It is coming...

What does "slm" mean? It stands for Stuff Lyssa Makes. This is my tag that i'll be attaching to the things that I make and will be selling. As of now, i'm teaming up with another awesome girl, Jazmin Gibbons, who also makes beautiful things from home. The blog in which we'll be selling it from is still under construction but it should be done soon. Just wanted to give everyone a sneak peek at my tag. There will be more information on the back of each tag. We'll be having some fun contests to spread the word of the site. But hang tight. More info will be coming :)
And yes, I might be making a huge deal out of this but it's kind of exciting! I have no expectations on how it will go. For all I know, it could be a flop! But I don't care. It's fun :)
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