Christmas in Texas: Girls Day Out

I sure love this photo.
All the Ladies in the far (we've got 4 more openings in the future!)
Me and Emily kind of planned this day for just us girls and take Margie, aka the "Mother" out for some fun.  We left the kids to the boys and had a prayer in our hearts they were survive without us for a few hours.
We went and did some pedicures, with massage chairs and all!
Then we stopped by a bakery for some deliciousness, then went to Cheddar's Lunch.
I don't think I ate that much in my life!  But it was so yummy.
And it was just nice to be with the girls and spend time together.  The next time this will happen will be at the next wedding....TBA...

Christmas in Texas: Christmas Day

Christmas morning!
The kids were so excited and us adults were too.  We had church at 9 AM so in order to make it in time, we let the kids open 1 present...their new church clothes!  lol  They also snuck in their stockings too ;)

Zimmerman grandkids are seriously adorable!

Right when we got home from church, we hit the presents.  After this point, it was kind of chaotic.  Everyone for themselves!!

After that, the kids played with their toys and we all just enjoyed taking naps, movies, talking to Peter on Skype and eating sugar cookies :)

Christmas in Texas: Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, we had all the girl grandkids do the nativity scene and dress up.  We improvised and used random blankets and stuff so it just looks plain hilarious.
Emma was Mary & Uncle Stephen was Joseph.  Kate was the Wise Man.  Kaia was the shepard and Helena was the Angel.  Grandma read the bible verses while the kids acted.  Pretty exciting huh?

Emma's dog, Susan was Baby Jesus...had to clarify ;)

Presents all ready to go.  I totally had the Christmas excitement in me.  All the girls helped organize the presents to look pretty.  We were all just excited for the kids the next morning :)

Christmas in TX: Sugar Cookies

Kind of a tradition for us to make sugar cookies and frost them.  And I can confidentaly say that I have the BEST recipe for both the cookie and the frosting.  SO GOOD.  I could eat the whole batch alone.
So here I am, making some with the kids.  They were such good helpers in cutting out the shapes and frosting them.  And of course, it wouldn't be cookie making without some sneaking some bites here and there. (sugar cookie dough is so good!)

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