DIY magazine holders from Priority Boxes

**Edited 1/15/2014**
This is still the most popular post on my blog!  Crazy!  I am reposting this since it's a goody.  New year and organization is key, right?
Since making this and using it, I have also rotated the box to fit 12x12 paper!  Duh!  I don't know why I didn't think of that in the original post almost three years ago!

**edited 4/3/2013**
Wanted to thank you guys for stopping by, as you view my "most viewed" post!  I've been researching the use of Priority Mail boxes for a couple of years now since I originally posted this and this is what i've found:

Re-using Priority Mail Boxes is illegal when trying to use the box with parcel or media mail shipping.  If you reuse the box and go via Priority Mail is fine.
For already used boxes that aren't going to be used to ship anymore (my own case), personal use is fine.  So for me, I already had these boxes from a previous business that I was doing.  When it stopped, I had all these boxes that I didn't want thrown away.  So I used them to help me organize my magazines.  This type of use is fine.  It's when people turn them inside out or cover them with tape and paper and try to ship cheaper that it's illegal!  Ok now onto the post :)

As i'm organizing my craft space and getting it presentable, I found a dilhema.  What do you do with 5 years worth of Scrapbook magazines?!
I didn't want to throw them out.  They have valuable information inside of them that I frequently refer back to.  So I needed some magazine  holders.  But I wasn't going to pay for them!  They can be expensive when needing 6 or so.  

So instead I did this for free!

During my de-junking process, I found a box of folded up Priority Mail boxes that I had gotten for free from the post office when I  used to sell and ship items.  But I never ended up using them.
So thus my experiment began.

I assembled a Priority Mail box and got my measuring tape and pen and went to work.

So I took one of the corners that would support an "L" look and measured 4 inches up.

Then I rounded the corners to the sides of the box and measured 4 inches too.

Next from the 4" mark, I measured 2 inches and marked it, making sure I made an intersection with the 4" mark and the 2" mark.  Do that on both sides of the box.

Take the diagonal corner from which you've been working on and do the same thing.
After that, it should look like this.  I circled the intersections too.

Take your measuring tape or ruler and line up the two intersections...

Then you connect them!  Do this on both sides.

Next is the cutting part.  I was NOT cutting them in the picture.  It was all for demo purposes.  These babies are sharp so you be very careful!  Cut along the lines around the box.

Now take them apart...

Flip one over and you've got 2 magazine holders!  If  it were 1/4 inch longer, they could have fit 12 x 12 inch paper!  Oh well...

K I'm loving this!  All my magazines neatly in a row.  There's storage in front too for things!

Ideally, I want them on a shelf on the wall but we aren't there yet.  For now, they are on the shelf in the closet.  I will also paint or modge podge them pretty when I do that.  My OCD side of my brain kept telling me to do that right now but I am FINE with them for now...I need to keep telling myself that!  ha haa.

I hope this helps you get tidy today!
You can order those Priority Boxes for free over at
So how do you store magazine or other items that you have a TON of?

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