DIY vellum envelopes

I thought it would be fun for Emma to invite some school friends over for a party.  
Her birthday is so early in the year that she doesn't know her classmates that well.  She wanted to do a St. Patrick's Day party so here are her invitations:

They are very simple which is a must for me right now.  I focused on the detail on these and love how they turned out!

Have you heard of the eBosser by Craftwell yet?  It's new on the market.  It die cuts and embosses electronically.  No more cranking.  It is so easy to use.  It cuts all sorts of material.  I used it with paper and it was a breeze.  I used it to cut out the invitation pieces then glued them together.

I needed an envelope and it was such an awkward shape that it didn't fit a normal one.  So I improvised and made some myself.  I took some 8 1/2 x 11 vellum paper I had on hand and folded it "hot dog" style.
I then cut it in half.  From there, I went to my sewing machine and sewed the sides.

To make sure the invitations didn't fall out, I used some cute washi tape to secure it.

I love the vellum cause you can still see the invitation and who it's to :)

Super simple but SO awesome, right? ;)

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