The Reality of Things

**Editor's Note**
The following post is NOT a pity party!! It's more for fun and sarcasm, to make fun of the imperfections of life!! So please don't feel bad or sorry for me. It was for fun.

A good friend of mine, Maggie, did this on her blog and I really liked it. So much so that I needed to do it myself.

I've had the "blog battle" going on for months and months now. The "blog battle" is deciding in my head if i'm going to first blog, then second, check other people's blogs. For most people, blogging has become a place to post the happy things in life, whether it's pictures, stories, trips, adventures etc etc. So from only seeing everyone's great times in their lives, I am left to dwell on my own imperfect life. And some of you are probably reading this and thinking, "whatever Lyssa! You have a great life. You are one of the blogs I don't like to check because your life is so fabulous." Sorry to burst your bubble but I think people who know me but don't really know me, don't really know me...From the outside, I may look like I have everything together and life is so nice and sweet. But it's not! And here's proof:

-I lose my temper with my kids on a daily basis

-When I say lose, I mean there is some yelling, smacking, straightening, and manuvering

-I stay up way to late every night so I am always tired in the day

-I don't meal plan so everyday is a "oh crap, it's 5, what are we going to eat" day.

-If laundry gets done, the clothes sit in the buckets until next time laundry needs to get done.

-Bringing kids to church is like sticking a needle in your eye.

-My girls are the only ones who can test my patience.

-Motherhood is hard and sometimes I don't want it.

-I look forward to bedtime so I don't have to deal with the kids anymore that day.

-My girls watch too much TV...enough said there.

-I can't remember the last time I did my hair. That's why it's long, so I can just pull it up.

-I am amazed at other mom's who can look so adorable and fashionable. I have found I can't go clothes shopping for myself with kids. So I am stuck with a wardrobe that is 4 years old...maybe dating back to high school...

-The small things in life are the hardest for me, like reading scriptures and praying.

-I totally covet

-I too don't shower more days than I do (thanks maggie for this one)

-I have zero amount of discipline when it comes to money so i just avoid anywhere that sells things.

-Days go by and still my floor is covered in cereal

-I throw some dry cereal in bowls and put them on the floor for breakfast for the girls, like their piglets or

-I hate cleaning the bathroom.

-I hate cooking and meal planning

-I sometimes dislike my calling

-My car is disgusting, covered in snacks that I give the girls so they will stop crying when we do errands.

-I am the worse communicator and listener...ask my husband, he'll tell you.

-I rarely finish a project I start

-I pop my knuckles all the time.

So is that enough for you? LOL I promise I am far from perfect. I don't have it all together. I rely on too many things to get through each day. But what can I say? I'm human, right?

And to top it all off, i'm throwing another kid into the mix....AHH!! lol I konw, fun huh?

yep, it's true...7 weeks along...due Nov. i'm experiencing the joys of morning sickness. So if I am not chipper when you see me anytime soon, don't take it personal. I'm just trying to not puke all over the floor on which you stand on at that moment.

But to balance out the bad, and let you all know that I don't want to kill myself or am ungrateful for the life I have, here's something I LOVE about it, even if i'm imperfect:

-I LOVE my 2 girls with all my heart. I can't tell you what I wouldn't do for them...even crying right now as I write this!

-I am so thrilled to be having another baby. I can't wait to find out what it'll be!!

-There is nothing else in the world I would rather be doing than being a mom.

-I'm so grateful to be able to stay at home and take care of my kids.

-I am grateful for a husband who loves me and girls so much, helping us with anything we need help with, especially right now!

-I am truly grateful for the Gospel and it's teachings for my family and me.

- I am grateful for God's love for me and his understanding of what i'm going through right now.

-I am grateful to be living in a safe, wonderful area where we receive so much help and aid.

-I am grateful that we are all healthy and living.

-I am grateful for Emma and the wonderful, energetic, stubborn personality that she has. She's so strong and in the right hands, can be an immovable force.

-I am grateful for Kate. She is just so happy and carefree. Life is so happy with her and I'm glad. I think it'll always be fun and happy with the attitude she has. Her smile lights up a room.

-I am grateful for Joe. He sacrifices everything to get through school and do well. We've really grown so close in just the past year. Each year together, it just gets better.

-I am so grateful that we are an eternal family!

So ya, I don't know what I'm doing most of the time but that's okay! I'm doing the best I can and God is merciful :)

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