I don't want no sloppy seconds!

So not too much happened today. It was really hot outside so we took Emma swimming. I am slowly getting some sun, so I don't look too much like Casper now.
Later, we went to the grocery store to get some items. We decided to get some Sherbet Ice Cream, try something new. We get home and Joe is so excited to try some. I'm sitting in the Family Room with Emma hanging out. I hear Joe say, "Are you serious?!"
Confused, i'm like, "What is going on?"
"There are already bites taken in the ice cream!"
"What, are you kidding me?"
"No, come and see!"
So I went and saw that he was correct. He had taken off the lid and found it like this:

So we are still trying to figure out how it ended up on the shelves. We're thinking that some workers got hungry and took some bites? It's really bizarre. (FYI we bought is at HEB at Babcock)

So Joe will be leaving shortly to return it to the store and either get something new or get our money back. But some advice for all you Ice Cream lovers...check the tub before you buy! I am really going to start taking the lid off and making sure i'm not getting sloppy seconds!

SO ok something interesting did happen today...or in the week even. It's been kind of a lazy sort of week. Well I should mention that we did venture up to Houston to the temple. Joe's brother took his Endowments out because he's leaving on his mission real soon. So another brother of Joe's watched Emma while we did the session. It was so nice to go! I don't want to say how long it's been since we both have gone. And Emma did well with Stephen, which I was glad cause like with Nursery, she hasn't been doing so well but that's another story all together!
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Getting bigger!

Well i'm hanging in there! I'm now 32 weeks pregnant.

I'm tired, restless, anxious, overwhelmed and just want time to go by really slow. I feel I have many things I need to get done before this second baby comes! So I've been trying really hard to manage my time well. Joe is done with his second year of Dental school so it's been really nice for him to be home to play with Emma and help around the house. I might say he does ALOT around the house since i've become a bit more exhausted. Does it help that we're on the 3rd floor of our apartment complex? Hmmm that's a mystery...Emma is so energetic and all over the place! She's saying more words but she's entering that complex stage of frustrated emotions so there's lots of tantrums! I wish her vocabulary mirrored my own, then we wouldn't have problems but it doesn't work out that way. So i'm trying to be more patient and understanding. I think my stack of pictures to scrapbook is shrinking and I could get them done before so that's my goal. I'm pretty much done with baby annoucements as well so i'm happy about that. Anyone who wants one, let me know or send me your address!
I'm nervous for the 2nd one to come though, for myself and Emma.
I found this picture of her at 12 months...should I be worried? I have nightmares of finding Emma doing this to my newborn baby! I really think this picture is hilarious. I got the doll as a way for her to get familiar with babies and look where it took her?
Well I know it'll all be well. I just have to take one day..or one hour... at a time. But overall, i'm really excited to start this new journey with Joe and Emma. For some reason, i'm looking forward to all the chaos that family lives has. It keeps me busy and my mind off the silly things in life.

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Beach Bum!

It's always a good day in Texas now for swimming! So a few days ago, we all went down to the pool and soaked up the sun. The pool, however, was a bit cold! So the whole time, we were just trying to get used to the water. But luckily I did have my camera! Emma just had fun stepping in and out and around the pool. So I had to post these of my lil' swimmer. I love her swimsuit too! I just got that a few weeks ago in anticipation for the hot weather...and my friends, it is HOT down here. I can't stand it! It doesn't help that i'm 32 weeks pregnant either. So I mostly stay inside now. That may sound bad but i'm not getting dehydrated this time!! PS I just had to say a few more things that are unrelated to this. First off, Gilmore Girls is finished!! :( I was so sad on Tuesday when it was the last episode. I admit, I was bawling! And Second, anyone else see The Office season finale?! Holy crap! I again had tears at the end of the show, just so excited on how it ended. There better not be some sick twist on Jim and Pam. I'll be so sad! Ok that is all :)

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Fondue Fun and a very Happy Mother's Day to me!

Fondue Fun
First i'll start with the Fondue since it all happened Saturday night. Another "8 crazy nights" occured at my apartment. We made 4 different kinds of chocolate Fondue: Milk, Semi-sweet, Chocolate Caramel & Chocolate Marshmallow. They were so yummy. Everyone brought something to dip into the fondues so we had a huge variety of foods, all very yummy.

L to R: Emily, Christine, Michellie, Jaime, Me, Hillery, Jill, Jamie & Jami.
We all sat down and pigged out! I don't know how long we were sitting there for. I swear after so long, I wasn't even hungry but it just being infront of me, I kept eating. So we took a break and played "Faces." I don't know if any of you have played it but it is the funnest game ever! The whole game is based on first impressions from pictures and basically the more judgemental you are, the better you are at playing. We all got into pairs and played. Jaime and I won! So that tells you something...no you just have to play and see what I mean cause it's just hilarious! Afterwards, we went back over to the fondue and ate some more. And as always, our conversations have a wide range of topics. I won't go into detail but if you can think it, we talked about it. It was such a fun night. Our last and final Crazy NIght will be tonight. We'll be watching "The Best of Will Ferrell" at Jami Black's apartment theatre. It'll be really funny! We all love Will Ferrell. I'll have plenty of pictures for that.

Mother's Day

So I love Mother's Day. Joe is so good at making sure I do nothing. So i'll walk everyone through my Mother's Day.
It all started Saturday. There was a Stake Relief Society activity in the morning that I attended (Melissa, where were you? Working?...you are a workaholic! jk). When I came home, to my surprise, there was a bouquet of flowers on the counter.

I was really happy and excited, having no idea that Joe was going to get those for me. So i'm walking around the apartment, trying to find him and thank him and to my surprise, he's in our "office." I catch him going through my paper and ribbon and all sorts of stuff, putting together a handmade card! Ok so if any of you know my husband really well, you know that he's sooo anti-scrapbook and craft. So for him to be making me a handmade card is just...i'm just speechless. Him doing that for me is the sweetest thing he could ever do! I was so happy. I had to shut the door cause he was "in the zone" but I just sat there, thinking how wonderful a husband I have. I love him soooo much and am so grateful for all that he does for me everyday. And I can't forget what an awesome Dad he is to Emma. I'm so lucky to have him!

"The Card"

So I don't get the card till Sunday morning but for someone who has done nothing associated with paper crafts, I think he did a pretty good job. I really like it!
So yesterday I was able to sleep in and had a nice relaxing morning. Our church isn't until 1 so we had a lot of time to just relax. Joe then made our favorite dinner and it was delicious. It was such a good day. Again, I love my Joe so much and grateful for him!!

Pizookie Night!

Well I accidentally skipped one of our 8 crazy nights!! Let me first
explain what we did. We made Pizookies...the proper definition of Pizookie is a large cookie baked in a pie pan until slightly cooked, topped with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, caramel and whip cream. Serve immediately. Well so that's what we did! It was a week ago on Thursday, May 3rd. I think just having my Dad in town made me forget to post this night. But it was so fun and I had to post it!!We made them all by ourselves and they were divine!! Just absolutely delicious! So we did that and ate them up, yum. Afterwards, it being a Thursday night, watched The Office which was on earlier that night. Hilarious as always!

So we're coming to the close of our "8 Crazy Nights"...which is really sad! I am going to miss my friends so much. I have had the best time with them here. Luckily a special few will still be here to play but i'm losing some great friends here. THank goodness for easy communication like emails and IMs! I"m going to have to make a tribute to them the last Crazy NIght.

Spa / Smoothie / Surprise Shower NIght

Well another day of our "8 Crazy Nights" went down on Monday. It was really fun! We originally had planned just a Spa/ Smoothie night but one of our good friends, who will be moving, is expecting, having a little girl. So we decided to throw a surprise shower too. So it was really yummy. There was lots of yummy stuff to eat and of course, our smoothies...but actually they were slushies really. But still really good. We ate, soaked our feet then we scrubed and treated them...it felt sooo good! After that, we played some fun games. I won one of them so that was exciting. Then we got to open the presents!! She got some really cute stuff and we're excited for her since she's had 3 boys (1 set of twins!!) so she's finally having a girl:) Here are some exciting pictures of that night.

Here's Courtney and Bobbi--who is the girl we threw the shower for.

Here's Julie, Jamie and Courtney.

Here's me and my big self sipping a Fuzzy Navel
Yummy FOOD!!!
Jami, Julie, Christine and Bobbi relaxing.

Baby Shower for Hillery

Hillery's having a girl! We are so excited for you! I had alot of fun planning this shower for her. She totally deserves it! The theme of the party was a Polka Dot Party! I was pretty proud of how this invitation turned out. I think this is my best creation yet!

I got a ball design cake for the "dot" and yummy "dot" food, like cupcakes and fruit pizza. We also make chocolate-covered pretzel rods with sprinkles. The food was yummy!

We decorated with large circles, it turned out so cute.
We played fun games too, I am a sucker for games.
Hillery and her gifts. She got such cute stuff!

Here's the hostess's and Hillery:
Jaime, Jami, Hillery, Me, & Jamie!
I'm so excited for HIllery! Yeah for babies!

Grandpa in Town!

Grandpa's Here!
My Dad was able to come visit us for a few day this past weekend. It was so fun and nice to have in here! Emma, at first, was a little nervous but 10 minutes later, was hooked! He came in Friday morning and we visited. He took care of my apartment and changed the oil in my car. Once Joe got home, we planned what to do for Saturday and then we went to go eat at Red Robin. Yummy! That was delicious. We then rented Cars, since my Dad hadn't seen it yet! So we got home and watched it. I think my Dad was probably asleep 1/2 the time but it is always a
favorite movie of mine!

Here are some cute shots of Emma and Grandpa. THey were singing the ABC song with the dog.

Here's Emma in her favorite garbage can. We pick her up while she's inside the can so we just transfer her everywhere. She laughs the whole time.

Saturday, we went to the Natural Bridge Caverns. It was a pretty cool place. We walked underground in these awesome caves. One room was as big as a football field! Emma, surprisingly was really good through the whole thing since it was about 75 minutes long. It was 75 degrees under there with 99% humidity, geez it was wet down there...

There was this awesome scorpian inside the visitor's center! It was so still and frozen, we thought it was a fake. Then my dad tapped it with his foot and it squirmed all over the place. So then my dad just killed it. But scary huh? Emma or some other kid could have just found it and picked it up! So luckily that didn't happen.

After we got done with the Caverns, we got home and rested until later afternoon, when we went to Christine's BBQ, which is one of the "8 crazy nights" activities. It involved everyone's family but we were just trying to fill days so it would be 8. It was lots of fun. We had yummy hamburgers and hotdogs. Emma played in the back yard the whole time. She was having fun sliding down their play system they had there. Here are some shots of her playing...She is just so adorable :)

8 Crazy Nights have begun!

Hooters, Hooters, Hooters, Hooters!

So let me just first explain why a group of girls like us went to a place like Hooters. It all goes back a few weeks ago. Most of my best friends in the ward are moving next month and we were all sad about it. We then brewed up an idea of "8 crazy nights." We've made a list of 8 events in the next 2 weeks that we're all doing as a last hooray before like 1/2 our ward moves on to bigger and better things. So our first night of our "8 crazy nights" was going to Hooters. We all wanted to go there to see what all the fuss was about. So it was really fun!

This is Jami, Hillery, Amber and Jamie. Some of my good friends here in SA.

And then Jaime, Me and Jill. Yes, I'm wearing a bib :) Can't be too careful with wings and ranch!!

Some proof that we were in Hooters, SA TX!

And last but certainly not least, our own lil' owlette, Jami, decided to put matters into her own hands and do something about her "problem." So last night, as a rite of passage into Hooters, she used socks to help "build and lift" her confidence. It was the funniest thing I had ever seen! And of course she was glowing, walking into Hooters with a chest like that!
Jami, we love you! We all had a "hooterific" time! ( I had to say that phrase!!)

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