Salt Lake City Temple + Giveaway

Isn't this a beautiful building?  This is an LDS Temple.  Go here to learn more about them and why I love them so much.
I was able to take this picture on one of the many times I visited UT and my family.  I love this place.  It is a place of peace and truth amidst this crazy, chaotic world.

Anyways, I just posted this up in my etsy shop.  You can buy your own digital image but you can have a chance to win your own digital copy here!

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Winner will be announced next Friday morning.

LOVE sign with Maggie Holmes Flea Market Collection

Our Sept. sponsor is American Crafts...YUM.
I just about died combing through Maggie Holmes Flea Market Collection.  It was so hard to create anything.  It was too pretty!
But this was the perfect color combo for my girl's room.  Lots of pinks and blues in there.  I had this yellow frame on hand and it went perfect.

I love the embellishments that made it so easy to make this.

Emma & Kate need lots of reminders to have LOVE with one another.

Frame Redo

 Another week has past with the Craftwell DT.  Here's the latest creation using Teresa Collins materials.

As you enter my home, this is the first thing you see.  I love this little shelf.  It's a perfect place for something to draw you in.  I thought this would be a perfect place for this frame.

I like that it throws some color into my home, which is drastically needs!

Back to School Teacher Gift

One of the many things I look forward to with Back to School is figuring out what to give the teachers as a gift.  My love of Mason Jars always makes me think of things to do with them.
My first thought was cookies but then I didn't want to make them. ;)
But I had an easy brownie mix in the pantry that I could whip up really quick.  So brownies it was!

I was motivated to make these due to being on the Craftwell DT.  But i'm glad I was because I really love how they turned out.  My stuff never looks this good!

"Looking forward to earning 'Brownie Points" this year!"
Super simple and so cute.

I embellished it like crazy cause I love me some sequins.  I also make those fun flowers out of the TS paper.  It was the perfect touch.  Then I topped it with it too.

Speaking of brownies, i'm going to go eat some :)

A card.

So I haven't blogged about this but I'm on the DT for Craftwell again.  I was on it last year but took a break for Jake and moving.  It's nice to take a break from requried duties and make something fun.

This is what I've made this past week and you can see more of it over on the Craftwell Blog.  Lots of fun ideas over there.  This month, we are teaming up with Teresa Collins and her embossing folders that she has exclusively made for the Ebosser.  She even has her own exclusive ebosser machine.  It's pretty awesome.  Hopefully I can showcase what i've made each week here.


On Saturday, for Joe's birthday, we went fishing at a lake about 30 minutes from our house.  It took us a while to get there but we eventually made it and had about an hour to fish.  The kids were excited to go fishing until we got there and they saw what fishing was.  They were more interested in the bait than following through :)

Jake was either on the dirt or in my arms the whole time.  (more of the latter)...especially when he explores anywhere he wants, lake included!  So if I had to walk to the van or the bathrooms, Jake came with me.  Our car wasn't close either.  So pretty much the whole time, I was walking back and forth with Jake in my arms.  I counted that as my workout for the day!  Sheesh, that kid is huge.

Luke found my camera and took some cool pictures.

Live crickets!

Fun to go a family.  From now on, Joe will be going solo!

Attitude of Gratitude

So most of you probably know this idea from Stephanie Nielson's blog, the Back to School Feast.  Ever since I read about it way back when, I have been wanting to add that to my own family traditions.

So tonight I finally did it.  It wasn't as long or formal as I thought it would be.  It was actually pretty simple an short...well, except Emma....bless her heart.  (she did this on her own...)

I let the kids choose the meal.  They chose French toast, sausages, & strawberries.  Ok, deal.  I can't say now to that.

Our theme we'll be focused on this year is "Attitude of Gratitude".  This idea was from a relief society lesson a few weeks ago.  I thought that would be a great idea to drill into the kids since they are always complaining and whining about things.  So this is our year theme.  This is what we'll be focusing on this school year, which starts tomorrow (!?)

To make it extra special, I made some crowns for them to wear.  It was my first attempt and there still needs to be some tweaking but overall, I thought they turned out cute.  (no, I didn't just randomly decide to make these.  I had a hidden agenda.  I'm part of the Craftwell Design Team for the next 3 months so this is one of my projects.  2 birds with one stone.)

After dinner, the kids got showered and ready for bed.  Then Joe gave them each a Father's Blessing.  I love when they get them.  I always peek to watch their faces.  Their little faces are  just glowing with love and happiness to hear their dad talk to them with such love and guidance.

I just still can't believe they're going to school tomorrow?!  Way too fast...

I'm excited and nervous about this school year.  Being new, I don't know what to expect with the school they are attending.  The school district has a lot of things (mainly negative) that we're left with and have to deal with.  Supposedly next year, it'll be different and things will change.  So I'm hoping to just be an active part in both their classrooms.  Things will definitely fall into a routine around here, with both my girls gone all day long.  That is going to be weird and hard for me.  I am going to miss them!

I guess now i'll have more time to catch up on this blog since I'm WAY behind....

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