Jake at 8 months

I never thought the past month would fly by so fast with everything that was happening.  When I was writing last month's post, I was thinking, wow, by the time I am writing 8 months, i'll be in TN in my new house...and here we are!
Most of this month, we were traveling and everything was a upside down for your little world.  You were either in your car seat or the pack n play.  Sorry about that.  We were moving across the county :/
But you seemed to still have fun the few occasions you were out of your car seat!

This month:
  • You started getting comfortable rolling and scooting around the floor.
  • By the end, you could scoot back into a sitting position!
  • I lowered your crib mattress finally!
  • You started chomping your mouth for some real food
  • Your sitting skills improved greatly!  No more falling over!
  • We finally cut out that dream feed and you are still sleeping through the night :)
  • This month, you seems to go on a nursing strike.  You would only eat for like 5 minutes each time.  It was like a wrestling match to keep you eating.  We did not like any sort of distractions!! 
  • You are still babbling like crazy
  • You love to observe your siblings play (and fight)
  • Love  your mom & daddy
  • First time you were swimming and was not a fan!

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