RAK's are Wonderful!

For those of you who don't know what RAK means, it is Random Acts of Kindness. And it is so true in this situation! I have received some awesome things in the mail from ladies that i've met through scrapbook forums and blogs. And they were just given to me for free...talk about random acts of kindness!
Look at this beautiful treasure trove of goodness! Stacey from Scrappy Girl Designs sent this to me and I got it today. I was so excited!! I was the lucky person who guessed what the third thing she did everyday, which was shower :)
Andrea from Blueprint Sketches sent this beauty to me just from being apart of a challenge that she held.
How Cute is that!?!

So I just had to show off these fabulous things and just to say that this is a pretty fun hobby and everyone is so generous!
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