Craft Night!

It was a bit busy yesterday. Always something to do during the day. I'm just working on the stuff i'll be selling and getting the Blog set up where we'll be selling stuff. But last night, we had our monthly craft night at Jenni Konkle's home. She taught us how to do those beautiful nylon headband bows. They are so fun and easy, who knew?! So Here's the 3 that I made last night.

Here's the done bow on the baby Kate...oh so cute!

I went for the flower look, which I kind of like better, but it's just me!
And can't forget's her tantruming...grrrr

And the funniest thing happened yesterday. For the first time, Emma fell asleep on the floor watching was so bizarre that I had to take a picture. But it was nice because she's been fighting naps for awhile now (ever since her and Kate have been sharing rooms) So there's Kate playing next to her. I have to watch her because she'll roll over and grab Emma's hair, laughing hysterically while doing's so funny but Emma HATES it... Well have a nice day :)

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