Blogger steps up!

Something I always found annoying was those programs like bloglines or blogarithm because they were never consistant and you had to go to their sites to see what updated blogs.  Yesterday, I was fixing things on my blog and found a new thing that blogger has on their page elements.  It's a blog feeder for all your links.  Just take a look on my blog, scroll down and look at my friends list.  It lists which blogs have new posts in being in chronological order.  Tells me how long ago it has been etc etc.  It's awesome to me!  I love just looking down the whole list and seeing who has a new post.  Good job Blogger!  Well, it doesn't work with those who have private blogs (boo!) :)  Not a fan of private blogs because nothing works with them.  Anyways, just something I found and was excited about!
So I promise, I will be posting something normal soon. I've been kind of out of it lately.  For some reason, I just don't care about things these days.  I can't explain it but just something feeling.  Maybe it's the summer blues?  Who knows..I am cooped up most of the day inside because it really is too hot outside,..over 100 degrees everyday plus humidity.  It wares me out so fast!  Anyways, gotta go.  Soon, soon...

Ridiculously Hilarious

Did you guys hear about this?!  Jaime emailed me this link.  It's a post about the "Thong Lawsuit"  You have to check this out.  It's hilarious in everyway.

Twilightations-invites for the "Twilight" books obsessed!

I just seem to go from one thing to the next!  Anyways, I think i've found my niche.  Head on over to and check out the new line of party invitations i've designed for "Twilight" book parties!  So go check it out!!!

Here's a sneak peek at one:

Taggie Ball order

Haven't gotten a taggie ball order for a while so it was sort of fun to make one again. A friend of mine ordered this for a gift, to someone who isn't finding out what they are having so this is pretty neutral. I hope they like it!
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Which one is your favorite?

K so I need you guys to do me a'll only take a second.  But go to this site and vote your favorite design.



It's always a thrill to check the mail and find a fat envelope from the Texas Health and Human Services.  Yeah!  I get to fill out another renewal application for the 8th time this year!  So to put in all that effort of filling it out, printing things off and copying documents, it would probably be frustrating when it is all in vain, right?  Well that's what I'm dealing with right now.  I did all of the above for  Food Stamp renewal and was expecting a phone interview from a case worker but did I get a call?  eh NO.  Instead, I attempt to call the office 3-4 times, trying to talk to someone about the missed interview that wasn't my fault.  After so many times and messages, I gave up, hoping they would just process the application and new FS for June.  eh NO.  Last Saturday, after doing a huge grocery purchase, waiting in line and then getting all rung up did I realize that we would use our last funds of FS.  After all that, I couldn't be like, uh, can you take half of what I just bought and return it?  eh NO.  So I grudgingly bought everything and went home.  Monday, I was able to talk to someone at the office and found out that "Someone had called me and but they weren't able to get ahold of me so they weren't able to verify and renew FS for June."  Bull CRAP!!  urgh!  I really hate dealing with this stuff.  And it never ends.   The system is a crap shoot really.  Sometimes, it'll work out smoothly and then other times, it's a nightmare...a nightmare that I just experienced this morning.  Luckily JOe didn't have his Oral surgery rotation this morning so, after staying up last night way too late, filling out the full application, I went to the Medicaid office to re-apply for FS.  I got there at 8:30 and didn't leave till 11:30.  I sat and waited for my number to get called for the first 2 hours and 55 minutes.  Once I was called up, all they did was take my application from me, have me explain what happened and then re-schedule an appointment.  Geez louize!  That was worth the 3 hour wait.  Thank goodness I didn't have kids with me or i'll want to shoot myself right about now.  Anyways, this is a venting post, as you could tell.  But on a good note, I got my camera fixed and it came today so hopefully there will be more pictures on this thing.  
I think I posted this same post a year ago or something...I am having deja vu....

Birthday Cards

Today is both my friend's birthday and another friend's little boy's birthday. So Happy Birthday cards!
For some reason, i'm not a huge stamp fan but I think I'm starting to like them!

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Quick Thank You's

I"ve been wanting to make quick Thank You cards for a bunch of people and the other night I was finally able to get some done! There are a few that are similar but since none of them were going to the same person, I didn't care :) Anways, I hope I can start back up in scrapping soon since the shop seems to be tapering off. Anways, enjoy :)

Fat Kate No More

From the recent eating disorder along with the growth spurt she went through, Kate has really thinned out! She is getting so much fun. I love the ages of both girls. Everyday, they get caught up with each other and will play together for while. Emma knows what to say to make Kate laugh so she'll make noises like, BEEP! or PEEP! or even just plain old Peekaboo. Kate just eats it up. Then they play chase around the house, which is always fun to listen to them. Emma gets so excited that Kate is following her so she'll scream and laugh (shrill?) (squeal?) Anyways, it's hilarious. I laugh everytime. Anyone contemplating having another kid, I recommend it. I can actually do stuff around the house while they are awake :) I also just purchased this pretty cool Tepee? K my brain is a blank on how to spell that but it's from Target. It was on sale for like $15. It's a great size for the two girls and myself :) So they've had fun playing in that too so things have gotten much better since the last post.

I still haven't heard from my Ped. but I figure nothing has changed from what she had said before going to the hospital. And Kate isn't puking at on occasion, nothing serious. We just have to be cautious still.

Anyways, for the next two weeks, Joe is volunteering at some Oral Surgery thing down town, which means he has to take the car everyday from 9-5, which means I'm stuck at home...wha wha...

But I actually have gotten alot done today since i'm stuck here. I went through all the girls clothes to see what I really need and don't. I was able to collect a whole garbage bag of clothes that I didn't want. I also organized the other DI/goodwill stuff. I finished the laundery, cleaned the kitchen, and was still able to be online for a bit :)(obsessed!)

And luckily Joe did get home early today, around 3:30 so I was able to hit the grocery store. I hate going at night since i'm already wasted and don't want to do anything! Anyways, here's some cute pics of (no more) Fat Kate :)

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My report

Yesterday was a long day.  They were way behind in the hospital so our appointment was at 10 but didn't get going till around 11.  Poor Kate.  Yet under the circumstances, she did so good!  She went in there and drank the stuff.  She didn't like being confined under the x-ray machine, lying down so we had to hold her down so they could read the machine.  Minutes after she was done, sure enough, the drink came up her esophagus a couple of times.  They then wanted to check the drainage of the stomach into the intestines.  That part took the longest because her little stomach wouldn't do it forever!  It took like 45 minutes for her stomach to drain.  So there are two problems going on.  First, she does have reflux so the food goes up.  The second, her stomach doesn't quickly empty out so the food is just hanging out in there, waiting to get puked up.  So the Reglan that the doctor prescribed a few days ago helps with the drainage and it seems to be doing the job.  Since starting on that, she still hasn't puked, which is just great.  We haven't heard the official report from the UGI from the Pediatrician but I figure the Dr will say to continue medications she is already taking.  But the Reglan makes Kate really drowsy so she takes her naps and really long I can't complain!  Anyways, things have gotten much better in the past couple of days.  I want to thank everyone support and advice to me and the family.  It was a minor thing but to me, it was still a big deal.  Anyone probing at my child causes it to be a big deal!  And I was so glad that Joe was able to come with me to the hospital.  And thank you Jami for watching Emma for a couple of hours so we could focus on Kate and her eventful day.


We went to the doctors yesterday. She checked her, weighed her etc etc. One good thing was Kate had gained .2 lbs since last week. But she went ahead and scheduled a UGI..or a barillium swallow. Kate will drink this chalky stuff that appears under x-rays. So it will see what is going on after she eats stuff. We'll be going in tomorrow at 10 AM...sucky thing is that she can't eat anything 4 hours before..yikes! She's going to be crrraaaanky! Oh well. So I hope everything goes well. I'm nervous about it all really..
The doctor also prescribed some Reglan and from the time we've given her that, she hasn't either that has helped or we are pro's at not allowing her on her back!
Joe takes the GRE on Thursday. I've been helping him look up words..I can't tell you how many i've looked up...but there are some weird and interesting words out there! I won't go into detail because it's boresville but
I will be very glad when he is done and over with that!
We've been asked to speak in church for this next week on the Gift of Repentance...All I have to say to that is...crap...I hate public speaking!
ANyways, I hope my dad sends over my camera REALLy soon cause bloggin is not the same without pictures.
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