Caramel Apples

I'm cracking down on Family Home Evening because i've been pathetic at it since we've been married and Emma is at that age where it starts to click. So this past week, we had our lesson about Obeying your Parents using the Ghosts who could only eat white food. When they didn't listen to their mom and ate colorful food, they turned colors and got sick. I thought it was appropriete for Halloween :) Anyone else grow up on that story?! I loved that one! I was so amazed at how they changed color to the exact thing they ate, like Chocolate Chip Ice Cream?! Too funny...

Next, for the treat/activity, we made caramel apples. It was fun to teach Emma something and have her participate. I keep thinking she's too young, she'll never get it. But she does! I need to remember that she's getting older! So here she is, being my little helper,

Sneaking some candy for herself...and I of course let her because, duh! that's just what kids do!

Yum, dipping the apples!

Now we wait till they cool.

And today, when we ate a bunch of them, they were really good :)

Award just for me :)

Had to give a shout out to Merrianne for giving me an award!! So So sweet and I feel so special :)

Utah Trip #2: Little Brother's Wedding

As I wrote before, after my first trip to Utah, pretty much alone with 2 kids for 2 weeks, we planned accordingly for this second trip: Me and Joe...NO KIDS!
Joe's mom graciously came down to San Antonio and house sat for us over the weekend while we flew up to Utah Thursday to Sunday. It was a very nice break and so much better!
I have to admit that I was singing "na na na na na" in my head to all my siblings who had to juggles their kids the whole day while Joe and I just sat and enjoyed it all. Again, it was so lovely :)
Anyways, enough gloating.
We got in THursday night and nothing really happened, we just got settled in. Friday was the big day for my little brother John-Charles and his bride-to-be Ashley. They had a Brunch in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building so we headed up there.

OH look who it is, still newly weds Stewart and Jenny!
OH look who it is, the "no kids" couple, Joe and LYssa...with a sling on his arm. We did try to cover it for not that we were ashamed of it but it just stuck out like a sore pinky ;)

During the Brunch, so so silly Ashley and JC

JC and ME

I love to see the TEMPLE

OH look, we're getting married! OH wait, no, we're not. we just like to take couple shots with no kids...did I mention we didn't have the kids with us?

Lovely ceremony and here they are!

Here they are in like 10 years, a gazillion kids around their legs :)

REception was in our church in Highland and it turned out BEAUTIFUL! Her colors were black and green, which I LOVE

Yummy catered food!

How pretty is her cake?!

Gotta love those green apples!

Look at the happy, MARRIED couple!

Presents :)

Oh here is Jenny and Stew again! You would think they still thought it was their wedding day...JK Penny!

Wha wha... car attack! They covered the car with suran wrap and soggie filled the car full of empty soda cans, 3 garbage bags worth!

Let the fun begin! Dancing is always a past time of mine

They thought they could just sneak out
WEll that was fun.
Saturday was Joe and Lyssa day.
We started off by sleeping in.
HIt a movie with Jenny, Stewart and Katie
Hit Wendy's for lunch to get ready for our big event for the day: Hike Stewart Falls!
Why is it the big event?
A little over 4 1/2 years ago, that is where Joe proposed to me. It was a different experience this time. The sun was out so that was a bit easier. Anyways, it turned out to be a great "walk down memory lane" We were so glad we did it. We just weren't dressed for it so we had to fashion a blanket

After our wonderous hike, we did another "walk down memory lane" and hit one of our favorite places that we liked to go to when we lived in Provo, La Dolce Vita. It's not too bad for the price.
After that, we set back for home to pack and get ready for the flight back home.
A disclaimer: We really do LOVE LOVE LOVE our girls but we also LOVED LOVED LOVED this little rendevous without them. It think it is much needed for anyone!

I love dresses

I love dresses. It's my favorite thing about being a girl and going to church. It gives me an excuse to dress up somewhat when I've been wear practically nothing or sweats at home with the kids! One of my favorite eye candy stores is Shabby Apple. They have the cutest dresses alive! And even better? Now Entering Momville is giving one of their dresses away for free! I was so excited to find that out! So head on over there, get a chance...but I hope you don't so I have a better chance at winning ;)

The Role of Gender Identity

Yesterday, as I went to some visiting teaching appointments for my church, we had some great discussions on this month's message.  Our gender identities are key to what I believe and know to be true.  Our roles as women have been set from before we came on this earth.  Men too have specific roles as well.  Although we are different and have different roles, they compliment one another.  When we work together, we can achieve righteous goals when we put the Lord first.  Sadly, our country is forgetting the values and morals that it was founded on.  Now even our children are getting affected by the choices that others have made and risking their health in all aspects.  I found a great article about Massachusetts and the changes that have come about after they "legalized" same-sex marriage.  Please take a minute to read it.  It truly foreshadows the fate of California if Proposition 8 doesn't pass.  It is really scary and eye-openings.

I found this link on Facebook and the validity was shown accurate.  Any other questions or inquiries on what I believe, go HERE

small things here and there...

One of my good friends is having a boy so I made her this card for her shower. They are naming him Jackson :)

I thought this would be cute, nice and simple on my door for any trick or treaters out there...but most likely, we won't get any because we live in an apartment, on the third floor...exactly!

Some more vinyl goodness. I was given this plate as a gift and I thought it looked pretty spooky, with the white smoky look. I thought it turned out fun!

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Thank you all for voting! It seriously helps to ask other's opinions. So here are the winners. There was a tie for 3rd place so that's alright.

First place is #7

2nd Place was #2

Tied for 3rd & 4th Place were these

So are you wondering why I was asking? Well, I have entered these pictures in a contest. I'll tell you more about it if there are more to tell :) Here's hoping...

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