My Fabulous Baby Shower!

This is Melissa, Me and Jaime. They are 2 of the 5 hostess...
I know, I had 5. What can I say? People love me! ;)

I have to just start off by saying that I have the awesomest friends down here in SATX!! One of my really good friends, Jaime Blaisdell (the head Hostess), threw me an awesome shower this past Saturday.

She rented out a room at Fuddruckers and got the whole place decorated. I just loved all the little details they did to the room. Another friend, Melissa, made the cutest little diaper cake. Oh I should mention that it was a Diaper shower. So I now have a huge supply in our closet for our next little one.

Here's some shots of my friends. This is me and Hillery. I'm throwing her a baby shower in less than 2 weeks and i'm really excited for her. She's having a girl too!

But I love Fuddruckers and the bacon and cheddar burger I had really hit the spot! We played the diaper poop game...they melted 10 different kinds of candy bars in diapers and we had to guess which ones they were. I missed only 1!! That tells you how familiar I am with candy bars! But 2 others got 100% which is good for them! We also had a " guess the # of diapers in the bin" game. We all had a nice time and I was glad that people showed up! It was a really good turn out and had a blast!

She's Popeye the sailor...

So Joe and I, for our veggie intake at dinner, usually have spinach salads with our desired dressing. I guess from observing our love for the greens, Emma began to be curious on what we were eating. So it started off small, a bite here and there from us. But then it got to the point that she wanted to eat constantly off our plate. So I made her her own salad! And by golly she loves spinach! I'm so happy becuase it is darn tootin' hard to get a toddler to eat veggies. And spinach is one of the best veggies one can eat. Lots of nutrients. So these are just random dinner shots of her eating her greens. I put in a little bit of Italian dressing, which she loves too. We've found that she loves spicy stuff like that. She'll eat salsa when Joe does...BBQ chips when Joe does...ok so pretty much whatever Joe is eating, she'll eat it...weird huh? ;)

So i'll also say that sometimes being pregnant and a student's wife isn't all that's cracked up to be...i'm venting a little bit right now...It's like i'm not a student's wife really. I'm just a pregnant single mom sometimes. Like right now, it's 8 pm and Joe's not home. He left at 2 pm up to school to practice some lab work. Usually he's gone like 3 hours tops but tonight I guess he needed the extra practice...which is fine. Don't get me wrong. I want him to succeed. But on these long, lonely nights, it's tough. Luckily we have trained our child to go to bed easily so it really isn't hard to put her down for bed alone. But it's just weird when he's gone. I"m really looking forward for next year because it won't be as much homework stuff. So when he's home, his focus will be at home. I need to again state that this is just a venting session. ANything I say in this last paragraph isn't concrete :) It's just been a "down" day for me. My freaking emotions and hormones are driving me crazy and I hate it!! Plus the fact that my doctor told me the other day that I had gained too much weight and needed to be focusing on exercising and eating healthier...hearing that is hard enough when you're not pregnant! So I think that might be getting to me, making me a little bit more down than I really am. But I have been doing good with exercising. I've been doing prenatal yoga for the past month. I was first going to the free classes at the local maternity store but I then bought my own DVD work out and do it at home, usually when Emma is napping. So I hope to keep that up...well I guess I actually have to keep it up...doctors orders! Alrighty, I think i'm at the tail end of my venting session. Good night!
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Card Making Party

This past Friday, friends and I decided to do a get-together and make cards for upcoming Mother's and Father's Day. I guess, out of my friends, I have the most experience in making cards for special occasions and gifts. So Christine, the hostess, asked me to make a few cards as layouts for others to follow.

Everyone brought papers, ribbons, buttons...pretty much everything to share and
we made cards for like 3 hours!!

I was a bit exhausted after that...didn't get home till 1 am..something i'm just not used to...i'm still feeling the affects of that night...anyways, so just thought ya'll would want to see the cards.

I've been making cards for over a year now just for presents and stuff. It sprang from my scrapbooking hobby and I really enjoy it. I've taken pictures of the majority of cards i've made...not a lot of pictures of scrapbook pages but I have the rest on my Web Album if you'd like to see what else i've made. The link to that is on the side panel of my blog... you can't miss it!


So I was in my "work" room yesterday and I hear this whine noise coming from Emma,
of course. So I go out into the living Emma. I go into her Emma. I go into my Emma. I was like, Emma, where are you!? I couldn't find her. Then I look over towards the table and just see Emma all crunched up on the chair, underneath the table. She had somehow managed to get up between the two but now she was stuck. I wish I could have taken a picture of when I first saw her cause she was just calmly laying on the chair, looking up at me, with eyes, saying, i'm kind of stuck. So luckily the camera was right there...(I promise it was, I wouldn't make her stay in that position too long) and took a picture. By then she was then trying to get up the chair...Oh Emma, you are too funny for words!
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Post-Church Energy

Well today was a normal Sunday. We have church at 1 so we like to put Emma down WAY early to get some sort of nap before church. She slept 2 hours! So that was nice. We put her in nursery for the 2nd time today. Joe has to drop her off cause we tried to do the switch thing half way through and she can't act normal around me...too clingy. So Joe dropped her off but she did her "drama" thing and so he ended up staying half way through. He finally just left when she wasn't looking. She was a little upset but only for a few minutes and then she was fine the rest of the nursery. So that's good news. So afterwards, Emma has LOTS of energy to burn off so she loves to climb and run and you can see in these pictures. Isnt' her dress adorable? Grandma Z. gave it to her for Easter and then I added the belt. So cute!

This is her curious look...she likes to understand what is going on with the camera.

She's getting to be a good climber on our couch. I had to watch her real well in these pictures cause she could have gone right over the back!

I just thought this was a cute one of her, looking up.

Doing a dance routine on her puzzle.

Nst Nst Nst...I love this picture on her dancing :)
These pictures are for all my pregnant fans out there...I'm getting huge and uncomfortable now. I"m 26 weeks along now so it's just going by too fast.
I took these last two with the camera timer cause I know Joe was starting to get sick of me asking him to take pictures over and over again. It's just so hard to get good pictures when you are THE elusive white whale :)
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Easter Proud

I feel pretty proud of myself. I have finally done some sort of a tradition with our little family. I went out and got tons of candy and did that whole basket thing for tomorrow. The best part is...and Joe doesn't know i'm doing a treasure hunt for him to find his basket tomorrow morning. I have made like 8 clues that he has to go around, clue to clue, to find his basket. I'm so excited! But I just feel like an awesome wife for doing something fun for a change :)

Here is Joe's basket, filled to the brim with yummy candy. His favorite is the chocolate-covered marshmellows so I got TONS of those for him.

This little guy is Emma's basket. She LOVES dogs, as I have mentioned before on this...I think, so I found this cute doggie at Walmart, stuffed it in the smallest basket I could find and Emma will love it! The basket was 50 cents! Ya, we're going cheap this year :)

Today, we had a great day playing with each other. This is Emma modeling her cute Easter attire that I got. Love those colors!

Her new favorite hiding spot is now in the corner of her room, behind her rocking chair.

My favorite part of her outfit is the shirt. Emma is one Sassy Chick, i'll tell you what.

Emma and me chillin' on the couch. Daddy made her laugh really hard when he took the picture so she's got a really giggly smile. Happy Easter everyone!

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Nesting, mischief and puzzles

The past few weeks, i've started the "nesting" phase, it seems. I've become paranoid of everything I want organized and finished before the 2nd baby comes. So i've re-organized Emma's room and have become scrapbooking all the pictures of Emma that i've been putting off. My goal is to get them all finished before chaos breaks loose.

So I went to Target and got those cute little pink/purple stacking bins and her new hamper on top.

Then I went to Walmart and got 3 more wicker bins for the changing table. We recently put in the twin mattress on the floor for her to get used to when she upgrades into that so the baby can use the crib.

This morning, I found it very quiet in the house so I went on a search for my child. I heard Emma "talking" to her self as she was breaking down this roll of toilet paper.
This is Emma having a fun-filled time playing with her puzzles.
She LOVES!!!! puzzles and has become quite the professional. She can even be obsessive about it sometimes. But I do have to say that those puzzles are listed for 2 years and up...she's only 18 months and has conquered them :) (I had to put that proud mom moment)
And this is her loving the camera...actually she's more curious. She sees me with the camera and comes and sits on my lap to see what pictures are on the I just flipped it around and took one of her...She looks so funny but her eyes are beautiful! I love that she got my eyes and Joe's eye lashes :) (maybe a little jealous!)

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