We are really out of it...

We are really desperate for some entertainment around here. With a newborn during Flu Season, it doesn't allow to you go to too many places that you are used to going, like the Grocery Store, Park or even Church....probably the germiest place ever for newborns.

So we finally carved some pumpkins...in the middle of November. We just never got around to it before and we still had the pumpkins sitting around so we thought, what the heck, why not?
They had lots of fun cleaning them out and drawing the faces.

Next we hit the road to Mt. Charleston to check out the leaves....We got all dressed up since it's starting to get chilly these days.
Our naive minds thought that the mountains would be a bit colder than the valley and that the leaves would be falling around this time....
Um not quite. I think the leaf phase passed a few months ago. We are talking full on snow at this point. Luckily the girls had their big coats on. We left Luke in the van and let the girls "play" in the snow, meaning walk around for 15 minutes. Joe and I were not prepared as well as we'd like to have been. So we wanted to keep it short because it was cold!

But the girls had fun playing in the snow :) And it was nice to just get out of the house! I really am suffering from cabin fever...
My friend Celeste makes adorable hair accessories for girls and now for boys! How cute is this hat? I love it and had to take some pics with him in it. Thanks again Celeste!! You must check out her STUFF.

So ya, we are a little out of it. Can you blame us? Being stuck in the house for fear of catching the flu is a good excuse. And I am behind a week. This past week, we had more projects and I had some fun with friends.

Yes, I saw New Moon.

Yes, I loved it and want to see it again. I am still Team Edward but this movie had me seriously doubting...isn't Edward supposed to be hotter than Jacob? So not the case in this movie!

Thanks Stephanie and Erin for the fun movie rendezvous. And I don't know why a picture wasn't taken. I had even brought mine for that reason and I forgot...I always do that!

But it was so nice to get out and have a short break. Joe was such a trooper watching all 3 kids. I really appreciated him doing that so I could indulge in my guilty pleasure.

My battery is dead in my camera but I have pics of some of our various activities this past week that I will upload later.

2 weeks of life.

By now, Luke is almost 3 weeks old. But these pics are of him being 2 weeks old.
With the girls back home, things have really become chaotic around here. That with no sleep, we don't do a whole lot around here. Also, with the whole H1N1 attack on society, getting out of the house is the last thing I want to do. So I am experiencing some cabin fever. But it's totally worth it!

Luke had some mild jaundice and told us to give him some sun baths. Joe made some tanning goggles for him...lol pretty funny.
Kate loves "ruke" and constantly asks to say hi to him and hold him. She will just come up to him and snuggle. She's seriously a sweetheart.
Here's the gang the night they came back from UT. Jenny & Aaron were troopers for driving them 6 hours with my kids. But they did awesome. We were so glad to have them home!
Emma loves to sing songs to Luke, like "Child of God" & "Little Seeds" and other primary songs. Emma is such a great big sister. She becomes very concerned when he starts crying and consoles him. I love my girls.

I managed to take these on Veterans day. He is seriously the most adorable baby boy that i've ever seen in. my. life. I love this kid....(however, not loving the sleep schedule that he is on )

Let's Rewind...

So let's go back in time for a second. There are things that I haven't placed in history that I want to so this post is for that.

Emma has been quite the Da Vinci lately. She loves to draw! Here is some of her work. These are princess's. Don't you love them?! I love to see how she sees the world. I especially love the circle puffy sleeves that she's put on the dresses. Oh seriously, I love this girl...

Another reason I love this girl?
That's my girl...
Ya that was a surprising phone call. I definitely was surprised by her behavior and maybe i'm being protective of my child but Emma only acts out after being provoked so I think something else happened that the teacher didn't see.
And there were something other smaller behaviors that she was doing that kind of tipped off that she wasn't ready for pre-preschool so after this mishap, we pulled her out. Luckily I was paying monthly for this so she was in it for a month. She had fun but I think I will do this again next year and she'll be much more ready for appropriete behavior during play time.

My girls being silly, doing their "funny faces". I love them.

And here's my little cherubim having fun on the potty.

So these are kind of fun. On Craigslist, I was lucky to find a local photographer that was looking to build her portfolio so she was doing free maternity photo sessions. So I jumped on it! Her name is Chelsy and her website is Cardin Creative. I thought she did an excellent job, and for free? You can't go wrong. Plus, she was over at my home yesterday taking a free newborn photo session of LUke and should be getting those within the week! Can't wait to see them :)
These were from her facebook account. And I was also able to pick 2 pics for a free 8x10 and 5x7 print. Not too shabby :)

Now onto another talented photographer. When I went to that craft fair back in October, I met Kelly Gettys. She is a up and coming photographer herself and asked if she could take pics of me and the family to build her portfolio. Her website is called Captured by Kelly. It's under construction right now. So if you live in LAs Vegas, check her out as well! They turned out so great and I love the family pics too. Thanks Kelly!

I really like this one minus my double chin...dun dun dun

These all turned out great. I was really happy that I found some great people who were so generous to my family and I. Thank you ladies!!

I have more pics of Luke coming soon. I know you are dying ;)


So how you do you get ahold of someone who won without any contact information?


The winner of the pouch has not contacted me yet. Should I redraw a winner?

Luke at 5 days old

Lots of sleeping, eating and sleeping around here.

But I can't get enough of this little guy. I can't stop kissing his super soft face. I just want to cuddle with him all day.

Luckily Joe is home to help with the house. I am healing quickly but I am still hurting so i'm just taking it easy. The girls are having a blast in UT. It really helps that they are over there for this transition. But I miss them so much. Life is so boring with out kids. I can't wait for them to meet their little brother.

I took these today. I have many other picture ideas in mind for this guy but I wanted to try these out. Again, I love this little boy to pieces and love all of these pictures :)

These were taken yesterday so he's really 4 days old in these :)

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