Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was fun.
The girls were so excited the night before.
One thing that I told myself I was going to do with kids was do what my dad did to us on Christmas Eve. When we were little, on Christmas Eve, as we were going to bed, my parent's would say, "hurry and go to bed or else Santa won't stop by our house."
We tried to be quiet but when sharing a room with 2 other siblings, sharing a bed, there was no chance! But then we would hear sleigh bells and the reindeer on the roof! We were SO excited and tried to be quiet. Then my dad would come in and say, "Did you hear Santa?! He was checking up on you guys, seeing if you were asleep. But you weren't so he had to go to the next house. I think he'll come back but you better be in bed!"
It was too classic!
So I did that with Emma. :) I was so giddy myself doing it. I tucked them in bed but they were chatting away. I grabbed some bells and a tennis ball, went out on the porch and did the whole shpeal, plus I threw in some Ho Ho Ho's. It was too funny. I came back into their room. Emma was like, Santa! Reindeer!...I was like, Did you hear Santa?! Hurry and get to bed so he can stop by!!
Oh I love Christmas...
I also saved a few cookies for Santa. I told Emma, "K these are Santa's cookies. When he stops by tonight, he can have a snack. So let's not touch them, okay?" She became so protective of those cookies! If anyone of us came 5 ft to them, she would yell, "No, no no, those are Santa's cookies!"
The best part was when we were putting them to bed, Emma disappeared somewhere. Come to find her eating one of Santa's cookies! Very very sneaky!
Anyways, here's Christmas morning pics. I mainly video-taped so there aren't any opening presents.

This was the popular present, the sing n star vanity, with star glasses and brush microphone!

I've got more pictures of the rest of Christmas break in Port Neches, TX at Joe's parent's home but those will be later :) Happy New Year!
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