Halloween 2014

This year, the kids picked their outfits pretty early on.  So it was easy.
Of course, it was freezing on Halloween day here in Memphis.  But they were troopers and stuck it out.
We had an amazing amount of people come to Halloween Cove this year.  Our culdesac looked amazing.  Halloween Night was so fun.  Once we ran out of candy (10 costco bags), we went and ate at Mr. Steve's house with his family.  They are the genuine Southern family and I love it.  I feel very welcome there.
We didn't get back in until 11 pm.  The kids stayed up late too.  But it was worth it.  This will be our last Halloween here in Memphis & in Halloween Cove.  And i'm sad about that.  We are so lucky to have been living in this special little neighborhood.  We've never had such amazing neighbors before.

I love every one of these pictures and couldn't decide just one.  They are growing up too fast.

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