Is there a doctor available??

Trying not to freak out but I still don't have a doctor down here...
I'm almost 35 weeks and we've been here for a month. My insurance kicked in 2 weeks ago. All the while I didn't think it'd be hard to find one and make an appointment. But I was wrong 😕
There are very few doctors that take my insurance and then also finding one that has an opening sooner than October!   

And the website to keep searching for a doctor is down so I just have to wait. I wasn't too worried before but I'm started to freak out a little bit.  At this point,  I may have to go over to Houston and find a doctor! This is just crazy!!

Ok I think this vent session has helped a little bit. 

In other news, the kids are getting ready for their first day of school on August. 24th.  I got them registered a few days ago and got all their school supplies yesterday.  So now I gotta figure out lunches and buses and we will be set.  

Try not to panic and just take it easy...
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