PROJECT: craft

This past Saturday I was able to attend PROJECT: craft.
boy do I wish it was every night.
Danyelle and Lindsay did an AMAZING job.
They spared nothing.
Every detail was accounted for.
Jenn hosted it over at Greenies and the atmosphere was perfect.
And of course, I didn't take any pictures of the night since I was busy crafting...or sewing :)
We were spoiled with goodies for the eye and the belly. 
We were all given a fun little project to work on, a craft kit, if you will.
YUMMY cookies were made from the Breadman's Wife
There were giveaways and I won a beautiful bag by Harper Road!!
We also got a Creative Mix by the Passionista.  I am loving it.  I bring it with me everywhere.
Freshly Picked supplied everyone with a wallet.
ANd not to mention everyone who came, it was fun to meet some new crafty ladies.
Oh it was the best night ever. 
Thank you again ladies!

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watch out.

this girl is silly.
on sunday, i was minding my own business, trying to take a nap when it came.
the sillies.
and it's her that always brings it too.
 and it is very contegous.
without fail, i will laugh at this girl.

 but she is still 3 so these moments are very rare, hence the pictures.

emma is now 5.

this little girl is so special.
she makes me laugh and smile each day.
i am one lucky mom to have her!
she woke up to her presents, which of course, is the best part of birthday!
she got wonderful presents!  I found this dress-up trunk with 8 dresses and 10 pairs of shoes at a garage sale for $12!  She loved it!

 She got a Belle year is snow white, watch for that...
 her birthday shirt that I made for her :)

 I also took some beauties of this beauty.  I couldn't resist with this adorable hoodie.

 We also did a day trip to NE OR...remarkable really.
 emma in all her 5 year old glory :)


i am sad.
i don't want him to get bigger.
he's my snuggle-bunny.
he adores me.
and I him.
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all about emma.

 top row: 
mom, kate
bottom row:
luke, emma, grandpa dad

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this week's installment.

another weekend, another adventure....
i'm getting sick of roadtrips for some reason.

A week after we ventured central WA, we headed to NW OR.  We actually first went to Eastern WA for a Ward campout on Friday.  Lots of fun for the kids and to be able to get to know more of the "ward family"
We then packed up Saturday morning and went straight south to NW OR to a town called Enterprise.
It's a lovely little town.  Seriously.
Even weeks later, I couldn't get it out of my head....but we get to that another time.
We explored the town and visited with a dentist in the area.  We hit the local scene at their 1 of 2 mexican restaurants.  We then hit the hay pretty early...
Next day, we went to church and met some wonderful people.
We then traveled south 5 miles to Joseph, OR. 
Wonderful little town too! 
Reminds me of Park City, UT.
We visited the Lake there.  SO BEAUTIFUL.
being the "great" mother that I was, I didn't pack extra pants so the girls had to wear their pajama pants...lovely.

We met the Lake Sheriff. 
He was really nice and talked to us about the area. 
He gave the girls coupons to DQ for free ice cream cone.  Definitely a high point for them.
They stock the river and lake with fish...lots of FISH.  I could probably catch one, that's how many fish they have.
The deer are very friendly here too!
Another wonderful destination!  I am loving it  up here :)
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