Dance Date

Well I also wanted to let everyone know that Joe and I still have a dating life...after 16 months :) We had a fun night on the town...actually at the church. There was an Adult stake dance and a few days before, I decided that we are going on a date! Michelle Cox and I did a swap for babysitting over the weekend so she came and hung out while Emma slept. But is was so fun!! I don't know how Joe felt about it. I did have to drag him on the dance floor majority of the time but that's just take a little practice. But ya we had a blast and saw old and new friends...Shout out to Melissa Snyder Wood and her husband!! I felt like I was back in junior high again (also meaning the music played was basically the same as when we were in 7th grade :)) But it was a well deserved night and just glad we did it!
PS- Melissa, i'm still up for the dance party so count me in!
PSS- The picture was taken by Michelle Cox...and I felt like I was going to a high school dance...hee hee

New Couches!

We actually got them a few weeks ago but it is only now that I'm getting them posted since i've just had other things to do. We love them and glad we don't have to sit on the flat cuddlebag anymore. The apartment is getting more and more "livable" so things are a bit more easier. I have developed the worse case of allergies though. I've never had them before in my life but just last week, my eyes were on fire!! Not to mention the constant nose drips and sneezing. Come to find out, it is Mountain Cedar, which is very unpredictable. So i'll be purchasing some Claritin and hopefully it'll subside. But things are just back to normal now and we're just getting through this semester!

Rain Fall

The past couple of days have been a little gloomy in SA. It's been colder than usual and raining a whole lot. Both Emma and I are getting over colds so I try to keep her in as much as I can but that can become difficult with a 16 month old. So luckily we have a porch with a view that she can play on whenever she needs some fresh air. And it had been ages since taking pictures of just her so I took the opportunity to get some done. The lighting was perfect too so we got some good ones. She loves to go outside and explore so the porch is perfect to have some control of where she can and can't go.

Still a winner to me ;)

So we have some unfortunate news to tell. Emma was not chosen as the winner for the Gerber Organic Food Contest. I finally found out when I checked and saw that they had finally posted the winners. Yet Emma is on the website! So that's kind of exciting. here's the link if you want to check it out:

So ya, Emma did take the news pretty hard. She shed a few tears but I think she's getting over it. But other than that, we've had a great Christmas break! We went and visited with Joe's family over in Port Neches, TX and it was a very nice trip. Emma is at an excellent stage right now. She had so much fun with her Uncles! They gave her all the attention she needed so that gave Joe and I a great break. Joe's parents even got Emma up in the mornings!! Talk about a vacation! So we had a good time and then we got back home to our Sty...pig sty I should say. I am luckily feeling better so i've been able to pitch in on things to do. So we're slowly sorting things out and getting things unpacked. Joe starts school again tomorrow and I don't know if i'm ready for that again. I got used to him being here! So it'll be an interested shift. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Talk to ya'll later!
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