Hope all you had a great Thanksgiving Weekend!
I had a wonderful time with friends.
Ate LOTS of food.
and now i'm recovering!
but it was worth it :)

So I got some fun news in my email today!

I'm being featured over at


I'm being featured over at

So excited and grateful!
So go over there and check them out :)

Here are the rest...

Here are the rest of the shoot with Lee Ann.
Again, she did an amazing job.
Can I already say that I love her?...too much?

 kids, cover your eyes...

L-L-L-Love these!!

Black Friday

Hi this is me.
and yesterday was the worst day ever.
i am the worst mom ever!

see this boy?

It's a miracle he doesn't have a concussion or something.

Yesterday, I headed out around 7 AM to hit some stores and got all the items I wanted.
Then I ran back home and picked up the family to go to some more stores.  we are looking for snow gear for the family.  So we went to Shopko.  They had some great sales on snow gear.
We were in there forever....
and waiting in line was forever. 
Emma got bored and stole some jelly beans...the good kind. 
kate was sitting in the front of the cart.
Luke was in the back of the cart just playing or standing and flirting with the lady infront of us.
I turn to the left to call for Emma to get back over to me.
I look back to Luke and catch the last part of him falling to the ground, landing on hit head/back.
I instantly felt sick.
I quickly grabbed him.
Here I am, stuck in line, with hundreds of other people in line who probably was watching the same thing.
embarrasement and fear of my child's life took over.
I started crying, like full of bawling.
I instantly looked him over.
He was crying but like a sobbing, tired cry..
The lady infront of me told me that he fell onto her leg before he hit the floor. 
Ok, good. helped break his fall.
But he became sweaty and tired.
And a red mark was forming on his forehead.
I remembered what I read and heard about concussions.
They become sleepy or something like that?!
Then i started getting really scared adn sick.
I quickly called Joe, who had jumped nextdoor to Ranch & Home to see what they had.
I told him what happened.
"Is he alright?"
I started crying again.
"I don't know, he's acting drowsy and weird"
"I'll be right over"

He comes back and grabs him and looks him over.
At this point, my eyes re-focus on where I am.
kate's in the cart...
emma is....emma?
oh good, she's sitting down at the candy.
I don't care if she's eating it. as long as she's not running around.

The lady infront of me was really nice and helped watch Emma while i was hysterical.
her husband helped us hold our sled we were buying too.

"I think he's going to be okay"
When Joe said that, I felt some relief.
but the guilt of allowing him to fall out of the cart had traumatized me.
something bad could have happened.
and my mind kept taking me to those possiblities and I would start tearing up again.

When we left the store and got to the car, i was shaking from nervousness. 
And I was exhausted.

Luke was too and fell asleep before we got home.
I put him down then I took a nap too.
I wish I could have crawled into his crib and just snuggled with him
but then he wouldn't have fallen back asleep and he needed that the most.

Thankfully, hours later, Luke was his normal self, following after Joe or I, dancing or clapping to some music or playing peekaboo with Kate.
So grateful that he is okay.

Seriously, I don't know why this affected me so much.  But it really shook me. 
I think those "possiblities" of what could have been scared me.
I didn't want and don't want anything to happen to my children!
i think I may have as milli-inch of an idea of what parents feel when something seriously bad happens to them, like serious injuries or even death.

I pray that I don't have to experience those things.
I seriously might break down!
But if that were to happen (knock on wood),
I know that Heavenly Father would help me.
I would be able to trust in Him and his Atonement to take away the fear & replace it with comfort.

since we are all safe and well,
we get to start going through our boxes, putting our stuff into 3 piles today:
1- give away / sell
2- storage

We wouldn't be dealing with storage usually but the rental home we are moving into...the only one in town...is half the size of where we are living right now.  So we need to DE-JUNK!
wish me luck.

Thankful Thursdays Linky Party

I want to jump on board and do a linky party. I hope that is stays around each week and people participate. But I thought it was always fun to see what everyone is doing!

So i'll be starting Thankful Thursdays. You can link up ANYTHING you are thankful for.
Whether it's a project you finished up, a recipe you made or your wonderful family...
I want it all!

I am thankful for my family, friends and strangers who have helped to be a better person.
 I am thankful for this country.
 I am thankful for the Love of Christ, and the Atonement.
 I am thankful for those who are fighting for our freedom.
 So come join the Thankful Thursdays Linky Party!
 Please No Shops or GIveaways!
 Would love for you to add a button to your listings post, so other people can find us. It's right on the side, right on top!

Demo Night!

I think it's safe to say that everyone knows who Ana White is.
It's also safe to say that she rocks my world.
I love what she does & how she inspires!
I want to make everything on her site.
And when she posted this earlier this year, I was obsessed!

Look how awesome they are for so so simple!
Well I am taking it into my own hands.
And I want you to be there with me!

I will be doing a Demo Night!
We are going to make these shelves.
December 9th @ 7:30
which, coincidentally, is my birthday.  So come play with me!

So anyone in the Tri-Cities, WA area who would like to join, please come!
We'll be doing a Tool School 101, Safety measures & Having fun ;)

Anyone interested, email me and i'll give some more information about it

*** we are strictly following Ana White's design and give her full credit.  You can learn how to too, if you can't come to the Demo Night.  Go HERE to her website for instructions.***

thankful for a fab family picture.

monday morning, we met with Lee Ann at a local orchard.
the night before, we got some snow...lots of snow...5 inches of snow.
so when I woke up and saw the snow and overcast, i was excited & hopeful...and brave!
here's a peek at our experience.

when she posted this on FB, I was elated, speechless and just completely grateful.
we don't get too many opportunities like this.
we don't take good family pictures.
i was just so worried...look there to see what i'm talking about....
but to know now that we can, relieves so much in my mind.

gosh, i love my family so much.

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a little sneak peek...

a big thanks again to all of you who helped me with my dilhema a few days ago.

My family photo shoot went perfectly.
Your help and guidance was exactly what I needed to hear.
Sometimes, I lack the confidence in myself and the ideas that I come up with.
I really need to stop being such a chicken and just believe in myself!
Yet, what you guys said supported what I was thinking, so thank you!

And Lee Ann was such a trooper for doing them, in the early morn, after the first snow of the season fell the night before. She was such a treat to work with.
From what i've seen, they turned out better than I could have imagined.

So with out further adieu, here's a sneak peek of my little family.
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thankful for snow.

woke up to a winter wonderland.
 this is our first time with snow like this in 5 years.
 the girls are loving it.
 and i must say that i have missed it too.
 seriously beautiful.

thankful for "today" days.

Here's what i am doing right now.
oh...somebody pinch me....
 cleaning bathrooms
 going BACK to target for returns....
My second home these days.
 making my bed...
 tada!  that was easy...
don't you love my extravagant bed?
 Cleaning girls room...check!
 unloading dishwasher and then loading it AGAIN...

We also ventured out and visited Jenn at the craft fair. 
I wanted all her stuff she was selling....
but with the big move coming up, i only have moths in purse.

 What are the girls doing today?
earning their princess bracelets....
i wish I would have never found disneyprincess.com
...you've been warned....

Although I complain about the daily tasks that I face as a mom sometimes, it is more like sarcasm.  I greet it with loving hatred...make sense?
Whenever I am on vacation or away from home, I just want to get back to the routine of things because it's something that is constant, stable and comfortable.
So i am thankful for those dishes and that pile of laundry.
i'm thankful for "today" days.
What have you done today?

So here's what I got so far....

Seriously, you guys are amazing and thank you so much for giving me awesome ideas...
So here's what I got so far...

Now all these are courtesy of Target, except Luke's sweater...TJ Maxx :)

Joe's pretty much self-explainatory.  I chose the top sweater because the colors were closer to the rest of the purples in our outfits.  The other sweater's colors were not true to it's picture.  It was more of a wine color. It didn't go at all.  Oh well, eh?

Emma will be sporing the grey sweater dress with fun grey tights with diamonds and hearts and black ruffle boots.  And a black headband

Kate will wear that adorable purple cardigan, purple plaid skirt, sparkly black tights and grey flats.
Luke will sport the diamond grey sweater, over a long sleeve grey collared shirt with grey corduroy pants, with black boots.  And a black headband.

Purple Cardigan, black ruffly shirt, and grey pencil skirt...which one though?
With those adorable ruffle heels.  I will sport some bling and a headband of some sort. 
So should I wear tights?  Black tights?  Grey tights?
 What do you think?!

Seriously all your comments helped me so much in getting a vision for these pictures.
I can't wait to show you the final result!

Alright, you fashion divas...HELP!

I need your help.
Family pictures are this monday, spur of the moment, for my husband's new job.
Yep, that's the big news, new job!  New place to live!
Lots of fun and exciting things...which one of them is new pictures....
so here's what I got so far....

And just ignore my weak photoshop skills...this is my first time doing this and i'm using the free trial...

So your thoughts?
Which sweater should my husband wear?  He'll be wearing a black shirt and pants with them
What bout my girls?
Are those colorful skirts too much?
most importantly...WHAT DO I WEAR?
would love your IMPUT!

PS the pics are on Monday...yikes...

Thankful for YOU

yes, you.  the one looking at the screen right now.
if you are reading my blog, it means that you are either a family member or a friend.
even if you are a stranger, we are all friends here and welcome!
I am so very thankful to all of you got your support, guidance, love and relief you have given me in my life.

family, you are stuck with me whether you like it or not!

friends, whether we were friends in jr. high, college or my motherhood years, it doesn't matter. 
Once a friend, always a friend...unless you did something to make me mad...then maybe not ;)

but anyways, THANK YOU.
it's such a blessing to be apart of a group of people who love you no matter what.
And i need a favor from you awesomes,
i need your help/advise!

Shutterfly Galore

Since I was actually able to take family pictures this year, I have been looking around for some Christmas Cards to send out!
And then imagine my delight when I heard the news about Shutterfly's Holiday Card Promotion!
They are giving away 50 free HOliday cards to bloggers...
which means you too can get 50 free Holiday cards this year :)

I can't list all the many ones that I love.  But here are a few:

I have to say that this one might be my favorite though.  I love the contrast!

Do you need Christmas Cards this year?
Planning a birthday Party?
How about giving a Calender for Christmas?

Shutterfly has pretty much everything for you needs.  I suggest  you go check them out now.
And for you bloggers out there that want in on this promotion,


Most of you don't know this but we are in limbo.  My family and I have been inbetween "somewhere" for the past 4 months now.  It's very frustrating.  We've been looking for a new job that whole time.  Every chance we get, we hit the road.  We currently reside in SE WA so we've traveled all over WA and OR, been down to UT and CO. 
Every weekend, "I ask my husband, where to this weekend?"
My suitcases have started to fall apart.  The kids don't help with that either!
So i've been in search of a new suitcase and I think I might have found what i'm looking for. 

There are so many cute ones out there!
I hope I get some new ones for Christmas.

But it's not to say that it's been in vain. 
I"ve seen so  many wonderful things. 
And USA is just beautiful anywhere you go!

And it's been a wild ride but it will not be missed!
things are finally turning around....
News to come...

Thankful for the future.

Just a quick shout out to Marcy, who is hosting 10 days of Thankfulness. 
She gave me the motivation to write this and contemplate my life.

I am grateful for the Future. 
Along with that, I am grateful for answered prayers.

By the year's end, we will be here:

Cashmere, WA
"Welcome to Cashmere, located in the geographic center of Washington State, nestled in the Foothills of the Cascade Mountains. A stroll down Cashmere’s quiet streets evokes memories of America’s simpler, more care free times. Churches outnumber bars, residents use any excuse to line the downtown with the stars and stripes, and school activities draw capacity crowds of supporters.

Cashmeres tree-lined streets, shade you from the 300 days of sunshine. The Wenatchee River flows through the community and offers a summer full of recreation. Premier rock climbing exists just a few minutes away at The Peshastin Pinnacles. Climbers of all levels can test their skills in this state park. Devils Gulch a 23-mile loop, the gulchattracts skilled, experienced riders to its single-track dirt and gravel trail. Accessible from Mission Creek Road, it has been called one of the best mountain biking trails in the Pacific Northwest.


So here the low down of this job.
Joe received an email last Tuesday from a broker we've been working with about an associate position with buy-in option.  So we followed that lead since we didn't have that many options.  
This guy would buy this practice & buildling for sale in Cashmere, WA.  He then would build it up, market it, everything...all the hard work pretty much.  Joe would just focus on dentistry.
After a year or so, we can buy it...

So today...
Joe called the Boss today, to touch base with him about how things went on Saturday. 
Yesterday, we drove over there to check out the ward and it was lovely.  Lots of kids, young families.  Beautiful area & weather.
We left just wanting SO BAD this job because we just knew.
Joe told the Boss about that and would be really disappointed if we didn't get the job.
The Boss said, "oh really?  Good.  So your accepting the job then?"
"Yes, completely.  I was even going to go as far as tell you to call the other applicants and tell them to not even make the trip but I didn't want to seem arrogant."
ha haa Joe, i love you.
The boss said, "Well ya, i was hoping you would say that because that is what I was wanting to do if you wanted the job.  So ya, i better let the other guy know that there's no need to come out on Wednesday"

We are just so excited.

We've been to the Wenatchee/Cashmere area before and loved it. It was about 2-3 months ago and ever since then, I haven't been able to get it out of my head!

So to get this opportunity there, I KNOW without a doubt, that Heavenly Father is aware of our needs and wants! 
I am truly humbled by this blessing that we have received.
Oh seriously, don't you love unexpected good news?
So in such a short amount of time, our plans for life have changed.
and I couldn't be happier.


This past weekend, we headed south.
Spur of the moment, we decided to check out a practice for sale in CO.
So we went down to UT, dropped the kids at my parents house
and headed south some more.
this was my view for majority of the drive....
but it was sure nice not having kids with us....(love my kids...just not in the car for 12 hours)
 I love how the land changed with every hour
 anyone know where we are?!
this was my first time at the "hole in the rock" attraction.
we had to stop.
 I may or may not have gotten excited when I saw this...
 later mater...that's funny.
and I just noticed my "cheerleading" arm.  seriously 2 years of my life and it still affects me...
 Here's me in the car...with my signature picture move...
Me:  hey Joe, look over here"
Joe: "huh?"
haa ha sucka'
 then i got bored and started taking pictures of my ring and experiementing with the camera.
i was really impressed with the detail!...and my ring ;)

 Then I got bored and took another picture of me.
We looked at one in SW Colorado.  We were impressed adn liked the area but not our top choice right now. 
We left for this outing Saturday and got back to WA on Wednesday night.  It was a quick trip.
Now we are settling back to our routine.
One major thing going on is that Joe has an interview tomorrow morning for a job over in central WA.
we want this really bad....i want this really bad. 
we're hoping it goes well.

Other than our future up in question, we are doing super!

here's drooly-face McLuke to show you how good we are doing.


Joe did awesome with his interview and was told "he's tied with another candidate but slightly higher ranked"

The guy is interviewing other applicants but that's a good sign!

Keep us in your prayers!

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