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Ok if you've known me for ever, you know I've had my fair share of in-home sales and consulting with products and companies.  I'm not the most suave salesman.  I let go of that part of me when I realized I just couldn't cut it.  Photography has always been my passion and I am so grateful for being able to do something that I love to do.
But wouldn't you know, I have been sucked into the consulting world again.  But this time it's different!

If you haven't heard of Jamberry Nails, now is the time!  This product is amazing.  And let me tell you why.
For those of you who are incapable of keeping nails kept and cute due to small kids, cleaning etc etc and didn't want to deal with chipped or scratched nail polish, I have found a solution.

Jamberry Nails are like tough stickers that go on your nail for the long haul.  Like "2 weeks on your finger nails and 6 weeks on your toe nail" Long.    Applying them on your nails is very easy to do and there are lots of resources to help you out.

They are affordable!  Seeing how they lost so long, a sheet can last you a while.

I mentioned they are durable and they are!  And the best part is that your nails look fabulous the whole time!  No chipping or scratches.  They remain in full and glossy.

Oh and I did I mention the styles that they come in?  There is a style for every kind of personality!  They even have a line for little girls!

So I definitely recommend just checking it out!  There are fun Hostess parties too where you can earn free Jamberry nails!


1 more year!

As of next week, Joe is officially a 2nd year Endo student...which means we have 1 more year of school.  It's amazing the road we've traveled on to get here.  We are approaching 10 years of marriage and most of it has been in school.

I am so proud of Joe and his accomplishments!  Last night was the Endo Graduation dinner for the 2nd years.  I was able to go along, as long as I brought my camera and took pictures.  We went to McEwen's downtown and it was amazing.  Best cheat meal ever.  It was a nice night out without the kids & to get dressed up.

Results are In...

After doing the 7-Day Detox with LeanMoms.com, I am just amazed at my body and the changes that can happen in such a short amount of time.  So I measured myself today, after 7 days of eating smoothies full of natural oils, fruits and veggies and lean meats here are my results:

I lost 7 lbs!
I lost 8 inches in total body!

That, to me, is amazing.  Seriously.  Now, I'm not going to post any pictures just yet.  My journey isn't over.  This is the hard part now.  Being loosed into the wild to make sure I make the right choices.  But luckily they have a Hormone Balance Diet that I'll be doing now.  Similar to what I just did but more foods!

Seriously check out LeanMoms.com if you are ready for some changes in your life for the better!

7-Day Detox Diet from Leanmoms.com

I'm on day 4 of the 7 Day Detox Diet from Leanmoms.com
I've been wanting to do something like this for a while now.  I'm pretty aware of my sweet tooth.  It's pretty serious. Ever since I can remember, it's been there.  My dessert plate would always be bigger than my dinner plate.
This past Fall & Winter was my breaking point in changing my health.  I was at an all-time low in how I felt and looked that I finally decided enough was enough!
6 months later, I've done The Mutu System 12 week program with flying colors, healing my DR and strengthening my back and core.  (Those who have Diastasis Recti, you definitely need to check that out.)

But I hit a plateau and wanted/needed something more.  Somehow I found Leanmoms.com and checked it out.  It looked like what I was looking for, with the flexiblity that moms like me needed.  So I bought the program and started working out 3 weeks ago.  Her workouts are HIIT workouts that are 15 minutes long.  They are definitely HIIT.  And I feel it every day.  I could see the muscles tone.  But the fat on top of them were still there.  And it seemed that wasn't going anywhere.  I still needed to make some changes.

Along with the program was a 7-Day Detox Diet.  It's a way to kind of jump start your body to get rid of all the toxins in it and start fresh.  For 3 weeks, i've been afraid to just do it.  But this past weekend, after talking with friends and Joe, I just decided to DO IT.

So here I am.  Day 4 of the Detox. The past 4 days have been fruits, veggies, lean meats, some nuts and natural oils, like coconut oil, avocados, etc etc.

The first couple of days were rough.  Definitely felt the effects of cutting all sugar and processed foods out of my diet.  But right now, I'm feeling really good.  REALLY good.  Like I have more energy.  I am tired at night and go to bed around 10:30.  I sleep better.  I wake up more refreshed.

I don't know what I was so scared of.  This has been an amazing change in just a few days.  And it's just been my diet.

After the 7 days, I'll measure & weigh myself.  And then i'll start her hormone free diet plan, which extends what i've been doing but it does add other foods back plus a cheat day to eat whatever I want.  I'm excited for this road i'm on.

I wasn't paid to write this.   I decided to do this on my own, so that I can remember and look back when times might be a tad harder for me.

Fathers Flip Chart

Father's Day is right around the corner!  So I wanted to teach my kids in Primary the song "Fathers".  They will then sing this in Sacrement Meeting on Father's Day.  It's a great song!

Here is a Flip Chart I made for them to learn.  Feel Free to use it for your own personal use.  Pictures are from the LDS.org website or Susan Fitch Designs Blog.

You can download it HERE.

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