Headband Holder

So i did this as a guest post over at Ruffled Sunshine but thought I would post it here too :)

Today, I am thankful for organization!
Can you imagine life without it?!  I can!  I've been there!
I am an infant hoarder with a love for garage sales and thrift store.  There is always something to be organized at my house!
Today, i'm tackling my headbands.  

I love to make these babies but how do you store them!?
Like this:

Fun huh?!  Well it's pretty simple but the end result goes a long way!

First you start with an oatmeal bin, some paper and a old candle holder:

Found this baby for a quarter at the local thrift store:

You add scrapbook paper around the oatmeal bin.  I taped it on.  It uses 2 pieces of paper to cover it all.
You can even add fun embellishments like so: (did that with my fun ecraft machine...have you heard of it?  if not, check it out!)

Then hot glue the bin onto the candle holder.

Inside, you can even store other things that can't be hung or stuck on something.

Wha-la!  How easy is this?  But I love how it looks.  Very feminine and useful :)

This has cleaned up my dresser so much.   I love it!

***People have asked about when their headbands are too wide.  Add some ridges or grooves on the oatmeal bin so the headbands get stuck.  Or add a plate underneath the bin and above the candle holder to hold any bigger headbands.

This post was featured on Dibsies "The Essential Guide to Keeping Kids Organized in the Home"
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