Short but Sweet...and funny.

Had to post this.

What we've been doing while Joe's been off...

I think these pics are not in chronological order but oh well!
We live in a great area where there are lots of things to do outside. We first hit Red Rock Canyon, which is like 10 minutes from our house. We hit the free trails and hiked all around the "red mountains", as Emma called them. The girls had so much fun. Actually, everyone had fun. We lucked out on the day we went because the weather wasn't bad at all.

K well since I haven't been posting any pics of me being pregnant because, well, I am realizing that this time around, my pregnant self is NOT flattering at all. But here I am 2 weeks ago at 20 weeks.

Then we live about 40 minutes from Mt. Charleston so we drove up there on a really hot day. It was super cool and great to hike around the mountains. Joe was trying to do extreme hiking with the kids by going off trail but it was fun once we got down off the cliffs! We found a trail that lead to a small waterfall so that was fun.

OTher than that, we've just been relaxing and getting everything squared away. I have more pics of what we've been doing so I'll try to get those up.

Past few months...

Some things i've made in the past few months, mainly before we moved across the country!

I've gotten into sewing in the past few months and I love to create things!

If I must, I must...

Well you still aren't getting pictures of our new place just quite yet...let's be honest, it's going to be a while before I show pictures of the inside of my house, when the boxes are gone and it is DONE!

So until then, I will catch up for May. It was a crazy busy month for us, as you can imagine.
So here we go...

Joe's Senior Gala was at the beginning of the month. We went to the Alamo Dome and had dinner then gambled a bit. The tickets that we earned or won turned into raffle tickets to win prizes.

Joe was rocking the Texas Hold'em. He won tons of money which then turned into 29 raffle tickets (each ticket = $1000) So you can see how well he did! And in the end, it was all worth it since we won an IPOD NANO!! Wahoo!

The next day, we hit the road to Las Vegas to look for a house to rent for next year. The girls were picked up by Grandma and Grandpa Zimmerman. What a blessing it has been to live so close to family. The drive took 20 hours but there were of course stops along the way, like here at the Hoover Dam! And this was our view the entire time...Oh look! A Dust Devil!! Yep, that was the highlight of the drive.
We got into Vegas around 2 pm Thursday and settled in. We stayed at my Cousin, Stephanie. She was an awesome hostess. She lives only 10 minutes away from the strip so it was a great spot to stay while we looked for a house. On Friday night, I believe, we hit the strip. It was crazy but fun!

Stephanie treated us to these famous Crepe's found inthe Bellagio. It. was. so. good.

And these crazy characters were by the fountains. Batman even talked like Batman, all gruff and was pretty funny.

Loved this. Miss the real thing.

If any of you want copies of my photo work, drop me a line ;)

Worlds BIggest slot machine? I think? Ya, I was faking it...I don't gamble..duh!

Well happy to say that we did find a house..obviously or else I would be living on the curb as we speak! It is in Summerlin, a great area just West of the strip. It was meant to be!
We hit the road again back to San Antonio. This time, we didn't stop anywhere to sleep...we. drove. straight. though. I don't know what we were thinking, other than we had to get to houston the next day around 10:30 to meet his parents to pick up the girls. So it had to happen. That day, we were all exhausted!

Thus began a crazy next few weeks packing our house and getting ready to move!
But I wasn't the only one busy. My friends in SA were busy putting together a "She's having a Vegas Baby!" baby shower for me. It was remarkable. They are so creative and put so much detail in the parties or showers they throw. They sure knew how to make me feel special.
Since the theme was vegas, they decorated gambling style :)

Look at this cake Linsay did! It was awesome!

Sorry the pic is so poor. Look at how cute this is though!

Not complete without fondue!

THese ladies did such a great job! A big Thank You to everyone who helped put it together. It was so FUN!

Well this is it for now. I have more pics of Joe's Graduation. And I promise I will eventually get pics of here. But I had to get something up :)

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