CHA Blog Hop: Ruffled Hearts Magnet Board

While all the big cats are at work at the Winter CHA show, we get to play and win BIG!

Follow our blog hop, enter for a chance to win awesome prizes along the way and end on our

blog for the BIG CHEESE!

I'm excited to be part of this fun Blog Hop.  We are all going to show you some fun "Valentine's & Hearts"

themed stuff.  

Ok so here's the line-up for the Blog Hop:

YOu came from:

KimberlyRae Forde: (you came from here)

Lyssa Zimmerman :  **You are here!**

Raven Baca:  (Go here next!!)

Lois Hale:

Jennifer McCrae:

Debi Tullier:

Denise O' Connor:

Designer of the Day:

The Last Stop is the eCraft Blog, where you will see the Designer 

of the Day.  Plus, you have a chance to win a Ebosser!!!!

This is the latest and greatest machine from Craftwell!  It embosses and cuts up to A4 size pages.  This thing is amazing!
This is one of the top 20 HOT items that CHA chose to highlight this year.  This thing is just amazing.

You can win this baby only at the eCraft BLOG.  by following the blog and leaving a comment...OH and don't forget to leave an email so they can contact you!

BUT lots of the stops along the way are giving away other fun stuff so you will want to go to every stop!!

OK let's get back to me ;)

So here's is my little creation for the blog hop:

Who doesn't love ruffles?!

I used the eCraft to whip up those hearts with fabric and freezer paper.  It was a snap!!
Here's a quick video to show you how easy!

The Ruffles were just as simple.  I just sewed a straight line down a strip of fabric then took the top thread and gathered it together until I liked the ruffliness.

After that, I sewed the hearts on the burlap then sewed a straight line to secure the ruffles.

To make it a magnet board, I placed a piece of sheet metal on top of a canvas board then wrapped the burlap around that and hot glued it down.

I grabbed some more fabric and hot glued a loop on the back so I could hang it.  Doesn't it look perfect on the wall, ready for some love notes...hee hee

 And guess what?!  I'm giving a Ruffled Heart Magnet Board away!!!  Yep, a lucky winner wins one of these!!!

So how can you win?! Leave a comment for each thing you do!!
Initial Entry:
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Ok lots of opportunities to win!  This is perfect for Valentines day decor or even all year round!!
This ends in 1 week!!

THanks guys and have fun on the BLog Hop!!
Next Stop is
Raven Baca: 

weekend outing.

Something exciting is happening this weekend and i'm excited to share with you guys what i'm doing.

Saturday, i'll be driving to Seattle.  I'll spend the night there and then catch a 7 AM flight to L.A.
I'll be picked up and taken to the Anaheim Convention Center.

What's at the Convention Center, you ask?


In all my years of scrapbooking and crafting, I would have never ever ever thought I would go to CHA.  Never.

But a miracle has happened.  The company of Craftwell has hired me to come along and take pictures of their booth and the event.  WOW.  Seriously I am pinching myself over and over again.

I am in the right place and in the right time for this.  It probably helped that I was on the DT for the company.  They really liked my crafts but also my photography and how I display them.  Then being a photographer on top of that, they decided it would help get some great pictures for them and what they have planned for their company.
Here's a video clip from last year's CHA and Craftwell:

I seriously can't believe it though.

Another fun thing we are doing is a photobooth!!  It's going to be so fun   :)

I'll be on my own, for 3 days, in the midst of creativity.  No kids while I travel?  I never thought that would have happened for another 30 years!  Whoda thunk?!!

Thank you Craftwell for the generosity of including me in the wonderful experience.

eCraft DT: week #3

Here is me, checking in with my sneak peek for this week:
Made this for my sister, since she has a dog ;)  Hope she likes it!

Head on over to the eCraft blog to see what it is!

winter weekend.

Emma just couldn't wait to do her valentines.  For weeks, she's been talking about it.  So I started getting ideas from Pinterest then let her decide which one she wanted.  She chose THESE.  So here we are today, getting them all done!  Emma is such a trooper.  She has filled all bags, cut out all the shapes and now she's trimming the excess bags from the valentines.  

This week, winter finally decided to show up with a revenge!
We've gotten so much snow.  And the kids are in heaven.

Look at these gigantic icicles!

We have some great hills just across the street at the middle school.  The kids love to have Joe take them there.

Joe knocked off some huge icicles we had and we make an ice castle!  It's so cool-looking.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

PS- Did you know I have a Facebook Page now?!  It's soley for this blog and to share other fun ideas too!
Come visit and let's be friends!

eCraft DT week #2

Hi Everyone!!!
Another DT submission over at the eCraft blog!
Head on over there to see what I made this week.  You like what you see, follow the blog!!'s a hint: 
I was "sew" crazy!  HA, and i'm "sew" funny....

eCraft DT: first week!

Here are some sneak peeks at what my submission for my first week as a DT member over at the eCraft BLOG!

I know you want to see more :)
Head on over to the eCraft Blog for Details!!!

10 on 10: January

Bear with me, this is my first attempt at 10 on 10.
I've been following a few blogs who have been doing this for months now.  Every month, I want to do it but then I look at the calender and it's the 12th.

So here it is, in a nutshell:
scrapping, doggies, sisters, mid-morning cereal, wii entertainment, daily nourishment, size 7s, unfinished project, favorite winter accessory, date night MMA style

Embroidery Hoop Art

I've been waiting to share this with you for some time now.
I am in love with this.

It's for my daughter's room.  I wanted something colorful and personal for her wall.  And I have to thank the eCraft machine for all the hard work.  That circle and letter was cut out with it.  Amazing HUH?!

It was very simple to make too.  I promise.  The eCraft is a gem to use for cutting fabrics.

Let me show you via video:

and just ignore the "lyssa from born-again crafter" made that when I was there. :)

So the reason for waiting so long to share this with you?
I've been published!!!  It is in the eCraft Creation EBook!!
SOOO, if you want detail on how I made this adorable Embroidery Hoop Art, go HERE

It's very exciting to see your work in a book!!!

And also, don't forget to head on over to the eCraft blog to see our first week's DT creations!  Mine will be on Wednesday and i'm very anxious to show you :)

it has begun...

Yesterday, emma came up screaming and laughing, "Mom!  Look at Luke, look at him!!  I put him in a dress and put nail polish on his nails!  hee hee"

I was wondering when this was going to happen...

When I tell Luke to smile, this is what I get.  I don't want him to grow up.

the weekend.

Anyone else glad it's the weekend?
What will you be doing?  Well i'm excited for tonight, after winning a pair of front row seats to Wenatchee Valley Beatdown cage fight.  I was on a mission to win them for the Hubs.  So tonight, i'll be sitting front row, being sprayed with sweat and blood.  Exciting, isn't it?!

In other news, my DIY magazine holder is being featured over at Blooming Sisters.  Thank you ladies for the shout out!

Did you know I have an Etsy Shop?
I do!  It's Pretty Grey Bench.  I make and sell my book page wreaths and balls, fabric earrings and baby burp clothes.

Well I am adding in some items too, like the ABC print that I posted about the other day.  It can be customized!

I'll be also putting in some Nest necklaces too! (these were from a gift exchange i did in Nov.)

Have a great weekend.  I will be taking lots of pictures tonight at the fight.  Just you wait.  It'll be like you are sitting right there next to me ;)

I is for Isabelle: ABC print

I am loving Pinterest, if you haven't gotten that feeling yet.
Another inspiration from it.
I loved the simplicity of it.
And I had my Hubby had my sister for Christmas.  She's preggos with her first baby so I was super excited! So I went to work in photoshop :)
Super easy folks, seriously.
I just typed up the alphabet in super cute font, then added the little babe's name.  The fonts I used were Rosewood Std Regular & Champagne & Limousines
I sent it through Costco to be picked up over in UT.  I did a 12x18 print.  Then i had my other Sister get a big frame to fit this 11x16 print from Ikea.  Since I live in WA and they all live in UT, it was easier for her to assemble the present (thank you Katie!)

My Sister loved it and i'm glad :)  She's doing a pink and gray nursery!
Yay for Technology!

eCraft Design Team

Very very excited to share with you some exciting news!

I have been chosen and placed on the eCraft Design Team!

I am so honored, humbled and thrilled to be part of a talented group of ladies!
I am SO SO excited to be part of the Craftwell company.  They are so supportive and creative.  Big things are coming your way from Craftwell!
So you can head on over to their BLOG to see where the creative magic will happen :)  Things created from the DT will be posted there every day, except Sundays, of course :)

Eeeeek!  I can't believe i'm on a design team!!  Dreams, people, dreams!

PS you gotta quick second?!
I need your help!  I am trying to win tickets for a cage fight for my hubby so we can go out.
All you gotsta do is click on the link below and like my comment on facebook...that's it!

Thank You!!

Birthday Plaque

I'm really excited to share this with you.  This was in my head for weeks and weeks.  I first got the inspiration from pinterest.  I thought that would be the cutest thing to give to my mom and the hubby's mom. 
It's a Birthday Plaque to show who's birthday is next!  Each tag has a name and their birthday.  It's placed in chronological order on the hook so when one birthday surpasses, you can see who's birthday is next.  

So I got to work!

The supplies I got were:
 a wooden plaque from Crafts Etc.
an antique hook from Craft Etc.
black & white paint
brown vinyl I had on hand
cardstock & ribbon for tags
plaque hanger I found in basement shop

Ok so I first started preparing the plaque by painting the edges black:

Next, you want to make sure the black is dry dry dry or else your white will turn grey!  Paint the entire plaque (not the back, of course) white.

While those were drying, I got the tags prepared.  The eCraft machine has a fabulous design software called eCraftShop Pro.  I was able to purchase the tag image from their online site.  I then took that downloaded image from my library and plug it in to prepare to cut.  From there, I was able to design my tags!  I added "drawing" lines or print inside the tags.  Once it was ready to go, I sent it to my machine!!

This first video shows the eCraft machine drawing the names and birthdates on the paper.

This next one shows the paper going back and cutting.  So nice to not have to switch out the blade for a pen!  It does it in the same action :)

So now my plaques are all white  and dry :)

I took my sandpaper and distressed it and antiqued it.

After that, I added the plaque holder :)  I also cut out "Happy Birthday" from the eCraft store as well with the vinyl.  The original image has the two words fused together but I cut them apart so it would fit better onto the plaque.

Once everything was dry and play, I then drilled holes and screwed in the antique hook.  LOVE IT.  I then added ribbon onto the tags and ALL DONE!

I really love that it printed and cut at the same time.  Such a time saver!  You can even choose any fonts you have on your computer!

This is the first time I handmade gifts like this to my parents.  Kind of proud over here :)

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