any memory of me being this big and I don't want anyone to really see me like this...I even contemplated not going to church yesterday since I am now in a state of hibernation. For some reason, I just don't want to see alot of people. But anyways, it's only going to be words for this update.

I guess I"ll start from the beginning. Last Tuesday, the doctor stripped my membrane, hoping i'd go into labor the following day or two. Yet such was not the case. I was then informed to call the doctors on Thursday to have them schedule to induce sometime next week. At that time, the next available day to induce was Friday the 20th...which, back on Thursday, was so far away. I was a little frustrated. No actually I was devistated! That was soo far away and the thought of having this baby inside me for that long made me sick (I should mention that i've lost trust in my body to have this baby on its own so that wasn't even an option anymore) Yet the nurse then mentioned that they put me on the waiting list for Tuesday as well. So I was left with those options, unless miraculously I had the baby on my own. So Saturday night comes around. For the past couple of days, I had noticed that the baby hadn't been moving as much as she did before. She has been all over the place for majority of the pregnancy but then she's stopped. I would have to poke her to see if she was still alive. So I called the doctor and they said to go to the hospital so they can monitor the baby for 30 minutes or so.

So we headed to Methodists and did that and all the admissions stuff. Luckily, after it all, the baby is fine and said I could go home. They then asked if i'm scheduled to induce or just pretty much, when would be the next time they'd see me. I said that my Dr. called last Thursday to schedule and the next available date was the 20th. But then I mentioned that I was on the waiting list for Tuesday. The nurse then says that she'll check the list for Tuesday, see if i've been bumped up thus far. She comes back and says that i'm already scheduled for Tuesday and to come in at 6 am. To Joe and I, that was the best news! That was so much better than Friday! I should mention that Joe starts school on the 23rd so we've been hoping this whole time that she'd come early so he'd be able to help and have baby time. So Tuesday so was nice to hear. So as of right now, I'll have the baby tomorrow!!

It's so weird that now since it's here, i'm a little nervous. Obviously i'm excited but it's a surgical procedure and there is that chance something could go wrong. But I feel like everything will go fine. So unless it comes before tomorrow morning...which is doubtful, very doubtful, Jaime will win the bet. Jaime, you have a knack for these things, i've noticed. How did you know? And for those who think I picked dates to have the baby, don't worry, I didn't. You all know how nurses and hospitals work. Patients are always the last to know things! So I won't congratulate just yet until the baby is actually in my arms! Hopefully next time I blog, i'll have pictures of my new lil' baby, Kate Olivia Zimmerman :)

We're all just pooped


Emma saying, Cheese!

We're all just pooped...literally.
This afternoon, I took a nap while Emma slept. I guess I was just so tired that I didn't hear her wake up. I don't know where Joe was at and if he even heard her either. But whatever the case, I eventually did wake up and turned on the video monitor that we have set up in her room. To me, she was quietly sitting in the corner of bed, talking to her animals. I ask Joe to go get her...since he was closer :) I watch as he comes into the room and just stands next to her bed, looking at her. I didn't quite hear what he said to her but all of the sudden, he grabs her arms, making sure he doesn't touch her and quickly runs into the bathroom. Ok that's not a usual thing for either one of them to do. Emma usually jumps out of bed herself and runs out of the room or Joe picks her up and puts her on his hip or something. So I get up and ask Joe what was going on. He's got Emma sitting next to the sink, washing her off. Then he says, "She took off her diaper and was playing with her poop!" What the heck? I started laughing, "what?" I walk into Emma's room and a whiff of poo hits me. It was the sickest smell ever! I look at where she was sitting,..poop everywhere!! There was poop smeared on her bed and sheets, wall, window sill, stuffed animals, blankets...everything she sleeps with! Along with the smears were pebble poops. And later, as I was clearing out poop products, I found a huge ball of poop hidden under her blanket...LOL just me typing this is making me laugh really hard. And I hate to be descriptive but it has a better effect on the story. You just gotta love kids right? So Joe got all the poop residue off her and put her into the tub and she got a bath. Her room got a bath as well. We cleared out everything and deep cleaned the whole premises. As you can see from above, Emma is quite proud of her work. That was taken after everything was cleaned. I wasn't going to take pictures of the actual poop scene...I didn't htink anyone of you would appreciate the grossness of it all. But I had to share that story since it was her first exploritve voyage into the unknown...the diaper! Sadly, I might regret this later but my mom informed me that I did the exact same thing when I was her age...I even was curious enough to eat it...:( gross I know. Luckily Emma didn't go that far. But it just means that Emma is getting older! It's so weird!

Here are some pictures of Emma and her baby. We're getting her ready for her sister...whenever she decides to come.

Emma giving her a hug


Emma giving her a kiss


Emma giving her another hug but looks like she's breastfeeding or something...

Emma pointing out her facial features to me.

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Elephants on Parade


Well, like Jaime, I am a sucker for a great the one I went to at Baby Gap. This adorable little swimsuit was only $7 so I got it. I know, I know, I already got a swimsuit for Emma this year. Well, I was starting to get bugged about the other one. I didn't like how it tied up at her neck because I know it was hurting her and it had shrunk so it looked too small. So when I saw this one, so cheap and so cute, I had to get it! Plus, Emma has been loving Elephants lately. She will do an elephant noise for hours if we didn't say anything else to her.


I got her all ready to go! On monday, we went to Sea World to the water park. We were in that part for not that long. Emma gets really bored and starts to run away and explore. So we hit the Viva show there. It's a really cool show. They have dolphins and boluga whales with jumpers that are all over the place. It's really cool. It was a fun morning but of course, HOT!

So I will post ya'll on what's going on with my huge body. So I had an appointment with my doctor on Tuesday morning. I was a 2 cm and 75% effaced. But before she checked me, she asked if I'd be interested in inducing. Of course! I induced with Emma and total labor time was less than 6 hours. So she talked about that but then also brought up stripping my membrane, which would result in quickening the time, possibly having the baby 24-48 hours later. Sadly, Joe wasn't with me to discuss what to do. yet I knew we both just wanted to get this baby out asap so I agreed to have her strip my membrane...but onlyi after she explained exactly what she'd do...which after it all, wasnt' as bad as I thought it'd be. So she told me that mostly likely I'll go into labor 24-48 hours later but if I haven''t gone into labor by Thursday, to call and schedule to induce for next week. So now i'm still just waiting. I've had more and stronger contractions than before she stripped me ( sounds funny, I know) but nothing consistant really so I feel that maybe it won't work with me. So that's what's going on with me now...I hate this! I got all excited yesterday, thinking that she'd come already but it's just a lost cause and I just have to wait...oh well. I know eventually she has to come out but I want it soon or else she'll be too big to come and i'll have to do a c-section, which isn't not a comforting idea...but I might die before than so i'll miss you all

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New Rule for Bet

Jaime brought up a good point. You have to bet a date and time to make it more interesting :)

Whale Sighting!

Could I get any bigger? Seriously!


So my excitement of having this baby decreases as each day passes. I wish I could induce and get this girl out! I'm just too huge to do anything. I lay about the house like a whale. I am no help to anyone, especially JOe. Thank goodness he's not doing anything right now. So he's been such a great help with Emma and cooking. Ok i'm not totally useless. I still can do things, like get out of bed, take care of Emma, feed her, I occasionally make dinner. That's a start right?

So I'm starting a bet on when this girl is going to come. Please, everyone, bet on a date. I'm curious to see when you think she's coming. My due date is the 13th, just to give you some help...but I want everyone to bet! The one closest to the date wins a prize...and i'll think of something really good, don't worry! So cast in your bets and when the fateful day comes, i'll let you know who won!
PS i'm really sad she didn't come yesterday. I wanted her birthday to be 7.7.07 :(

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And the Winner is...

So thank you all for your input on the sling matter. I was glad to see that there was a favorite amoung you which made it easier for me to choose. #2 was the most popular one but also, the cheapest!! It was the one on sale for $20 and I also had a promo code for $5 off so with shipping, it was $21. Not bad for a great sling. If anyone is interested in getting one, the promo code is "coolmom". Anyways, I ordered it last night so hopefully it'll come before the baby comes. I'm just glad that I don't have to worry about it. Some of you also mentioned that a black one would be nice and I agree. I'm looking for a good priced black one since they don't have one available at A black one would be nice for a bit more dressed up occasions or something...or so I have a brown and black one :) but anyways, today we're introducing Emma to her toddler bed...kind of scary/ sad for me. I think it's worse than letting her cry to fall asleep alone around 4 months...cause now she's aware and can move around. She was crying for a bit and I hate listening to her sad cries. But Joe and I feel, if we took a few days to do it, it wouldn't be long and plus, since Joe isn't in school and doing nothing right now, it would be more helpful for me than to do it later alone cause who knows if I'd stick with it :) So after 45 minutes of cries and sorrows and talking, there was silence and I think she's now asleep. I want to peek in there but I don't want to ruin anything! I was so stupid and didn't install our video monitor we just got to see what she's doing but we will after she gets up. I'm curious to see where she ended up falling asleep or if she figured out that the bed is where she we shall see. So Anyways, i'll keep you posted on that and also any new changes on the baby. Alright, peace out!

Which one should I pick?!

i've been browsing around online, looking for great prices on baby slings. I want one sooo bad!! I've checked ebay but so uncertain of the non-brand slings and the name brand slings end up being the same price or more so i've just been checking out, and They all seem the same. I do like how Peanut Shells look, which are found at But they are much more. So i've been looking into and they have some cute slings and are a bit cheaper and some cute ones on sale. So my favor for all you, tell me which sling you like the best. Here are the nominees:

This is #1

This is #2

This is #3

So tell me your vote. I really want to you know opinion. I'd like use this and I keep trying to pretend like if I have a boy later, I can use it too...but maybe by then I can buy another let me know...and on a different note...

Now i'll post the latest update on what happened at the doctors today. Everything looks great. I'm actually `1 1/2 cm dialated and 50% effaced! Joe and I had a bet going on what i'd be. He thought I'd be at a zero, no progression. I was hoping for some sort of opening...So I was really excited about that. And last night, for like 2 hours, i was awaken to some contractions...not fun. Especially when my mind goes off on what I needed to do, who I needed to call, what I needed to pack etc etc. LUckily it didn't progress and they stopped but I was going crazy inside my mind if it was happeneing!
So my doctor said that with those numbers, it should be happening pretty soon. When she said that, I was sooo excited. I didn't think i'd be this excited with it being my second. Yet Joe has taken the BOards!! Ya!! So we don't have to worry about that and he starts school on the now I guess the sooner the better. So we shall see what happens...But Joe feels pretty confident about the boards and we're both just relieved that it's over with. Now we get to do fun stuff around the house, like deep clean the's been awhile! And rearrange Emma's room cause she's now getting into her drawers from her hopefully we can get lots done before she (#2) decides to come. So that's my exciting news....
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