30th & the Tooth Fairy

Well it happened.  I turned 30.
It came and went.  It wasn't a very special day.  Sad to say but as a mom of 4, what more can I expect?  Jake has been battling a tough case of teething so he was crying on and off all day.  We were recovering from being inside the house all weekend due to the ice storm.  I also had to brave the grocery stores to stock up our fridge and cupboards.
Is this a downer post?  As much as i'm trying for it to not be, I'm writing the reality of things right now.  And i'm okay with it.  Seriously.  Because I know it is not going to stay this way forever.  As my kids grow up, they become more responsible and they get their teeth.

I think the hardest part of the day was my own emotions.  There is just too much going on right now.  I can't keep my head straight.  My hormones are going CRA-ZAY.  I know it has something to do with turning 30, plus weaning Jake.  I usually get a low after I wean my babies.
And for some reason, I keep myself insanely busy with one project to the next.  All the while, try to keep up with the kids and the house.  AND stare at myself in the mirror and watch as my body falls apart.
Birthdays are a great time for a breakdown right?

Good things happened too though :)
On top of Joe bringing home pizza and cleaning the kitchen, Kate lost her first tooth!  This tooth was hanging by a thread and looked all snaggley-like.  It had to go.  She was so scared and nervous.  But we helped her to twist the tooth right now.  She started crying from nerves and also screaming, I did it!!
It was so cute.  She was so excited.
She wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy:
"Today I lost my first tooth!  It was hard work but I did it.  Today is my moms birthday and I get a surprise."
I love this girl

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