book puff ball tutorial.

I'm doing a craft fair next week and wanted to make some fun new things to sell.
Of course i'm making wreaths, and other things, which I'll be highlighting this week,
but I had to show you my latest creation:
the Book Puff Ball.

And i'm going to show you how to make them...unless you are in the Wenatchee, WA area and want to just buy one from me, then that's cool too.

Book to rip up
Styrofoam Ball
Twine or sting
(I got all these balls for $1 at Sal's..score)

This baby is created exactly like my Book Wreath except you are gluing to a ball instead of a wreath :)

If you want it to hang, I tied twine around a pin,

Then I put some hot glue on the ball then stick the pin in the glue.

Then hang it up somewhere and admire...sigh, love how it turned how.

And look!  the balls had babies!  Little book puff balls!
These little guys fit in the palm of my hand.
I used the smaller size styrofoam balls and ripped the pages into rip in half and then rip in half again!  So cute in a bowl or something, eh?

I love how these turned out!

I'm linking these HERE!
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