DIY Book Wreath..for only .45 cents!

What you say?  Another book wreath?  yep.
I just had to do it.  It's a little different so I feel justified in it.
and how could I not share how to make this?  it's just too cute.

And let me break down the cost for you.
old paperback book: .25 cents from Sal's (that's short for salvation army...I just made that  up)
Circle wreath: .20 cents from Sal's...You definitely want to take advantage of their 50% off day!

So grab your glue gun and let's get to work.

Try to find a book with old-looking pages....and one that no one would ever ever ever read.  Yes, that means you, Tiger Shark.
Rip out a page.

Next, rip that in half.

Use your finger..or a battery? to wrap the square page around.

Now grab the paper.

Flatten it on the table.

Put hot glue on the flat side of the paper.

Then wedge and stick that paper on the wreath and hold briefly.

Now repeat those first few steps  until the wreath is covered to your liking :)

Half way done!

Also, if you want a ribbon attached to it, do this before you finish so it can be easily placed.
I just wrapped the ribbon around a small piece of wood and hot glued it.

Almost done!

Whala.  Not too shabby for .45 cents!

Have you jumped on the book wreath wagon too?

I'll be linking this to THESE parties &
DIY Club

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