Summer in TX 2016

For some reason, the kids like to go outside in this Texas heat.  It is so muggy & hot.  Just so thick.  I can't handle it for too long.  I start to suffocate.
But they love it and it's good for them to get some vitamin D.  I wanted to take a few pictures of them out being with each other.  My favorite ones are the candid interactions with one another.  Just the way that they can be loving and nice to each other and these show that.  I love how each of them have their own personalities that show in these too.  I love each of them.  Kate was absent in these since she's been in Art Camp every morning this week.

Jane's Baby Blessing

We were so lucky to have been able to bless Jane surrounded by family Dec. 27th 2015.  We went to UT for Aunt Camilla's wedding over Christmas Break.  So we decided to wait and bless Jane while we were there.  It really was such a special day.  Both sides of the family was there, except for my older brother, Jake, who lives in Michigan.  Jane was surrounded by a HUGE circle of worthy priesthood holders as Joe blessed her with the sweetest blessing.   Jane had been bugging and nagging me for the past couple of years, letting me know that I was not done having babies.  As much as I fought it, I knew deep down that I too wasn't done.  I could trust in the Lord that Jane was eternally part of our family and that He trusted me to take care of her.  It's an overwhelming thought but I know I could do it.

Afterwards, I took some pictures in my parent's front room.  The dress & bonnet was handmade by Leslie Lherson Couture on Etsy.  She custom designed and I couldn't be more happy with it.  I love how it turned out.

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