one of the annoying things about moving into a new home is adjusting to the new layout of each room.
you have to rearrange furniture...and then rearrange again.

BUT the new rental we moved into has a bar....
we have no stools for it.
I proudly took a picture of the nicely, newly cleaned bar...I love it.

well thank goodness for CSN Stores online.
They have quite the assortment.
i love the adjustable bar stools they have in their site.

All of these are a few of my favorites.  Which one do you like?

Being Featured over at Mandipidy!

Big shout out to Mandy over at Mandipidy for featuring me today!
Head on over there right now! 
She's featuring tutorirals from her readers.
"My Readers Are Crafty!"

luke is becoming a man...

okay, not quite.
but after his first haircut, he sure looks huge!




 and I couldn't resist this little gem.  this girl can always crack me up....positively and negatively...but mostly positively ;)


to sum things up, january stunk.
either the kids or i have been sick.  blah.  i hate being sick. 
i promise I take care of myself!

but alas, what will be, will be.

in other news, here's a picture guide to what we've been up to this month:
lots of peekabo with Luke.
this is his attempts to do it.  he just kills me with how adorably funny he is.  and how great a climber he is too.
Kate had a dental appointment and did great!
I was really proud of her. 
she might kill me later on in life for posting this picture but I again, couldn't resist her adorable half numb face.
another example at his climbing skills. 
I look away for seconds and I find his like this...he seriously doesn't let me take a break when he's awake!
 one saturday was finally warm enough to get out! 
Here's a pic of the back of the house and our backyard.
 we got dressed and headed out! 
LUke was so excited.  he has had a sudden love of the outdoors since we've moved here.  he is always pointing out the window or door.  He's even brought me my shoes.  that kid...
 i love the location of our house.  It's right across the street from a park and the middle school, which had great hills.

 i love this one...

 luke's thinking, "I wish I could walk in the snow like them..."

 at this point, luke had had enough...

 wait...it was at this point...
 and again, i had to post this.  This was just a few days ago.  we were driving back from the Tricities.  joe and I attended Brian Regan while the kids went to our friend's.  On the way back, we went to sonic.  this was the smallest hot dog they had.  Kate ate all but an inch of that thing...she LOVES hot dogs.  haa ha, it's like 1/2 the size of her!

anyone else scared?

wow. i sure am. this is my big project that i am "working" on.
I am finally done with the majority of moving in except this room. This is suppos-ed craft room. which explains why i haven't made or donw anything for a while...and speaking of, I am considering changing my blog to a new name...more to come about that.

Anyone else have scary projects like this that you don't know where to start?
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Was an avid crafter until baby #3 came along and was lost...craftly speaking...trying to find myself as a crafter again :)

My sister is spanking Ellen...

thought I would share this momentous occasion...

ya, that's my sister...

who is my sister? the one spanking Ellen? yep, that's her.


hey just wanted to say thank you to Marni over at Sassy Sites for featuring my Ribbon Holder!
i can now proudly display this:


They did an awesome month-long Operation Organization for January.  You must check it out for some fabulous ideas from readers.

SexyModest Winner

Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway.
Let's get to it :)
Winner is:

which would be

Jazmin said...

I did it. I need clothes!
January 11, 2011 1:23 PM

congrats Jazmin!

I'll be contacting you shortly!

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Impel Clothing

have you heard of Impel Clothing?
well it's about time you got aquainted.
if you love great style, with brilliant quality fabric & comfortable modesty,
Impel Clothing is a great place to start.
Here are a few of my favorites right now:

I could go on and on and on.
I seriously was so happy when I was contacted by them to do a review of their clothing.
otherwise, i wouldn't have known about them.
I was just so excited and grateful for the opportunity to do so.

I was sent this little number in Yellow:
see?  Here I am:
VERY Comfortable.
I loved how it fit and how the neckline fell on me.
I feel the other brands in this style, the neckline is always so high.
but this fit just great. 
The material used is high quality folks.  This isn't going to forms holes anytime soon.
This is what they say about this shirt:

"Complete coverage in all the right places
Super-soft, flexible fit
Quality cotton with breathable spandex

Finally, the ideal solution to fashionable coverage! This cap sleeve tee is finished with narrow trim on the scoop neckline and sleeve, and is a must-have basic to wear under everything from sweaters to sheers."
I couldn't agree more.  I love wearing these under cardigans, low neck shirts, dresses, to layer etc etc etc.

I definitely recommend heading over there and checking out their site.
Like Twitter?  Check out Impel Clothing there.
They also have a Facebook Page!
Tell them The Crafty Clique sent you.
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thank you ladies who made the goal to "pay it forward".  I will get with you shortly for addresses and such.
Whit, will you email me your info?  I can't get a hold of you...

I am excited and nervous...I am one of those people who have to make something awesome or I don't even want to do it.  So lame really.  I know most of you are easy to please and just happy to be getting a present, right? ;)

Well I will be back shortly. 
I have a review coming up for Impel Clothing.
check them out.

pay it forward.

i did this on FB already but I figured if I am already making handmade gifts, why not do a big batch of them?!
So what does this mean?

"I promise to send something handmade

to the first 3 people who leave a comment here.

To be eligible, you must also post this in your blog,

offering the same thing to 3 other people.

The rules are that it must be handmade by you and it

must be sent to your 3 people *sometime* in 2011."

Happy Creating!

PS:  I just joined the Facebook Wagon!  PLease come join me!  Here.

Dollhouse Review

Do you see my girls face?
They were just too excited about what they found in the basement Christmas morning.
the girls have become obsessed with barbies.  Especially those Disney Princesses.
So they needed some place to call "home"

Well I got emailed from CSN Stores to do a review.  I recieved $35 and put it towards this dollhouse.  It's a Savannah Dollhouse by KidKraft.   CSN was also having a killer sale in it too so i only got it for $70.  That is such a great deal!
This dollhouse comes with wooden furniture that fits barbies.

Shipping was really fast too for such a large item.

Christmas Eve, my husband and I got to work to put it together.
it was just too simple.
All the pieces were numbered with the instructions.
All the nails/screws were specifically packaged so there would be no chance to lose them.
The whole thing took maybe 45 minutes.
The material used were super high quality. 
This baby will no break.  It's wood.  It's going no where.

And as you can tell, the girls loved it and have loved it ever since.

I love working with CSN.com.  They make it all so easy.

And don't forget to enter the giveaway going on right now!

christmas break.

making cookies.

 Christmas Eve, we went to Leavenworth and watched a Life Nativity then walked around the main street.
the lights were wonderful.

 our topless christmas tree.  it was free, had one singular stick that was crocked so for our star to work we had to trim it...and then our star broke so we ended up with nothing.  But it was free so no biggie.
 my wonderful wood stove and milk and crumbs.
 note from santa:  Dear Emma & Kate,  Thank you for the yummy cookies, donuts and milk.  ps- I left a surprise for you downstairs under the purple blanket.  It was too big to put under the tree.  -Santa
 Christmas morning.

My SAD attempt to make cake pops.  prrrrrobbably won't make these again.  Too long, too annoying...it probably didn't help they made me kind of sick after eating them...they are tainted.

the week after christmas was a bad blur.  me and kids got sick with some bad chest colds.  plus I got a nasty NASTY flu for a couple of days. Those two combined are horrible.  Try to cough with your whole body aches.  i dare you.
that week, I maybe ate a couple bowls of soup.
my body took a toll from that.  I look in the mirror and can see how sickly I look from it.  It was nice for January to come.
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