Dance Date

Well I also wanted to let everyone know that Joe and I still have a dating life...after 16 months :) We had a fun night on the town...actually at the church. There was an Adult stake dance and a few days before, I decided that we are going on a date! Michelle Cox and I did a swap for babysitting over the weekend so she came and hung out while Emma slept. But is was so fun!! I don't know how Joe felt about it. I did have to drag him on the dance floor majority of the time but that's just take a little practice. But ya we had a blast and saw old and new friends...Shout out to Melissa Snyder Wood and her husband!! I felt like I was back in junior high again (also meaning the music played was basically the same as when we were in 7th grade :)) But it was a well deserved night and just glad we did it!
PS- Melissa, i'm still up for the dance party so count me in!
PSS- The picture was taken by Michelle Cox...and I felt like I was going to a high school dance...hee hee
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