Good Times

It's been a good day. Those kind of days come and go sparingly. So I wanted to write tonight, just to get it all out.

Well to sum up the past few weeks, Joe took and passed the WREB. He is an official dentist. We went out to Vegas to find a house. Girls played with Grandma and Grandpa all week and loved it. We found a rental house. We bought a mini-van. Best friends threw me a Vegas Baby Shower. We sold our dining table, chairs, washer/dryer & kid's play desk. I am not sick anymore. My sister, Jenny is flying in next week to help us drive to Vegas (seriously love you Jenny). Found a matching Toddler bed for Kate. Apartment is covered in boxes. Had my ultrasound appointment today. Found out what we are having. Cried with joy at the news. We are both so excited. We are finally having a real Joe Jr. Yep, we are having a baby boy :) He looks great and healthy.

These times are what I live for. When everything works out. Everything is good. Everyone is healthy & relatively happy (speaking mainly about the girls...they have their good and bad hours).

I am just so grateful for my life. I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for such great friends i've made here in San Antonio. THey will be sorely missed! You have to come visit!!

Soon, really soon, I will update my millions of pictures that I have. Plus the ultra sound pics. NEver knew having a boy was so entertaining in the ultrasound room.

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