Trunk or Treaties

THis year, I was really excited since I have two little girls to work with. So in my excitement, I made the girls tutu's so they'd be matching ballerina's. I was surprised how easy and fast it was to make them!
A few of you have mentioned that I did a good job sewing them no, I can not sew worth beans!! These were "N0-sew tutus!! I got the coolest "Tutu Tutorial" from the blog, "Mama's Doodles" which is located on the side. It's a great blog and really fun, cute ideas that this mom has done. Check it out!
So i've got a bunch of pictures from our ward's Trunk or Treat and then of Emma going off with Joe trick or treating on Hallows Eve.

Emma ate a bit too much candy last night at the trunk or treat. Here's just a preview of what she was doing the whole night..i'm serious, the WHOLE night: oh and yes, it's a tad dark but you get the idea :)

And here are some pics of our Halloween fun extravaganza!
I took this picture during the day, trying to get Kate to pose and these are the best I got..I think she was a little tired

These are pictures from our Trunk or Treat. Emma will not hold still for anything! And luckily she kept on her tutu. At first she didn't want to wear it but Joe and I persisted and stuck it on her!

This is what Emma did the whole night while in the cookies and suckers...oh and run around of course :)

Kate, Me, Jamie, Eric, Jazmin and Olivia!

See whta I mean about the suckers? See that pile on the table of unwrapped suckers? That would be Emma's doing. She'd unwrap one, lick it and grab another one!

Here's our annual Halloween photo....

THis is during the trunking part. Emma had suckers in both hand the whole time!

This is right before leaving to go Trick or Treating with Daddy. And of course, the bloody dog has to come!
Such a cute lil' ballerina!

I love this picture! It's so cute of them, off and ready to go trick or treating!

Happy Belated Halloween! Hope everyone was safe and had fun! Sadly we didn't have any trick or treaters at our place..but that's typical for apartment dwellers.


So yesterday went pretty well. I started the day off by cleaning my house and it was in dire need of one. Next I was able to go to my friend, Rachel's baby shower in the afternoon and it was so fun! She got lots of cute stuff. Good Job Christine for doing that, it turned out really cute. I know you put alot of work into that so pat of the back for you! So as fun as that was, the highlight of my night was in the evening. Courtney and Mark Ellis, awesome friends that we have, came over to babysit so we could finally have a date night. They came over around 7:30 and of course, the one night of the whole existance of Kate was she crying and wouldn't eat!! So it took us a bit to head off, get her calmed down.

So what did we do, you ask? We went to Sea World!! I was so excited because, yes we have been to Sea World many times but with kids. So that meant purely the rides! The park was open until 10 so we had about 2 good hours to run amuck through Sea World. Plus they are doing Hallow-scream. They've got the park creepily decorated and they even had a haunted forest!! Right when we got there, we ran...seriously, we were running (the chances of going to Sea World again without kids for us are really really slim so we wanted to ride everything we were wanting to before the park closed) to start going on rides.
This is our faces after the Steel Eel! it's a little wind blown!
Our first ride was the Steel Eel. That was crazy! I was nervous/ excited since it's been a couple of years since my rollar coaster days...mainly from Lagoon and they don't have anything like the Steel Eel there. And Joe made me put my arms up the whole time..which was hard on the slopes since I felt like I was falling out! But it was so fun to do that! The next one we got on was the Great White? I think that's what it's called. On this ride, your feet dangle so that was fun. THis one had a couple of loops and crazy twists. It was really fun too. We both were just screaming and laughing. It was so fun to be all silly :) This picture is cool. The black light they had in the Haunted Forest made me teeth purple!!
We found out when we got there too that most of the rides closed at 9 so that's why we were running. So once we rode the best 2 coasters, we headed to the Haunted Forest. There was a pretty long line but it moved pretty fast. I expected it to be cheesy and not scary since there so were many people. Yet it had me jumping and screaming a great deal! It was pretty fun...and Joe and I have never been in a "haunted" activity like this! it was pretty fun to just have him there and grab when I got scared!

After that, we headed to Journey to Atlantis, the onl y ride open till 10. We were like the only 2 on the boat and we chose the wettest seats possible. The ride itself was pretty lame....but the huge splash at the end came as a huge shock ( I didn't expect it to be that splashy!) I was funny that we were drenched and it was pretty cool outside so we were freezing. Then we had enough time to go to the last show in the was a "scary" Shamu show or something like that. It was pretty cool.There are some pictures from the Shamu Show

Here is us on the way out of the park..we are wet, cold and a little tired. But it was so worth it and it was so fun doing something just us!! (nothing against the kids..still love them!)

Phew I just realized that I've been writing a novel!! I'll cut it here. But thank you thank you thank Courtney and Mark for babysitting and don't be surprised if we plan something again with you :) But seriously, I don't think you know how much I appreciated your offer!

Fuzzi Bunz, coming through!

So my kids made their U-Tube debut this past Thursday! My friend, Melissa Richardson has started her own website that sells organic and earth-friendly baby products. You gotta check it out: So one product in particular is Fuzzi Buns. They are modern cloth diapers for babies. We all went to her house, put these Fuzzi buns on over their diapers and let them play around. She recorded the kids playing in them. She will then post that on U-tube as her way of advertising them for her website. It was so cute and fun to see all the babies in the cute Buns :) Here are some pictures!

Look at all the cute kiddos!
Jamie, the mediator...
Doggie had a runny nose so Emma was blowing it for she's so weird sometimes..
Emma trying to take Kate's Fuzzi Buns off
Ok I love this one...this should go on the product box for them. Her expression is hilarious!

Cute little Madison!
Me and Rollie Pollie cute!

Pumpkin Carvin'

Jed and Rachel Bassett invited us over Saturday night to carve pumpkins! I was so excited to go because I love doing stuff like that! I haven't carved pumpkins for years and now having a family, I just really excited to make it a family tradition now. As it turned out, Joe ended up doing all the work while I watched the kids but it was still fun!
Here's everyone getting started on emptying out the pumpkins..Jamie is really excited about it :)

Joe hard at work with our family pumpkin

Emma is trying to carve something...yes she has a sharp object!

Emma again just trying to do something adultish

Emma's next attempt was rinsing off the pumpkins..what a great helper!
We moved inside since it got dark and did the face shapes inside
Krista, Joe and Jed at the begining process of carving..Rachel is hard at work too...;);)
Here's our Spidey pumpkin. Joe did such a good job!
owww scary!
Here's all the pumpkins L to R:
Dials, Smith's, Zimmerman's, Bassetts, Ray's and Blacks.
..if you look at Jami Black's pumpkin, you will notice it is a vampire...which she freaked out when she saw it since she is obsessed with Twilight and vampires so it was really funny. She was awared the "Most obsessed with a book so she carved her pumpkin like it" prize!
Here's the gang who all were there. It was so much fun! Thanks Bassett's for inviting us! We had a blast! Hope all goes well in the upcoming weeks!!

Getting so BIG

My girls just turned another month older. Emma is now 25 months old and Kate is 3 months old! It seems
so crazy that it's already been 3 months since having Kate. Kids really do make time go by quickly. Here are some pics from the past few days.

Beautiful Kate giving me beautiful smiles. I put her up on the couch in a pose to show her strength. THis girl is pretty strong for her age and always has been. She was talking to me as I was taking pictures...if you look at her lips, she's saying "eeewwwwoooooo"
Emma wanted to examine the camera at close angles...
And I think she was trying to share the spot light with Kate
This one's lovely. Emma's been doing the nose pickin' thing these days. It's hilarious to watch but digusting. So we're working on that...

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