Activity Days: Faith Is Like A Little Seed

Yesterday, we met at my house due to conflicts with the church.  We met in the backyard.  I had each girl bring their scriptures and binder.  While we waited for everyone to come, they girls worked on a journal prompt from the journal bin.  Once everyone got there, we started with a prayer and then started discussing Alma 32.  We started reading it from verse 21 and on.  We read in a circle with each girl reading one verse.  Once we finished the chapter, we talked about faith compared to a seed.  We talked about how we can nourish our faith like we nourish a seed.  After our discussion, we went to make and plant our own seeds.  Each girl got a biodegradable pot and put in soil, then the seed, then they watered it.  Next they were able to decorate the pots.  I told them they needed to take care of their seed, just like their faith.  I also told them that when their flower bloomed, to take a picture of it and send it to me!  Once we were all done, I passed out the treat with a laminated printable that said "Faith is like a little seed, if planted it will grow." So they can always remember to nourish their faith.  The weather was perfect and it all went well! *Download below!*

Free printable download for the Faith card!  Please use for personal use only.  Thank you!

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