A week already?!

Well that was the fastest week i've ever experienced!
First, i'd just like to add or say that I had my baby boy on Tuesday and so so happy that he's here :)
Alright, onto the winner :)

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# 7 is

The Robinsons said...

This is the cutest pouch! I love the fabric you chose. I would love to win this!

Congrats! Email me: lyssabz05@gmail.com and give me your address :)

If I get to crafting again and make something extra, we can do this again :)

Luke's Story...

**Long Story for Memory Purposes**

Well I'm finally not pregnant and that in itself is a relief!
And we are all safe and healthy.

Lots to be thankful for over here.
Truly grateful for my family, watching Emma and Kate while we had our little boy. They're having tons of fun with Grandpa & Grandma T. and their Aunts, Uncles and cousins. They couldn't be in better hands!
Thankful for Joe in helping me through yesterday.
Thankful for fabulous nurses and doctors who have helped me as well.
Thankful for modern medicine!
And lastly, Thankful for Luke and the sweet little baby that he is already! I can't get enough of this guy. I am so humbled to be the privileged mother to take care of him on this earth. It can be an overwhelming task to be a mother. But the special moments that happen between me and my children are precious and unforgettable...and so worth it.

Yesterday, we got up and ready for the hospital. We arrived a little before 8 AM. We did the normal paperwork and got placed in our room. Our nurse, Lori, came in and asked some more questions. I got in my bare-backed gown and got ready for some fun. They inserted my IV....ahh!...those are the worse! She checked me and I was at a 3. So, I thought, we are on to a good start!

Immediately, they got Pitocin in it to get things going. I was expecting for them to then break my water but she didn't and couldn't. He, the baby, wasn't fully engaged down. His head was bouncing around when she would put her fingers up there. If she were to break my water, there was a chance that the umbilical cord could block the cervix and cause many complications. So she had to wait on breaking my water until he was fully engaged down into the cervix.

The contractions started coming and was ready for the epidural. Initially he was available but right after I asked for it, another case came up, with an emergency with another patient having twins, so I had to wait. I was fine with that. The contractions weren't that bad so I waited.

Things were just going really slow. It didn't help that they hadn't broken my water yet. That always does the trick with me but since they couldn't, I dilated very slowly...slower than I anticipated.

Finally around 11 am, I got the epidural. But there was one complication with it. The catheter in which they used for it wasn't inserted as far in as the anesthesiologist wanted but left it alone, telling me to just be careful so that it won't fall out. If it did or if I wanted to fix it, I would have to do the whole 'insert huge needle into my back" process again. So I made sure to not move at all.

So we just hung around some more. The nurse was waiting for my bottom half to get numb so she could insert the catheter and break my water. The baby was now engaged. So we were excited because we knew once she broke the water, things would go a lot faster.

So we waited for the epidural to kick it. I could immediately feel my legs become tingly and numb but then it wouldn't moved up to my stomach. This was like 1/2 hour after I got it and it definitely should have been all numb. So we thought he just didn't give me a big enough dose. So i pressed the dosage button to get a kick of drugs to get fully numb.

Initially it worked...

So we waited about another hour, waiting for that to kick in. It spread to where I finally couldn't feel the nurse insert my catheter, which was good because I needed to go really bad.
And then after that, she broke my water. Wahoo! This was about 12:30 or 1 when they broke my water. After that I was at a 6. So how we waited for me to dilate some more.

But as I got more dilated, the more the pain grew.

So the Anesthesiologist came in. He asked me what I felt and I told him at contractions, it was my lower stomach and lower back, really severe cramp-like pain.

So he gave me some a dose of something that would make me very numb.

So we waited for that to kick in....


And since they had broken my water, I was dilating faster. The pain got worse with every contraction...um this isn't suppose to happen with an epidural folks! I think it was the worse pain I had ever felt.

The Anesthesiologist was kind of a punk. He was about 30, seemed to have just finished medical school. And was treating me like I was one of those whiny patients. You know, the annoying ones. So when I would tell him I was still feeling severe pain, he just thought I was ridiculous because "he knew he had put so much medicine in me that I couldn't be in pain"...ugh, idiot.

So after barely getting through a contraction and bawling my eyes off from the pain, the nurse, who was sympathetic to what I was going through and understood that I wasn't full of crap, told me that something must be wrong with the epidural because I should be so so completely numb. So she called the half-"A" doctor and said, "You are replacing the epidural right now, come back in!"

So he did.

And when they lifted me up to redo the whole process, the Anesthesiologist says, "Oh...huh, yep it fell out."

AHHHHHH, you freaking idiot. Guaranteed it had been out for like 2 hours, which explains the growing pains...So I hadn't really been getting an epidural where it mattered the most. So the contractions I have been feeling this whole time have been with no help? Honestly, Doc, if you stick a catheter half way in someone's back, isn't that an indication that you should probably do it again?

UGH...Such a moron.

And the nurse had checked me before I got the replacement and found that I was dilated to an 8....geez louise. Those were some serious contractions I was experiencing! So he did it again and I INSTANTLY got completely numb.

See, that's how it was supposed to happen the first time!

And now that my body had a chance to finally relax, I got to a 10 in like 1/2 hour. And my OBGYN was hilarious because he kept calling through out the day, yelling at the Anesthesiologist to get me comfortable because he too knew that it shouldn't be taking this long!

Anyways, I get to a 10. I push twice and this huge baby comes out. The doctor's like, "whoa, this is much bigger than your other babies!"

Luke came out with the cord around his neck and one of his hands up by his face. He was blue so they grab him and start to revive him....

it took them about 5 minutes to get to him to finally breathe! Even the NICU team came running in before he did. Talk about scary. I was just laying there, thinking, Breathe!! Breathe!!!

Phew but he did. And I'm glad. They weigh him and he's only 8.5 lbs, which surprises the doctor because he looks bigger than that...But for being a week early, that's pretty big!

He is such a sweetie and has been a great baby so far. lol just sleeps all the time. I have to wake him up hardcore to feed him or else he'd just keep sleeping.

We are staying an extra night because he had swallowed alot of crap and it just keeps coming out so they just want to make sure everything is safe and good. I'm fine with that. I like being taken care of still. It'll be weird to be home.

I just can't believe he's finally here!

Good times at the hospital :)

(i'll get pics up later, sick of the computer)


He's finally here!
Luke Daniel Zimmerman
8 lbs 5 oz
20 inches
Born 10/27/2009 @ 3:49 pm

Interesting story to tell but later. But here's a pic to tantalize your brains....

30days: Kick off

30 Days is doing a great giveaway on her new shop: Jamboree Designs. They are digital cards. I love her fresh designs! Come check them out!
30days: Kick off

Journal Entry #3: The Plan

So Tee minus 33 hours to go before #3 comes!
I'm nervous...really, truly nervous!
I'm excited to not be pregnant.
I'm impatient to see this little guy.

Here's the plan or here was the plan a day ago.

My parents drove down today from UT to visit, watch the girls while I went to the hospital and had the baby. Then they can come visit in the hospital and the girls can see their brother! My parents are to stay here until Wednesday morning, where they will drive back with the girls. They will stay in UT for about a week.

(Such a nice relief to know they will be taken care of and that I will be able to really recover and relax with just 1 kid for a week...but it will be so so weird!)

That was the plan until this morning. My sister-in-law had some extreme pain and some weird things going on with her body so she had to go to the ER this morning! So my parents had to delay their departure to watch their little baby until 11:30 am or so.

Come to find my SIL somehow was infected with Hepititus A...poor girl! So while she's in the hospital, my brother still has to work and go to school. So they need help with the baby. So my parents had to cut their visit and trip short. They left at 11:30 am this morning, came in town around 7 pm, did a very quick visit, and then turned back around with the girls to UT.

It was kind of a shock and took some time to sink in that my girls would not be around when their brother would come. This is definitely harder on me then them. They were so excited to drive back with Grandma and Grandpa and go to UT...which I am so glad that with the change of plans, they did awesome. It was just hard on me because, well, I am a planner! I like to keep to a set schedule or plan. It is much more comfortable that way, to know what to expect!

So as they left around 8:30 pm tonight, I was definitely sad. Tomorrow is going to weird without them here!
And Joe still has to go to school so I have a whole day without anyone....so so weird! Didn't think that would happen again.

But I have definite plans for myself tomorrow:
Sleep in.
Return library books and DVDs.
Pick up/clean house so I will return from the hospital to a clean house (nothing better!).
Finish up last minute things I want to do before baby #3 comes.
And probably take a few naps.

Again, it's just going to be weird but it will be nice to have a kid-free day.

But I already miss them...even though they'd be in bed right now...just knowing that they are in a car to UT kind of spoils it!

So I should get to bed so I don't exhaust myself. Looking forward to what tomorrow will bring ...
And especially what Tuesday brings!

Diaper Pouch / Holder / Clutch Giveaway :)

So i've been on the down low for a while. First I was sick with being pregnant. Then I moved across country. Then I settled down. Now I wait to have this baby come Tuesday! It's one thing after another. Scrapbooking has been put on the back-burner...I have no motivation for it whatsoever.

But I have gotten into sewing stuff for the baby.
And some friends and I have started another blog where we post up tutorials of things we make:


And I actually just posted up a tutorial on how to make a diaper pouch and also am Giving one away!! You have to come check it out!
Go HERE for details :)

Diaper Pouch / Holder / Clutch Giveaway :)

Hey I wanted to spread the word to all you hot mom's out there. I did a Diaper Pouch/Holder/Clutch tutorial over at The Crafty Clique. Plus, I am giving one away for free! Come check it out HERE and try to win this wonderful invention :)

Wooden Pumpkins & Pecan Wreath

I got the idea for the pumpkins form U create they were really easy to make and they turn out really cute. The wreath idea came to me when I was in Crate and Barrel they had some made out of berries. I had a ton of pecans left over from last season so I decided to use them. The green balls are called horse apples, I picked them when I was in Fort Worth. The real pumpkin came from Love Creek pumpkin patch and Bailey painted it :)
All I did was hot glue the pecans to a styrofoam wreath from the dollar store and put moss/grass in between. It was super fast to make.

For the pumpkins we cut some 2x4 and sanded the edges.

Then we painted them orange, we tried using crackle paint on top but it didn't work. Then we cut leaves out of felt and made stems out of wire. To top it off we added some raffia.

Holiday Hairclip Set Giveaway!

My friend, Celeste makes and sells adorable baby hair accessories!! And she's doing a fabulous giveaway!! You have to check out her blog for details!

Holiday Hairclip Set Giveaway!

Our own Celeste, who makes and sells adorable baby hair accessories, if having a giveaway on these babies! You have to go check out her blog for details!

Picture Catch-up

Update on me:
Yesterday, I had my doctor's appointment. Still a "2" but we set an induction date for Oct. 27th at 8 AM... So he'll be here then or earlier, if he decides. But i'm not betting on it. My body doesn't go into labor on it's own. So I hope it all goes well.
Can I brag for a second?
Emma's total labor/delivery was 6 hours.
Kate's total labor/delivery was 3 1/2 hours.
Boy total labor/delivery? 1 hour? Awesome, i'll take it :)
No I can't assume anything! We'll just see how it goes. But it'd sure be nice, be home in time for lunch ;)
So with a week and half left of having a family of four, i've have become lazy and stay home all day playing with the girls. But I do venture out to the library weekly!

We have done some fun Halloween activities like coloring scary pictures, cutting them out and taping them on the door.
Yesterday, we make Halloween-shaped sugar cookies...with delicious frosting. YOu can't go wrong there.
And i'm avoiding the scale at all costs...
Oh and today we watched Nightmare Before Christmas. I take pride in hearing my girls sing, "THis is Halloween, THis is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween"
Ok so picture time:
Some of these pictures are really old. But I haven't felt the "load pictures on blogger" vibe until now so I gotta get them on now before the baby comes.
The first bit are from UT when I went up for a week for fun. Across and down the street for my house is a garden. Brother Peterson told family to do pick some Cantelope so my brother JC and I took the girls to the corn field. Kate wasn't liking the scarecrow.
Kate frolicing in the grass

Where's Emma?!

Jumping on the rocks

Next, we went to Thanksgiving Point's Pumpkin Extravaganza.
Here are the cousins Emma, Kate, Abby & Collin
Now seriously, did they want to start a statewide meltdown of every little girl by having this attraction right next to the entrance?!
Because that's what happened when we attempted to take off anything princess with this girl...
Let's just say she had a breakdown for a good 45 minutes after we left that area.
This is jsut too funny...

THey had this really cool trampoline type thing that the kids (meaning Jenny & Aaron as well) played on for like 30 minutes.

Oh how cute...
And....Kate's done.

And there was a fun tractor ride that went in a small circle 2 times.

Emma wanted to pull the kids, so nice...
Back to Vegas...

The other day, Emma decided she wanted Blue eyes.

Here's what i've been busy doing in my free time. More Here

Here's our scary pictures!

And Kate's been into the whole diaper changing thing and taking off her clothes and peeing under the table and all that fun stuff. Here she is wiping her baby. So cute :)

So that's it for now. But we still have till the 27th for fun. I'll try to keep posted :)

Wood Crafts

So here is what i've been up to the past few weeks. I have had these wood blocks for a while now, waiting to be crafted. I got them almost a year ago from one of our Crafty Clique monthly craft nights. I've had some of these ideas for awhile and some I just recently got and added my own twist to it.
When I was in UT visiting my family, my mom and I painted all of them then she had an electric sander so I took care of that there too. The phrases are all paper that I have modge-podged on there then I added embellies or ribbon.

These pumpkins were fun. THe faces are handcut paper that I modge-podged them on. The stems are dowels that I cut with my mini hacksaw and glued them on with wood glue then the "leaves" are ribbons. This came from ideas from Tip Junkie & Jennie's blog, both awesome inspirations :)

These last two are very similar..which one do you like the best? I can't decide!

I made all this originally for a fair I went to but it ended up being more of a flea market so the audience wasn't right for this so I didn't sell a whole lot. Which deep down am glad because I wanted to keep them for me to decorate for my own house!
THey are way easy to make too! THey are just normal 2x4's from Lowes that are cut up in different sizes...it's all up to you!

Journal Entry #2

(I vent and express my REAL thoughts and feelings, so you have been warned...or do you need to be? It is my blog.)
Dear Diary-
So I thought I was kotcher with my calling..lol until I went yesterday...

It was kinda rough. It was no one's fault or the kids even. They were great and the leaders did the best they could with what they had. See, we just went through a huge ward boundary change so they've been scrambling to put members to callings for the past 2 weeks. But there are still spots to be filled. They didn't have all the nursery helpers (which is what I am) filled so there were last minute subs. The kids were a bit nervous but that's understandable. ANd I was put into the same class as Kate....

***no good can come from being in the same class as your own kid! ***

THere was pretty much no seperation between the two of us the whole time, which made it hard to help the other kids. And I want to be able to do what I can for everyone since there are only 2 helpers for 8 kids. So I requested to be put in charge of another class next time since there are 3 classes total.
The nursery leader did a great job considering the circumstances too. It should be interesting. But the rough part was just trying to move and moderate the kids with sharing and stuff. I couldn't "run" to the rescue in my condition so it was kinda rough trying to bend over to solve problems and stuff. I was definitely exhausted after church. I got a question for those in nursery, what are your routines like? I"ve seen many different ways so i'm curious what you do. The nursery leader wants to do a brain storm and find a good routine so any ideas would help!

Oh and did I mention that Joe didn't feel well either so I hit up church solo with the 2 kids? lol there were many miracles had yesterday. I am very grateful to other nice members who entertained my girls during sacrement. Emma is SUCH a social butterfly that whoever is sitting behind us will hear her little voice the whole meeting. Not to mention receiving books to read to her and continuously being shown her crayons and drawings...it's quite comical.

During the whole 3 hours, I was a bit stressed and frazzled but looking back, realizing I made it, it went well. Again, I think the hormones of pregnancy just make things worse than they are. I talked to my nursery leader about my "condition", thinking that she had talked with the Bishopric about me and what would happen this coming year. But to my disappointment, she had no idea what I was talking about...which causes further stress!
I had to tell her what they told me and what to expect. I told her that I don't know what she wanted to do about it all because she will have to find subs for when i'm gone recovering plus once I get back, to leave to feed the baby. That's going to take a tole on who ever I work with if I"m gone 1/2 the time. So I just let her know that. She said she'd talk to the primary president about it. So we'll see what happens. I'm fine either way really. I don't want to be a burden on the nursery leader if i'm gone all the time.

Some of you might be thinking, well then just do a bottle and have Joe feed the baby...well i've never really hassled with bottles. I don't hassle with pumping either. I guess I just don't get it and dont' want to deal with it and with a kid who doesn't like bottles or won't drink from it or me. I guess I like to keep things simple. But who knows, maybe I don't end up breastfeeding this time around for some reason. If that's the case, then it won't be an issue :) We'll just see.

So I completely crashed when I got home, took a good nap, shed a few tears to relieve my stress...(another thing you ought to know...to feel better, I cry...much more now that i'm pregnant but when i'm not, I ususally have a day where I cry...lol ya it's odd but true) But the second half of the day was nice, relaxing and just want I needed. Joe was a great help and let me just vent and let me be lazy.

Anyways, I do have pictures but they are on Joe's computer that is acting up. So in the meantime, i'm expressing my thoughts and feelings as baby #3 approaches. I appreciate all your comments from the last post.

Let me just clarify to those of you who might have took what I wrote last time that I don't want this baby...
HELLO?! of course I want this baby! You would not question this if you had seen me at the following times throughout this pregancy:

-conception (bow chica bow wow)
-Finding out that I was pregnant.
-Finding out that we were having a BOY...honestly, probably goes down in the book for one of my highest, happinest moments.

There are many other times throughout that I have been so excited to have this baby boy come out and finally be here.

Folks, it's not the baby that I dispise. It's the pregnancy! It's got me so screwed up emotionally, physcialliy and mentally. It totally sucks. But it IS all worth it in the end when I finally see my baby in my arms. Please don't question that I don't want to have this baby and have him be apart of my family. I am just being REALISTIC. Of course it's going to suck the first month or two when I'm recovering. Let me remind you that my 1st pregnancy, I had a 4th degree laceration...and 2nd pregnancy? 2nd degree...both are unfavorable in my eyes so of course i'm not going to be excited about the afterbirth. I got spinal headaches with Kate's pregnancy so that definitely wasn't a box of kittens either. So you can understand that they can put a damper on all this.

And each pregnancy is different and who knows what this one will bring. But I do try to keep an open mind through it all and can't wait to see #3 (yes we have names but not sure if I want to post them yet...you know how that goes...)

Anyways, I did the same thing when I was pregnant with Kate...all this thought-provoking stuff and long posts with no pictures...it is just the phase i'm in. And it'll pass, I know that. I just like to vent. It feels good. And since this is my blog, I can do whatever I want, right? Good, glad we understand one another :)

Journal Entry #1

Dear Diary-
It's been an emotional week. The last month of all my pregnancies are always emotional. It's like morning sickness for my feelings. It is definitely hitting me that I have 2-3 weeks left before another baby is thrown into this family. I'm not going to lie, I am not looking forward to the lack of sleep, the crotch pain & sharing my body with some hungry, pooping baby. I think the magic of having a baby dies after the first one becuase you know what to expect. ANd usually it is the negative memories and experiences that stick out in your mind. So you just wait for those challenges to come head on. As much as you try to prepare, there's nothing that you can fully do. So you become depressed.

And that's just one day...

The next day, you become motivated to clean your whole house, put away the laundry, actually plan dinner and even **gasp** shower! The day goes well and you are feeling happy, excited and impatient to see the little guy! Husband comes home happy and plays with the kids so you can prepare dinner. THe kids EAT their food and then Dad takes them to the park so you can clean up early so you can have the rest of the night to relax. You have narrowed down the names to four and hoping that you get a vision for the perfect name ;) Life is just great!

Next day...

From over-acheiving yesterday, you are exhausted! You throw some dry cereal in some bowls and fed the kids breakfast as you lazily check your email. You rest your head on the couch for just a minute...

45 minutes later, you wake up to your whole house covered in toys, clothes and food. The kids are still watching TV as you get up to go to the bathroom. You finally make it to your room to get dressed as well. You avoid looking around the house because you know it will just frustrate you on how hard you cleaned yesterday and it is now demolished. You finally make it to nap time.

One down, one to distract.

Put on a movie so you can take a power nap.

2nd kid wakes up and scrounge for food for everyone. The phone rings. Bishopric is asking you if you are able to come to the church tonight, both you and your husband. Most likely for a calling. YOu begin to wonder if you will even get a calling under your condition.

Fast-forward to the evening.

Meet with one of the bishopric and tells you that you have been called to Nursery. You say yes because being born of Goodly Parents, you are taught to never say no to a church calling. It is only minutes in the car that you start getting teary-eyed, trying to figure out why they would think of calling a 8+ month pregnant mom of 2 to nursery. You aren't a fast thinker so you don't think of these things on a whim when they really matter. As you struggle to get the kids to bed, the water works become full force, completely bawling in front of everyone, (and your kids stroking your head, saying, it's okay mommy. Be happy mommy) trying to figure out what you will do with a newborn baby and nursery! There is no way you will bring the baby IN nursery with you. And if you husband receives a calling that detanes him the last 2 hours of church, then there is no way you can have that calling. Only now do you realized that maybe you should have said no and are aware that you probably won't go to hell for it.

Your mind is too upset to do anything productive for the house so you get a big bowl of your favorite ice cream and watch some funny shows. You try not to think about the evenings' events for fear of crying again. You then write down all your concerns for the calling and plan to call the Bishopric tomorrow.

Tomorrow comes and it is like everyday. But this one, you are waiting for the perfect time to call and get things figured out with the calling. You finally call and tell him your concerns. He understands and is aware of my situation and what comes with it. So after talking with him, you realize it won't be a big deal, that Joe will watch the baby so you can do your calling and thanks to gazillion hormones going through your body, you had a nervous breakdown when you didn't have to.

On top of that, you are preparing for a fair where you rented a table to sell you TOmboy Tools and some wood crafts that you have been making for the past few weeks. You will post pictures later.

TOday was a big day for you because you went to the doctors and he finally had you take off your bottoms to inspect your progression. You were completely expecting no progress as you are barely 37 weeks. Yet to your utter surprise, you are already dialated to a 2 and starting to soften! Is there hope for this child to come early?! There might...but from past pregnancies, you know that you don't go into labor alone...only through inductions. So you mentally plan that you will at least have this baby 1 week early, since that is the earliest the doctor will induce you.

So today's forecast?

Really good so far since you received some awesome news. But it's only 1:30 pm...there's a lot of day left...we'll see what the rest of the rollercoaster does for today...

Necklace & jewelry Organization Tutorials

I desperately needed something done with my jewelry. I was sick of having them in boxes and getting tangled up.
Then I saw this DIY jewelry organizer.
I was amazed and determined to make that. So I hit all the thrift stores in search of a wooden silverware holder, thinking I would easily find one!
Well no, to my dismay, nothing!
But in my wanderings, I found this:

It got me thinking...I could definitely use this for my organizer!

So first step was taking out the shelving.
They were loose so I secured them with some wood glue.

After they dried, I used my mini jigsaw and cut the shelves to the sizes I want. I turned the whole thing vertical.
Then I painted both pieces white...or my husband did..since i'm 8+ months pregnant :)

Then I measured the spaces for the next steps of modge podging paper on the back.

Nice ;)

Then I had to put back the shelving.

Then I used my drill and make holes and added in cabinent knobs to hold the necklaces

Then I glued a piece of dowel on the back so it would be angled a bit so no piece of jewelry would fall off.

And here you go! Atop of the necklace organizer is my earring organizer.
I had an empty frame and hot glued a large piece of lace that I found from this really cool store...the lace was like 25 cents a yard!
Anyways, lace or even tulle work great to hold earrings!

This has been so nice! The smaller cubbies, I use for rings or stud earrings or bracelets!
It is a great addition to my room :)

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