Card-making night

This Saturday night, me and a bunch of friends are having a card-making night. I"m incharge of bringing card ideas and templates. So here they are! I love having a Cricut for cards! Love the shapes and fonts :)

I love the butterfly!

I love this and pink don't clash to me. I love how it looks, especially with the black accents :)

Corpus Christi

Joe had last Friday off for Fiesta so we headed down to Corpus Christi (sp). The beach is only 3 hours away so it was a perfect day trip. The weather was perfect too. Here are the pics from it:

Emma would not touch the water for anything...yet she didn't want to leave the water when we were heading out...she's such a funny girl. Kate didn't really know what to think about the water except it was cold. So the girls played in the sand. It was a nice break from the real world and hope to do it again before we leave San Antonio!

Quilt Giveaway!

That's right, you read right!  I found this from Erin's blog about this quilter that is giving a quilt away and it is super cute!!  So I recommend going to her blog and checking her out:

If you leave a comment, put a note that I recommended you by putting my blog address.  
It is So cute really.  I hope I win!

Mommy Tag

Saw this from someone else's blog and I liked it!

1. What time do the girls  typically wake up? 7 am
2. On a good night, what time does Coy go to sleep? Well they are in bed by 7:30..but asleep, who knows...
3. How long have I been a mom? 2 1/2 years (over 3 years counting pregnancy :) )
4. How old was I when I became a mom? 21
5. Whats my fav. kid show? Curious George, by far...
6. Least Fav kid tv show? Dragon Tales
7. Fav Chore? Cleaning the Kitchen
8. Fav Meal to cook? Green Mountain Pizza
9. Whats the meal cooked most often? Pasta
10. Whats Emma's fav meal? Rice, veggies with Ranch
11. Whats my Fav thing that Joe does with Emma? Takes her to the park or playing horse around the apartment
12. What are the 5 things that make me smile while being a mom?
A. Emma pretending to be a dog and "licking" my face while making the's so funny to me
B. Kate will just beam with happiness when she sees me
C. Sneaking into their room at night and see them sleeping
D. Listening to Emma sing songs
E. Watching Kate crawling around, following me everywhere I go.
F. I have to add....The Snuggling!!
13. Where do I want to take the girls someday? On a scrapbook retreat, just girls
14. When was the Last time Joe  and I went out without the girls? Last Tuesday for a School dinner at Paesano's YUM
15. 1 thing you said you'd never do as a mom? Yell at Emma :(
16. Fav past time with Emma? Reading books
17. Fav quality that my mom has? She would take time to read with us when we were little or sing with us too 
18. Advise for new mom's? Get a routine down...I recommend reading a help book, like Baby Whisperer.  It really helps to figure out how to get through each day and why they are crying etc etc..
19. Whats a scary or heartbreaking moment you've had?  Emma fell into the pool a few months ago and it killed me!  It was for s short time and she was fine but I was not so fine!
20. When was the last time Emma said I love you? She doesn't talk too much but she more shows it through hugs and kisses :)

I tag Jamie S., Jaime B., Cairen B., Maggie T. & Erin P.

Exploring, Cakes and Fairs...Phew!

So I am becoming a "one week poster girl" for this blog. I don't mean to really, it's just been crazy the past couple of weeks. Well first off, life with Kate is becoming more fun. She's scooting ALL over the place. She's begun to explore all areas of our apartment. So not crawling yet but I know it'll come eventually, right?

Second, we had a Killer Craft night this past week. Thanks to Linsay Jarvis and her awesome cake-decorating skills, we learned how to decorate two different ways! Oh by the by, Linsay has her own cake-shop on line. Check out what she can do! :) We had a great turn out and it was tons of fun :)

Here's the "Blue with white polka-dots Cake" side

Here's the "pretty flower cake" side
Here's me and the finished product!!

Then, yesterday, we had our first Craft Fair for our "CIM" on-line shop! We headed out to Bulverde to a carnival that was going on. It was a great first-time experience and I think we did rather well! We passed out TONS of cards to potential buyers so I think it will help spread the word!

Here's our Table, all beautifully decorated with the CIMs!!

Here's Jazmin after her first sale!! (she did awesome, by the way)

Here's our little model :) She was sporting one of Celeste's Hair clips and headbands and also a pair of "Chubby Legs" baby leg warmers (which I ended up buying since they are so darn cute!!)

I'm so excited to see what happens next!!

Twilight and Craft Fair!!

Well I am SO obsessed with the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. LOVE IT. So i'm really excited in a couple of weeks. Both my sister, Katie and BFF Jaime are coming down for the weekend and a Twilight party has been planned :) I am so excited... But wanted to show you the invitation to the party. I was so excited to make this little number. It's seriously my pride and joy!
I won't show you the inside bbecause, well, the party hasn't happened and I don't want strangers showing on since, you know, it's going to be Edwardibly fantastic!!

And yesterday, we had our first Craft Fair!! We headed up to Bulverde, TX to a local carnival an elementary school was having. I think it turned out great and it was a awesome way to spread the word!
Here is our lovely table with the CIMs!!
L to R: Me with Kate, Celeste, Kajsa and Jazmin
Jazmin after her first sale, YA!!
Here's Kate, our model. She's sporting Celeste's hair clip & headband and a pair of "Chubby Legs" baby leg warmers ( which I ended up buying because they are so darn cute!)

Craft Fair

So this Saturday, we are doing a craft fair in Bulverde!!  We are all so excited and hope this will get the word more out there about our shop.  I've been busy making tons of taggie blankets and burp cloths and hope they do well!  Pics will be up soon with us in action.  So yet again, this stuff keeps me busy, even busy enough to not post!  

New Stuff at the Shop!

Just wanted to let y'all know that there is a new set of burp cloths at the Shop. To match the "Tyler" Cutesy Wipee Case, I made this cute little set for your little fire fighter!

We're also getting some new products soon, including Nursing covers, Wall decor for nurseries and more new styles of Cutesy Wipee Cases. We're also going to be re-inventing our blogshop and giving it a new look so stay tuned for that!
Also if any of you have any cute ideas for any more new products for our shop, let me know! We're always looking for new, adorable things to add!

Life after the Break

Breaks are fun but it's nice to get back into the routine of life. And I'm glad we're home now because Kate has entered the "teeth" stage of her life. Along with that comes the fevers and cries, moodswings and just overall crankiness! She's like a completely different baby! Ususally, when anyone is around's like she's not even there when she's happy. Everyone is always like "Where's Kate?" "Oh, she's in the car seat over there." She will just sit there and observe everyone. Yet NOT this week. And she's also had a bad case of the sniffles that she got from Emma. And so i'm kind of thinking that she might have an ear infection. It just seems way worse than teething issues. We're going to the Dr.'s tomorrow morning to check it out.
Emma and I are getting over minor colds too. But she's FINALLY getting her naps back. She's sleeping everyday for an hour and a half to two hours so it's been a nice break to have one on one time with both girls.
And I love how Joe is gearing up for his last month of school !! I can tell that he's having to deal with less and less since he's home more and more. That is great for us and the girls. Both have a special bond with him. Kate is getting more aware of him and loves to just watch him play with Emma. Kate is also starting to scoot forward...not quite a crawl but it's getting there. And she's getting so smart! (sorry, bragging-mom time !) She's like a little copy cat. She'll watch me clap or pat my lap and she'll copy me. Even when I say words, like daddy or mommy, she'll copy the sounds too. It's just amazing how fast she's growing up! She's not the tiny, feeble baby anymore!
Here's some fun pics from the last week.
Emma got "Kate's Snacks" and dumped them on the tray. So when I came back from the bathroom, they were having a buffet.
Snuggling on the tiny tramp one afternoon.
I took a similar shot with Emma she was that age so I want to do that with every kid cause I think it's SO cute :)
Here's Katers just after waking up. She's a little out of it but it's like her trademark face. Just lookint at you with those big brown eyes with her tongue sticking out!

Spring Break!!

We had an awesome break this past week.  It was Joe's Spring Break and it was well needed!!  We headed out to Joe's parent's house Saturday morning and arrived 5 hours later to Port Neches, TX...which seriously, no offense to any who love that place...but it's a sad but true!  it just reminds me of a texas small town..nothing to do but go...
Yes, it is true.  For the first time in my life, I went crabbing.  Me, Joe, and his two brothers, Matt & Spencer, drove to the Neches? river and went crabbing:

So what's crabbing, you ask?  Well you get some string, raw chicken, like drum sticks and you're set!  You tie the drumsticks to the string and throw it in the river and wait....and wait some more until the line is tight...which means you've got a pinch or, in other words, a crab!

The first crab we got and who do you think netted him?  ME!  Here's the little guy...and still quick alive, mind you...yes I was VERY nervous to hold him..but thanks to the guys, they made me feel not so "I've never been crabbing" anymore :)

See?  The crabs latch onto the chicken, which we slowly pull up until we net them...this time we got 2!

In love and crabbing...what could be better?!
I can honestly say that I had a blast that day!  We would have been out there for longer had we not had to get back home to the girls.  We caught so many too!  It was a whole cooler full of them.  That night, they cooked them up and I ate my first crab :)..I mean :(...not a seafood fan but I had to taste it since I did catch them.

Where are the girls through all this and pretty much the whole Spring break?  In the back yard of course!  Why wouldn't they?  They've got a trampoline, a lawn and a dog!  Emma was in Heaven!  This is Emma playing with Stephen...
( K I love how Kate looks in the background...just looking around with her fat cheeks..)
This is kate doing her excited ,spazzing dance with Matt...

This is Rocky, their dog and Emma's new best friend.  I'll be posting a video of her playing with him and it's hilarious.  Good thing he's old and nice because she would not leave him alone!  I love how she has him in a head lock!
And Kate got in on the fun with Rocky too..
Here's Kate with Spenser...

And Matt..
And with Peter...
And with Stephen...
And with Adam!!
As you could tell, the girls got LOTS of attention..which we are now trying to fix being back at home when they don't get THAT much...but anyways, yes Joe has LOTS of brothers at home...7 to be exact.  But I love being out there because I get a nice break :)

Another fun thing we did was get Emma a tricycle!  We're still teaching her how to ride it but it's so fun that she's big enough to ride one!   Anyways, had a great week!  Thanks Zimmerman's for letting us stay there and hanging out.  
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